Build An Online Community

An average modern person lives in two worlds: the offline physical world and online virtual reality. To share a voice , one should have networks, connections and community. Loyal community is a crucial element for success both in online and offline realities. Especially for individuals aiming to get their voices heard through the noise of the wide online reality, a loyal community is a must.

Let’s take social media influencers. Many luxury businesses value their role in the advertising industry, and they cooperate with them to promote products and services. Therefore, fundamental value of social media influencers is the online community that they have built. Community is the key. It is much easier to share information and be heard within a loyal community.

For podcasters, the community is essential for staying connected to a loyal audience who will return, share and contribute.

Tips to build a loyal online community

Make quality content

Poor quality content and unfounded information are flooding the Internet. Therefore, developing well-researched authentic podcasts will make you stand out from the crowd. The listeners will return for interesting and unique content. The other end is also true. Without informative and well-developed content, you cannot hold your audience. Make sure to do your homework properly.

Pay attention to technical excellence as well. Make sure the sound is clear, and make sure the podcast is professionally edited. In the time of high tech availability, these  issues are a really big deal. Yet, you can use tools like Podcastle to ensure high-quality content with low investment in recording and sound-correcting technology. The tool allows you to create perfect audio content, by quickly performing tasks like removal  of background noises, improvement of poor recording etc.

Pay attention to the timing

Going to air at the right time is essential to reach high engagement. Want it or not, the schedules of your audience are more important than yours. So, make sure to have your strategy straight. Do you want to reach them in the morning on their way to work, during lunch break or at night? You can do  some experiments, conducting research and surveying your audience to understand when they are more eager to listen to you and plan your podcasts accordingly. Keep in mind that reaching a larger audience is of your interest.

Build audience engagement

It is vital to make the audience feel connected to a podcaster and to fellow listeners to increase audience engagement. The feeling of fellowship will develop a sense of community.

Tools to increase engagement

  • Private groups: Social media pages are necessary but can be followed by anybody. To give your listeners the feeling that they are a part of a special community, you can open a private social area. For example, it can be an exclusive Facebook group or a Telegram channel. After each episode, it is worth mentioning that there is a private place to get together, discuss, and connect. It will interest listeners.
  • Give points to your listeners: Start discussions with your listeners in comment sections, in Instagram stories, in private Facebook groups, and other platforms of interaction. Their points and shared ideas might take to another level of brainstorming. The essential factor here is to give credits to listeners for their ideas in later podcasts. They would feel like their opinions were respected and heard.
  • Answer questions: Another way to engage with the audience is through Q&A sessions. As a leading person of a podcast, you are probably better informed on the topic than your audience. So, you can use that power to guide and teach them by answering their questions. Collect questions from all platforms and answer them during podcasts.
  • Connect on social media: Social media is a place to meet people and develop relationships and build connections. Use live videos on Instagram, ask open-ended questions in your posts, create filters, hashtags frames, etc. Get as creative as possible to invent ways to connect with people via social media.

Promote and get promoted

Fellow podcasters can be your partners and colleagues. Cross-promotion can build productive partnerships with other podcasters. Find speakers interested in your area of topics and invite them to your podcasts or ask to join them in their podcasts. On-air discussions with new people will spice up the podcasts, open a way to a new audience. It would be a win-win experience for both podcasters.

Organize meetings

It is very easy to communicate and engage on online platforms. However, the offline experience can never be compared with it. Getting a cup of coffee with a group of listeners will enhance connections and build better trust. For example, meetings can be formed around some exclusive discussion topics or just be themed as “get-to-know-each-other” meet-ups.

Promote yourself and your podcast

Personal branding and advertising are more than essential to stand out in our times of significant competition. First, you need to build trust in yourself. Who is telling is as important as what is being told. Continuously work on your image and build a status for yourself. If you succeed in becoming a reliable and authoritative figure in your expertise, your audience will return to listen to what you tell. Make sure to maintain a presence on social media by constantly sharing interesting and informative information and stories. And also, invest in well-researched and targeted advertising for your personal pages and the social media accounts of your podcast.


Podcasts are exploding all over the Internet. Some of them succeed; others don’t. The primary key to success is having a loyal community, who is willing to engage and share. Therefore, the absolute requirement to make your audience return is to give them unique and quality content, which is possible without heavy investments and hassle with Podcastle. Further, enter into constant communication with your audience to increase their engagement and loyalty.

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