How to Improve Audio Quality of Recording?

Any avid podcast listener will tell you they will turn off your show if the recording quality is poor. So, if you're working to get the best sound quality, you're doing the right thing. However, remember having great audio recording does not necessitate the use of professional equipment. But it does depend on the recorder, the recording space, and other factors. So, if you're wondering how to increase audio quality without spending a fortune on pro microphones and other technologies, we have the answer.

Pre-production &. Post-production

With many audio editors available, you may feel at ease when recording, believing you can change anything you wish during the editing stage. However, even the best audio editing software can fail to improve audio quality if the basic rules are not kept during the pre-production. So, we highly recommend you record carefully to avoid headaches during the post-production stage. And for best results, we have highlighted some tips and tricks for you.

improve audio quality

Tip #1 Have a good microphone

Having a decent microphone does not always mean you should spend a fortune on getting the most up-to-date models. Our podcasting equipment buying guide can assist you in finding high-quality mics at reasonable prices.

For example, the Audio-Technica ATR2100x - USB Cardioid Dynamic Microphone from the ATR series is a pretty good choice. It's one of the most highly recommended audio recorders, and it costs roughly $79 on Amazon.
Still, in the beginning, you might think it's a costly investment; however, improving mic quality will significantly reduce your post-production work and eventually save you a lot of time and financial resources.  

AI alternative

If you don't want to buy a microphone right now, don't worry: there are always alternatives. The best one is to Use AI-based recording software to record your voice with locally uncompressed, high-resolution audio.

Podcastle recording

However, while software and adaptive AI technologies can soften your voice, how you record is still crucial. So:

Tip #2 Choose the recording place wisely

Remember, you need to pick a perfect recording location. Ideally, it should be a room with minimal or no background noise. Choose the room that is the most isolated, and make sure to switch off anything which fills the place with persistent ambient noise, like the air conditioning or dishwashing machines.
Apart from that, you can improve the audio quality by keeping some distance from the microphone or any other recording equipment you're using. Standing too near the microphone might add plosives to your audio and make it harder to understand your speech.

AI alternative

If you've done your best to find a noise-free space, but your audio still has some background noise, you can use AI-based software to eliminate it.

Podcastle's Magic Dust

The Magic Dust tool on Podcastle allows you to get rid of all the background noise for free. You can make it seem like you recorded in a professional studio with only a few clicks.

Tip #3 Record in separate tracks

It's not a good idea to record the complete audio in one take. It's rare to record a whole performance without getting stuck somewhere, and it makes post-production editing much more complex and time-consuming.
So, try breaking your script into segments and recording each one independently.
In this way, if you make a mistake, you will not have to re-record the entire audio, but only the parts with mistakes.

AI alternative

If you find out certain parts of your show still lack quality, but you don't want to record your entire 30-40 mins episode again, we have a great solution.

With Podcastle's FREE audio editor, you may cut your audio track replacing the low-quality parts. You can also use the tool to insert podcast intros and outros and create more seamless transitions between the recording segments.

A closing tip

If you don't want to lose hours of your recording and be forced to repeat the process, make sure you have several recording devices. For example, record your PC while simultaneously connecting it to your external recorder.

Always back up all your recordings, as you never know how technology can ruin your plans. We hope our tips will help you get the highest quality audio for your next episode. Good luck!

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