The 15 Best Social Media Podcasts to Manage Your Campaigns

To become the best at social media marketing, you need to be an active social media user and stay on top of all the latest trends, features, and algorithm updates that can affect your campaigns. You might have wondered how some brands perform much better than others. That's because they have developed a well-designed marketing strategy. This medium does not imply just posting content regularly. It's more than that. To succeed in social media, there's a list of options and recommendations which you can probably find on the internet and follow. But sometimes, scrolling down social feeds and blogs is difficult and time-consuming. So, when it comes to improving ourselves, listening to podcasts relevant to our niche and industry can make it easier to stay up to date while multitasking. You can save time by tuning in regularly to social media marketing podcasts. It's e a great way to brush up on the latest digital trends while commuting, driving a car, or working out. They boost learning as well as critical thinking! If you wonder where to start and which podcasts you should listen to, you're at the right place. We’d like to share some of our favorite social media podcasts that will help you boost your online marketing business.    

15 Best Media Podcasts

1. Social Pros Podcast - launched in 2012, it is one of the longest-running and most famous social media podcasts on the internet. The hosts are high-level marketers Jay Baer of Convince & Convert and Adam Brown of Salesforce. They have interviews with a leading social strategist each week. The podcast features insights from current trends and ideas in the social media world.

2. The Art of Social Media - an essential guide for you to get the most bang for your time, effort, and money. This podcast includes interviews with some of the world's most influential social marketing experts that will help you boost your business through social media. Guy Kawasaki teamed up with Peg Fitzpatrick to present a bottom-up approach to creating a focused, detailed, and appealing presence on the most prominent social media platforms.

3. Top of Mind with Stewart Hillhouse - If you wonder what the top marketers and creators do to be top of mind, this podcast is for you. The host Stewart Hillhouse is having candid conversations and exploring trends, insights, and more with the top marketers and creatives shaping our culture.

4. Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner - one of the best podcasts in the social media space. Michael interviews social media experts to find out how successful businesses run their social media and uncover strategies and tips on improving social media marketing. In each episode, you can find out about messenger bots or how to improve your Ads, build a social campaign, etc. You can also read a detailed blog post for each episode, this way, you can skip taking notes while listening.

5. The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast - all about the different ways you can use paid traffic to enhance your business. This podcast is an excellent start for those who run ads on social media for themselves or clients. The host is Facebook ads expert Rick Mulready who delivers value in every podcast episode. You probably want to generate ROI from all the paid traffic you're getting. That's what Rick is focusing on.

6. Savvy Social Podcast - a weekly podcast hosted by social media strategist Andréa Jones from She discusses all areas, all the “hows” and “whys” of social media marketing in her interviews with other industry experts who share valuable insights about the social media techniques that have worked for their businesses.

7. The Science of Social Media - hosted by the Buffer Team, this social media podcast provides you with actionable strategies and tips for growing your presence on social media platforms. You'll get in-depth looks at the most important social media news and trends, as well as insightful analysis of algorithm changes and feature improvements.

8. The Blogging Millionaire - hosted by Brandon Gaille, this podcast offers some strategies and techniques that bloggers use to grow their traffic and monetize their blogs. Brandon discusses various techniques, like influencer marketing and traditional affiliate marketing. His primary strategy of monetizing blogs is affiliate links.

9. Online Marketing Made Easy - all about the practical application of key strategies for launching, expanding, and automating your online business. The host Amy Porterfield, a leading online marketing strategist, offers beautifully detailed podcast episodes about a variety of marketing topics, step-by-step guides, and interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

10. The GaryVee Audio Experience - hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk, the podcast is a diverse format featuring keynotes and snippets from the DAILYVEE video series, #AskGaryVee episodes, as well as other podcast content. Gary, who's mastered the art of social media marketing, has a significant following on almost every social platform.

11. Marketing Over Coffee - a weekly discussion of traditional and new marketing recorded in a different cafe each week. Hosts John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn talk about topics such as social media, SEO and search marketing, copywriting, and "old school" offline marketing strategies.

12. Social Media Marketing Talk Show - providing professional insight on social media marketing news across platforms. The podcast focuses on trending social media news stories. The varied insights offered in this podcast can help guide your social media marketing efforts.

13. Ace The Gram - Two millennials, Tash and Viv, who are IG experts, will help level up your skills and leverage the platform for your brand or business. Their podcasts will let you gain insights into techniques and strategies that accelerate your Instagram growth.

14. Maximize Your Social Influence with Neal Schaffer - the podcast provides the tools you need to increase ROI on social media platforms. Neal's podcast covers everything from influencer tactics to digital advertising. Every episode features useful tips, tricks, and best practices.

15. The Casual Fridays Podcast with Tyler Anderson - a go-to podcast for what's working today in digital and social media marketing. Every week, host Tyler Anderson examines what is and isn't working in the digital world. The podcast teaches actionable strategies and tactics that you can implement today.

Wrapping up

This was our list of 15 best social media podcasts. We hope they will help you access the newest and most useful tips, tools, hacks, and trends to get more from your social media marketing.

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