Less Fear, More Result: 7 Interesting Facts about Podcasting Тhat We Would Never Have Predicted

When podcasts were new to the public, most of the people had a more pessimistic approach towards them. It seemed like they had no chance in such a visual-oriented media. Why hear the story if you could see and hear it at the same time? However, it seems like podcasts are ruling the game!

7 fascinating facts about podcasting that no one would predict

1) Half of the Americans over age 12 listen to podcasts

According to Edison Research, 51% of Americans over the age of 12 have listened to podcasts. That accounts for 144 million podcast listeners. Overall, podcasts have become much trendier in these few years, especially among millennials and gen Zers.

The research has shown that 197 million Americans have heard about podcasts. This means that approximately 70% of Americans are familiar with the podcasting concept.

If you think this is not a big deal, compare it with the statistics of 2006: only 22% of Americans knew what a podcast is. This proves that podcasting is gaining popularity in the US.That is the reason why podcast advertisements are taking a new force.

This might be thanks to the multiple AI-powered platforms and podcast creation services that make podcasting much easier. With the text to podcast converter tool, anyone can turn his script into speech using adaptive AI technology.

2) 83% of Australians are familiar with podcasting

Compared to America, Australians are more aware of podcasting. The booming 83% already know what a podcast is, and 30% of Australians have listened to a podcast at least one time. 22% of them listen to podcasts monthly.

3) Americans listen to podcasts more often

32% of Americans are listening to podcasts at least once a month. This proves that podcasts are becoming more mainstream. If you wonder which podcasts are people listening to the most, we have you covered: the music podcasts.

In fact, 61.1. million American families are big fans of this podcast genre. Next favorite is the TV and movies podcasts, which account for 60.5 million American households.

4) Twitter was supposed to be a podcast

Did you know that the social media platform most focused on the text was actually intended to be a sort of text-to-podcast converter?

Noah Glass’s AudBlog, launched in 2005 called, was a revolutionary platform at the time.  The user calls a telephone number that records his message and later on hosts it on the internet. This was the idea behind the platform. Basically, a text-to-podcast, or better speech-to-podcast converter.

Together with Evan Williams, they have worked to develop the idea and came up with O.G. podcasting platform Odeo.

5) There are 29 million podcast episodes in more than 100 languages.

Asian, Hindu, Jewish, African American: you name it! There are podcasts in more than 100 languages nowadays. You can listen to a podcast about business, politics, movies, cooking, knitting, and literally any other interest you have. In general, there are 2 million podcasts registered in Google.

6) Almost half of Americans listen to podcasts at home

If you wonder where your listeners follow your podcast, we have found the answer: at home!  49 percent of podcast listeners are engaging with the episodes at home. In fact, in America, it is a common habit to turn podcast listening into family entertainment. So you might have an entire household listening to your episodes.

7) 23 percent of people listen to podcasts in a vehicle

Another way people listen to podcasts is while driving. 23 percent of Americans are listening to their favorite shows when in a car. In fact, some of the podcasters themselves record their shows while driving. With adaptive AI technology, audio recording and editing can be done with just a click and from any location.

All of the numbers mentioned above are expected to grow even more in upcoming years! So buckle up and be ready for some big changes.

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