Top 10 Art Podcasts for Art Lovers

Art is the expression of our emotions, thoughts, desires, intuitions, and how we experience the world. It is the communication of concepts that can’t be expressed by words alone. And because words are not enough, we find some other ways to share our thoughts. Works of art may raise a sense of cynicism or wonder, despair or hope, spite or adoration. The work of art may be complex or direct, intelligible or obscure, subtle or explicit, and the approaches to the creation of a piece of art are based only on the artist's imagination.

As the podcasts triumph over all spheres of life worldwide, art podcasts are not an exception.

Art podcasts are an excellent opportunity for art lovers to learn, discover, inspiration, entertainment, community, and beyond. Listening to a preferred art podcast, you will listen to different conversations will various artists, historians, gallerists, collectors, enthusiasts, dealers, experts, etc. Now you can uncover the modern directions that head the art world, learn about art history, listen to successful artists' success stories, and more.

Of course, there are so many art podcasts available now that it can be tough to know where to start. For this reason, Podcastle has rounded up the top ones to make it easy for you.

Let’s check them!

1. ArtCurious

The history of art is full of intriguing stories. The ArtCurious podcast brings up the hidden corners of the art of all times. The host, Jennifer Dasal, shares all the unexpected, odd, and wonderful stories that will get enchanted all art lovers. Do you want to know if Van Gogh committed suicide? Or do you want to go deep into how the competition between Rafael and Michelangelo made the greatest masterpiece of art ever? So, tune in to ArtCurious, and you'll discover more.

2. The Art Newspaper Podcast

The Art Newspaper has been sharing international art news and events since 1990. The Art Newspaper Podcast covers the art world's breaking news, big stories, and insider insights into events and exhibitions worldwide. The host Ben Luke is joined by various guests to discuss the latest stories during each episode. You can learn about the latest visual art trends, make a deep dive into the Art Basel, find out how Donatello changed art history and more.

3. VantagePoint Radio

The VantagePoint Radio is another excellent art podcast that features discussions with established collectives and artists about urban art, contemporary art, and post-graffiti and bridges the gaps between the artworks of different galleries worldwide and the artists who created them.

The host, James Bullough, and Tom have interviews with such artists as Pixel Pancho, Sandra Chevrier, Milo, etc.   Cooperating with Urban Nation, this podcast is recorded all over the world, from Hamburg, London, and New Zealand to Denmark and Miami.

4. The Great Women Artists Podcast

The Great Women Artists is a great podcast hosted by Katy Hessel, a 26-year-old writer, curator, and art historian who has a popular Instagram account of the same name. As says the title, her podcast covers everything related to women artists. You can hear her discussion with art experts and curators about female artists and her talks to the female artists themselves.

5. David Zwirner Podcasts

David Zwirner represents a contemporary art gallery in London, New York, and Hong Kong. The gallery now has its podcast, in which they discuss a variety of inspiring art-related themes. During each episode, you will participate in exciting interviews with two outstanding makers and thinkers, discussing how art elevates, shapes, and shifts our point of view—and the challenging turns and twists of the creative process.

6. Art Biz Podcast

Today the artists are more entrepreneurial than ever. They’re making the rules and creating their own path. There is much exciting stuff, and the host of Art Biz Podcast, Alyson Stanfield, will help you to go deep. Alyson interviews various artists during each episode about their business challenges, successes, and struggles. The guests generously share their career lessons so that all newbies could benefit. Being a super-successful art business coacher for long years, Alyson will show you how to become a more productive, empowered, and successful artist.

7. The Savvy Painter

The Savvy Painter is ranked among the best 30 educational podcasts globally. Listening to the Savvy Painter, you will get immense inspiration and listen to various authors, artists, and visionaries sharing their insights about all the nitty-gritty behind the scenes. As the host says, The Savvy Painter is not just a podcast but an art community where like-minded people can learn together, share their ideas, and inspire each other.

8. The Inspiration Place

Whether you are looking for new inspiration for your art or want to enhance your knowledge, you are on the right way. The Inspiration Place is one of the coolest art podcasts hosted by professional artist Miriam Schulman. During each episode, she deep dives into such topics as selling art online, social media marketing, how to overcome the impostor syndrome, etc.

9. The Modern art Notes Podcast

The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a weekly interview program featuring historians, artists, authors, curators, and conservators, where you can get the taste of all contemporary modern art! The program has published new episodes each Thursday since 2011. Though the program is a typical studio-based, it has provided live-audience episodes at numerous American art museums, such as J. Paul Getty Museum., the Baltimore Museum of Art, and the Nasher Sculpture Center.

10. Creative Pep Talk Podcast

Creative Pep Talk is a unique art podcast covering everything about the art. Listening to this podcast, you will check how to fight creative block and how to design your career on social media. No matter which creative field you are passionate about, the host, Andy, will help you find your creative mindset, develop it and share it with the audience who needs it.

Summing Up

Whether you’re searching for an artist community or simply wish to boost your art knowledge— contemporary or historic— above listed art podcasts are our top recommendations. We hope they will inspire you for your next masterpiece.

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