How to record & share a Clubhouse room


April 28, 2021

Have you ever thought during the Clubhouse conversation “That was such a great idea, I shouldhave recorded it!” That’s one of the biggest regrets for Clubhouse room members, who in the middle of the talk realize how many gems they have just lost. In fact, sometimes recording the conversation is actually a must.

Let’s say if you are a teacher who has a Clubhouse room with his students,you absolutely needthe recording. Same goes for when you are conducting a seminar and have to share its content later with the participants. It all brings us to one big question: how can you record your clubhouse session? And most importantly, what should you do with it afterwards?

How to record a Clubhouse room ?


Let’s start from the beginning: how can you record the Clubhouse conversations without breaking their policies.

But first, why is it a big deal to record Clubhouse? Well, one of the uniquenesses of Clubhouse is that it is live. Almost none of the Clubhouse rooms are recorded and shared. It is impossible to play it back or pause it either, so you really have to be in the live room not to miss anything.

Also it gives a Clubhouse an exclusivity, it certainly is not good news for those who want to revisit the conversation later and study it in more detail. That is why, many of the users still prefer to record the session in some way instead of simply remembering it. Here’s when Clubhouse policy on recording comes in.

When you try to record your room, you get a big red notification telling you: “ Heads up – Sharingrecordings without the speakers’ permission violates the Community Guidelines and will result insuspension. Thx!”

This means that Clubhouse does not allow you to record the room, unless you get permission from the participating speakers to do so. One of the ways you can solve this problem is by simply writing in the title “RECORDING,” so that all the participants know that the room will be recorded.

Now, let’s figure out the technical aspects:

What apps to use for recording?

Here we have three suggestions:

– Zoom
To record your conversation using the zoom, connect your phone to your computer and then record the screen. In the end you will get a zoom recording with your screen and your face, just like other zoom recordings. The main drawback of this version is that you get the background noise recorded too.

– Ecamm
Ecamm works with the same principle. Just connect your phone to your computer and screen record it. In the end you get a video with your clubhouse conversation in it !

– Loom
Finally, the last option in our list is to record your Clubhouse room using the Loom app. The good news here is that you no longer have to connect your phone to your computer. Loom has a mobile app that allows you to record your phone’s screen directly.

What’s next: what to do with the recordings?

Finally, once you are done recording the session it is time you convert that video to podcast andshare it with the participants of the room. Here’s where Podcastle comes to help ! These are thefew simple steps you need to follow:

-Upload your video file to Podcastle: Whichever app you chose to get the video does not matter. Just upload the mp4 file to Podcastle and we will help you to convert it to audio.

-Get the full transcript: Once you have the audio file, we give you the option to convert audio to text and get a full transcript. Just edit it, by adding the speakers’ names and voila ! You have the entire text of your Clubhouse session ready in no time.

-Share it as a podcast: In the end, you can either send the file and transcript directly to your participants or share it as a podcast in one of the platforms.

With our adaptive AI technology, getting a podcast out of your Clubhouse session is as easy as it can be. It will help your Clubhouse participants to catch up, and why not, even to attract new listeners to your channel. So take the most out of it!

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