Live Podcast, the Next Trend You Should Catch in 2022

The key competitive advantage of podcasts is their on-demand content. Once published by a podcast host, listeners can access it anytime at their own convenience. A perfect solution for a modern, fast-paced society, isn’t it?
Having this in mind, you might be confused about whether you need to run your podcasts live, causing listeners the inconvenience of tuning in on your set time? And while at first sight, you might think it’s an unnecessary hassle both for you and your audience, this isn’t actually true. A live podcast can be a chance for you to attract a new audience or increase the engagement of your loyal listeners. That’s why many podcasters run live podcast episodes in parallel with their regular show, and that’s why we recommend turning your hand to it as well.
Still not sure what benefits a live stream podcast has for your show? Well, let’s see…

What is a live podcast?

Launching a live podcast means recording your podcast in real-time with a live audience. It can be done through special live podcasting platforms or any other platform that allows real-time communication with unlimited people. Live podcasts usually are not recorded, and listeners can stream them only online while the podcast is happening.

How to do a live podcast?

There are two main ways of doing a live podcast: only audio, audio & video. Which one to choose largely depends on the podcasting format, audience type, and host’s personality. Usually, live video podcasts help improve the relationship between the host and the audience. Hearing and seeing a host creates an atmosphere that is many times more natural and friendly. So, if you have an appropriate location to organize a video podcast, it’s good to go with video broadcasting. If you need some additional guidance on that, check our guide on video podcasting. Otherwise, you should design relevant podcast graphics for your live show and have them displayed throughout your online conversation with listeners.

When shouldn’t you host a live podcast?

You should consider two big NOs if you don’t want to get frustrated from your live podcasting experience.

Do not start a live podcast without a solid listenership base

Broadcasting is less convenient than a recorded show. Therefore, you should clearly understand that listeners need a strong hook to join the live shows. Usually, that thing that attracts them is the deep connection with the podcast, which makes listeners interested in live communication with their favorite host.
Therefore, before you decide to start a live podcast, make sure you have enough loyal listeners who are willing to join you online. You don’t want to go live with only a few or no followers, right?

Do not start a live podcast without mastering all the technical aspects

Even if you’re running a successful podcast for years, this does not guarantee you are ready to launch your  live podcast. Those two formats are completely different, so make sure you don’t get confused. Live podcast shows require you to be full of confidence and have an excellently prepared speech in advance. There are no post-production editing opportunities here. Once you say something, it can’t be erased or modified in your listeners’ brains. So, make sure you can maintain quality live communication with your audience and  work with all podcasting gear smoothly.

Why live stream a podcast?

Well, suppose you fit in with the above checklist for live podcasting. What’s next? Should you eventually develop a new podcasting format for your audience or not? Our answer is you should do it with no doubt, and here is why…

Amp up the connection with your audience

Aren’t the high show engagement and increased customer loyalty the final goal of all your efforts? If so, you have a great chance to enhance communication with your listeners through a live podcast. The need for socializing lies in human nature. So, whatever the niche of your podcast, your audience will be obsessed with a chance to connect with you directly. In this regard, it’s highly recommended to choose a platform that will allow listeners’ direct interaction; a chat where they can ask questions, or an opportunity to join the show and share some words themselves.

Create an atmosphere of exclusivity

When you launch a live podcast that can’t be streamed after it ends, you make your audience more thrilled. They view the live podcast as exclusive content, where they should either be lucky enough to tune in or miss it forever. The technique of creating an urgency works excellent in different industries, and it will work well in these cases too. Live broadcasting in between your regular podcasting episodes will be some exciting news your loyal fan base won’t like to miss. Between, you can also consider making the live broadcast paid or with a limited number of participants. This might create more interest in your community to join the live show.

Receive direct feedback from your audience

Tracking the feedback is the fuel for further improvements, and a live podcast is one of the great ways to know your audience better. Just as you, they will not have time to filter their thoughts during live conversation.
So, it’s pretty likely you will get more insightful feedback during live podcasts than you usually extract from comments and facebook groups. If you’re truly interested in your audience’s reactions and opinions, a live stream show is invaluable for you.

Final thoughts

Launching a live podcast is full of challenges. Here, you can’t have the luxury of re-recording or editing some failed fragments. Besides, you can’t read your script during the live conversation, which means you should prepare your speech in every detail in advance. However, the riskiest gets the best trophy. And if you manage to create a strong bond with your listeners through the live podcast, you will nurture the fanbase that will stay with you for long.

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