Top 10 Hacker Podcasts You Must Follow in 2022

Maybe you got excited from the tragic but bizarre case of Jonathan James, who penetrated the US Department of Defense computers and stole a piece of NASA software when he was only 15 years old. Or maybe you fell in love with the hacker Neo in Matrix when you were a kid. Whatever it is, if hacker stories always catch your attention and seem to be especially intriguing, we have a treat for you: a list of hacker podcasts you'll absolutely enjoy. These hacker podcasts are full of curious hacking cases, some insights into the strange hacking world, and even interviews with hackers themselves! So forget about Netflix because listening to these hacker podcasts will be all you want to do this weekend.

10 Best Hacker Podcasts to Listen To

Off The Hook

This hack podcast is brought to you from 2600 and is pretty popular among hacking enthusiasts. It's a discussion about different emerging technologies but from a hacker's perspective. It also discusses the threats and risks we're all facing as our society slowly becomes more and more Orwellian. In other words, if you want to get some updates on security flows and the latest hacking news, Off the Hook should be among the podcast shows you follow.

Hacking Humans

Any Gen Zers among our readers? If so, we guarantee you'll love this hacker podcast! It's an informative yet super fun show which helps you get easily learn about an otherwise highly complicated world of cyber security. Follow Join Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan as they take a look behind the phishing schemes, criminal exploits, and some social engineering scams that have shocked the world. One of the main reasons we loved this show so much and included it in our top hacker podcast recommendations is because you'll need and might even apply most of the things you learn from the podcast in your everyday life. The best podcast episodes to check out are Scammers have no ethics whatsoever and The ability to fundamentally deceive someone.

Darknet Diaries

"True stories from the dark side of the Internet" — this is what Darknet Diaries brings to you. The podcast topic is breaches, shadow government activities, cybercrime, hacktivism, and hackers. It unravels all the hidden and shady parts of the network, bringing the most haunting stories. As The New York Times stated, "Rhysider's hypnotic narration and deep expertise creates results that are never less than gripping." And there's a reason why The New York Times and hundreds of listeners loved the podcast host Rhysider so much. Not everyone can research, create, publish and promote 40 episodes all by himself just because he loves the podcast topic so much: but that's exactly what Rhysider did! He also worked in a Security Operations Center for a Fortune 500 company, where he gained a lot of experience detecting and stopping security threats. That's why the show is far from being amateurish — you get insights from a security specialist himself!

Security Now (Audio)

The podcast's name already hints at what the show is about: security. So if you want to learn how to protect yourself from cyber crimes, this podcast series is all you need. The main podcast hosts are Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. Gibson, by the way, is the one who coined the term "spyware" and introduced the very first anti-spyware program. Together with Leo Laporte, they'll tell you all the hot topics in security.

CyberWire Daily

This podcast is a daily news digest of the hacking and security sphere that also provides you with an in-depth analysis of the news. You can also expect to hear some interesting interviews with podcast guests like Chris Wysopol of Veracode, Dinah Davis from Arctic Wolf, and others. In other words, the podcast content won't leave you bored.

Paul's Security Weekly

Paul Security Weekly is hosted by Paul Asadoorian, Jeff Man, Lee Neely, Joff Thyer, Larry Pesce, Doug White, Josh Marpet, and Tyler Robinson— as they call themselves "a bunch of security nerds" who love to sit around with their cup of beer and talk security. The format is simple: they interview different podcast guests who are influential in the security community or discuss security updates and news, giving their opinion on the hot security topics. The best part of the show is that it is relaxed. It seems like you're just listening to a casual, friendly conversation. However, when turning on one of their podcast episodes, keep in mind that you have to have at least 2 hours to spare because that's how long a typical episode lasts. And that's probably one of the reasons they publish a podcast episode only once a week.

The Hacker Mind

If you want to learn about the stories of the most infamous hacks you've heard about, from the people behind those stories, or get insights about the security challenges in software, then The Hacker Mind is for you. It gives you a unique view of the hacking world which you might not get from anywhere else. The podcast is brought from ForAllSecure, the mission of which is to make the software we use more secure. The podcast host is Rober Vamosi, who is an award-winning infosec journalist and a CISSP. You can also check out his books "When Gadgets Betray Us" and "The Art of Invisibility." You can subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Tune In, or Amazon Music.


Here's a scenario: imagine one day picking up your phone and suddenly finding out that it's not working. There's the annoying "NO SIM" sign in the top corner of your screen, and you simply can't contact anyone. You grab your laptop to log into your Instagram or Facebook accounts, but all of a sudden, you find out that you can't do that either! Then your phone switches back, and you get a call from a stranger telling you that he has stolen all of your accounts and phone number and won't give them back to you if you don't pay him money. Sounds like a start of a movie, but it has been many people's reality in recent years. This kind of hack is known as SIM Hijacking, and no one has yet found a way to prevent it. It's also the topic of the very first episode of the hack podcast Cyber, where Ben Makuch explains to the podcast host and Motherboard reporter Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai all about it. The rest of the podcast episodes follow the same pattern by bringing you some of the most intriguing stories from the hacking world and interviewing different field specialists. You can find and subscribe to Cyber in most of the large podcast directories out there, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The No Name Security Podcast

This is a weekly podcast where the host Matt Stephenson talks with the people who either secure, hack or write about securing and hacking. From social engineering to critical infrastructure, Stephenson proves that if something can be secured, it also can be hacked. The five-star reviews prove that the podcast audiences have loved this show, so if you're a lover of hacker podcasts, you'll love it too.

I Want To Hack

Our last hacker podcast on the list is the I Want to Hack show which discusses web development from an entrepreneurial perspective. The host shares his learning and building experience and gives updates on his #100DaysOfCode challenge. That was it! Enjoy our list of hacker podcasts and let us know which one you liked the most in the comments section.

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