Top 8 Podcasts for Blogging to Teach You The Ropes of Blogging

Interested in starting your blog and building a community of like-minded readers?

Well, let us tell you it's one of the best decisions of the digital era. Consistent publishing of quality content is the key to readers' hearts. However, everything is not that simple.

You should also learn how to make your blog stand out among competitors and master the art of holding your audience's attention in the long run.

If you want to get those secret techniques, find below the top 7 podcasts that will help you rock your blogging career!

Do You Even Blog?

Pete, a former accountant with the monotonous clerk officer routine, hosted the Do You Even Blog podcast. In 2010, Pete decided he wanted to turn a new leaf in his life and started blogging. From 2014, he went into Blogging as a more serious, full-time job, which soon brought him the popularity and life quality he had been dreaming of. So, he is sure to know how one can rock a personal transformation and become a successful blogger. Apart from his experience, The Do You Even Blog episodes have many interviews with successful bloggers, who all share their success stories with you.

Blogging Your Passion

Blogging Your Passion is a podcast from an experienced blogger, Jonathan, who has been deeply into Blogging since 2008. He has passed through numerous challenges before finding his true passion and what can help him succeed in that.

Jonathan's secret recipe to success depends on four variables.

  • Do only things that you are passionate about
  • Have your clear purpose for whatever you do
  • Enhance your productivity by doing things that you naturally do well
  • Enjoy your journey though it's not perfect at times

He describes how those 4 points can be related to podcast blogging in his episodes. You can get fresh episodes 1-4 times a month and take many tips and advice for your blogging career.

The Blogging Millionaire

How much time do you think a newbie blogger needs to grow a 1-million audience? Four, five years? Maybe more? The CEO of The Blogging Millionaire proves two years are enough by his own experience. Two years later, from publishing his first blog post, he had a loyal audience of around a million readers. Interested to know how? Explore his podcast episodes. One of the great things about this show is that the host does not focus on a narrow topic of blogging only. He will also guide you through all the toolbox you need to promote your blogs, such as email marketing, internet marketing, SEO, WordPress, and more.

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is one of the pioneers of podcasting. He started in 2009 and has successfully launched four separate shows since then. All the shows are meant to educate listeners with actionable tips on starting a business and succeeding in it.
The SPI's format is interviewing successful business people from different spheres, revealing their success formulas and failure stories. You can also receive a personal consultation from Pat in his Ask Pat 2.0 show. If you're interested in blogging only, Pat has many interviews with notable figures from WordSpace.

Just Keep Blogging

All the shows in this list have tips and "how-to" s of Blogging covered for you. But how about just encouraging you and not letting you give up when you want to?
Just Keep Blogging is meant not to educate or advise bloggers what they should do in their careers but give positive energy of encouragement to keep growing no matter what. Though you might not get as many working tips here as in other similar podcasts, you will receive the support necessary for all of us at the frustrating moments. By founding such a show, Kim Anderson aims to change our understanding of podcast blogging.

Perpetual Traffic

If you are interested in more professional guidance on managing a blog and getting practical business results, Perpetual Traffic might be what you are looking for. There are three professional marketers standing behind the show: Keith, Ralph, and Molly. They mainly focus on paid traffic acquired via consistent blog publishing. Apart from that, the podcast will also teach you how to turn your blog readers into paying customers through several advertising techniques.  

I Teach Blogging

Here is another professional content for you if you want to learn to blog from basics and do everything professionally. The I Teach Blogging host Renee Groskreutz focuses on teaching how you can build a successful SEO-optimized blog. In Particular, she focuses on blogs run on WordPress and what you should do to publish content that is like a magnet for your audience.
Her podcasts are designed for a vastly differentiated audience, as the episodes cover everything from publishing your first blog to published content updates. So, depending on your expertise level on this subject, you can skip the episodes you don't need.

The Blogger Genius Podcast

And here we’ve got a bonus podcast that will be particularly exciting for female creators — the Blogger Genius Podcast by Jillian Leslie. In each episode Jillian, an online business thought leader and Stanford MBA, interviews successful bloggers, content creators, and industry experts to break down what’s working in online business. In this show neither the host nor the guests are scared of hard questions, so you’re sure to end up with some real takeaways every time you give this podcast a listen.

Before you go
Becoming a successful blogger is not easy, especially in such a big competition. And if you don't get your desired results instantly, do not give up. Keep learning from our podcast blogging list and remember; big things happen one day at a time.

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