Six Challenges Of Podcasting That Shouldn’t Stop You

Beginnings are usually challenging, leaving the newcomers in any field worrying about where and how they should start. However, the courage and determination at the start of any initiative can become your key to success.

We at Podcastle, have been in podcasting for a while, and we know the common challenges of podcasting that usually trigger worries for a new podcaster. So here is our supportive/motivating article for those who wish to enter the fascinating world of podcasting but are hesitant for some reason.

A hint: podcasting is far easier than you can imagine!

Let’s read on for more details.

The most important point in the challenges of podcasting | Decide to start!

In your imagination, you can become a great podcaster because you know you have so much to share. There is an extensive list of topic ideas, and you know how you can talk about them so that the audience becomes engaged.

However, when it comes to doing the first practical step toward making it all real, you slow down.

You are too busy to allocate time…

You do not have proper equipment…

You are not ready to fully invest your energy into it… and many similar reasons are holding you back.

Here is a discovery: you simply need to decide that you are starting!

Pick up a day until the end of this month, or better, this week, and decide that you should come up with your audio script and the first recording.

Record the first show [it’s not about expensive equipment]

You probably think you need a set of equipment for this, like a microphone, headphones, studio monitors, cables, microphone stands, and many more.

Sure, you can’t even compare the recording quality of your smartphone and the one you can get with the mentioned equipment. However, in the era of all-in-one software, there is a great alternative.

You can produce a professional-level audio file with high-quality WAV file format just using your laptop. Head to the Podcastle’s audio recording feature, and press Start Recording .

Try to make your recording area possibly quiet and less noisy. However, if thatday your neighbors have for some reason decided to start their home repair, don’t worry. Later, you can remove background noise and make an excellent sound for your audio with Podcastle’s Magic Dust.

Overcome the syndrome of disliking your voice

Scientists say it’s called a voice confrontation, and that’s what the majority of us do. We don’t like our voices in the recorded audio or video files and can sometimes even get surprised that our voice really sounds like that.

Well, we can suggest to revoice your written text with any of our natural-sounding voices or adjust your recorded voice until you like it, but we guess there is better advice.

Enjoy yourself the way you are, and this includes your voice as well. What amazes the listenersmost about podcasting is that they feel a natural communication with the podcaster. It’s like he directly speaks to them.

So, you might dislike certain parts. However, if you have appropriately developed your script and worked on your communication style, your audience will appreciate it even with minor flaws.

Master editing

What we said about your voice can’t be repeated for the entire audio you recorded. Even with the possibly best audio script and planning of speech, you might feel there is a need to change and improve the recording later.

You might be slow or fast at times where it’s unnecessary, or you might have parts that make the overall podcast boring. In short, there is always a place for some post-recording editing, including:

  • splitting an audio file into parts
  • cutting it by selecting time range or exact duration
  • changing the speed of the podcast, etc.

It seems we’re getting to the next point in your list of challenges of podcasting, right? You think you need to be a professional audio editor to perform the above steps.

No! You just need to be tech-savvy and use online audio-editing tools to make any amendment within minutes.

Now, don’t be scared to share your work with large public

There are two big judges: you and your audience, and we guess the latter will be less strict.

Many podcasters record something and share it only with their family or very close friends, as they think that’s not good enough to share with a large audience.

No, no, and no! Go ahead and make your podcasting debut, and don’t fear the initial feedback. If you are serious about stepping into this world, you should be open to any listeners’ reactions.

You can have good and bad feedback, and it’s a winning scenario in any case. Any opinion will teach you something and point you in the right direction; just learn to turn any feedback into motivation.

Also, do not choose traditional social media or other communication platforms to announce your podcast for the first time. Register on the famous podcasting platforms, where you will have access to a large audience of podcast listeners. In addition, here you can directly explore your competitors and learn a lot from them.

Here we have the complete list of where you can submit your podcast.

Monetize your podcasts

Sure, that’s not what a real podcaster should chase first. Your priority should always be to provide your listeners with quality content that also makes you excited to share.

One of the challenges of podcasting is that people think they can’t make enough money. Most of us have to choose between work and hobbies as the latter can’t support us financially.

However, making money with podcasting is more than real. There are several options, such as finding sponsors, engaging in affiliate marketing, promoting your offerings such as books, online courses, events, etc.

You can find a more detailed explanation on how one can make money on podcasting here.

Let’s sum up

Podcasting is one of the rapidly growing trends in modern society, and you can’t afford to miss your place in this industry, especially if you have an inner passion for it. Above, we have talked about the most common challenges of podcasting that throw curveballs in the way of many new podcasters. For your future career of a great podcaster, find more tips and supporting materials in our blog.

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