Tips and Tricks on How to Get Your Podcast on Stitcher

Founded in 2007, Stitcher is a unique platform that connects creators, their audience, and sponsors who are excited to support their artwork. It is among the most popular audio media platforms in the United States. So, having your podcast uploaded on Stitcher is a great chance to enlarge your audience and share your content with more people. Let’s go through the main points on how to get your podcast on Stitcher today!

How to Submit Podcast to Stitcher?

Make sure your show corresponds to the Stitcher’s requirements:

-- Podcast cover art has 1400x1400 pixels and is submitted in JPG or PNG formats.
-- The RSS URL follows the industry standards and includes at least one episode.

To get your podcast on Stitcher, you need to join the community as a content provider.

The next step is to copy and paste your podcast’s RSS feed URL in the opened window.

When the provider accepts your RSS URL, you’ll receive an Email from the Stitcher support team. The letter will be sent to the email address that your RSS feed is associated with. Once you get the email, click on the “I approve, add this show to Stitcher” button. Confirming the email address, head back to the Stitcher’s tab and click on the “Got it” button.

The final stage will be getting acquainted with the platform’s Terms of Service. Accept them, and your podcast is officially on Stitcher!

It is also essential to add some more details about your show. This will help the platform algorithms learn more about your content and suggest it to your target audience. Click on the “Take me to the Partner Portal” button to provide Stitcher with additional information.

Partner Portal is a platform where editors can view their show’s statistics, add new podcasts, and edit the information appearing on Stitcher. It is easy to edit the RSS URL from the Partner Portal. If the podcasters decide to change their RSS provider, there is no need to submit the same show a second time. Also, add Twitter and Facebook links to encourage the listeners to share your content via social media.

Adding a Stitcher player to your website will bring extra traffic and help more people access your audio content via the platform. Learn more about the benefits of Partner Portal here.

What’s the Stitcher’s Secret Sauce?

Stitcher distinguishes itself from other podcast providers by focusing on continuous streaming of podcasts and radio stations. The playlists are managed either by the Stitcher staff or the users.

Another advantage is that the Amazon Echo smart speaker supports Stitcher. Any vehicle equipped with Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto can also connect to Stitcher app. Thus, your favorite podcasts can be played in more than 50 car models. For instance, Volvo cars equipped with Sensus Connect open access to the wide range of podcasts through this platform.

More and more creators admire Stitcher due to its fascinating analytical tools. The Stitcher team periodically sends download numbers and listing metrics to its podcasters. This is a convenient way to track your show’s performance on the platform.


Can I Download Episodes on Stitcher?

On Stitcher the downloading feature works differently than on Apple Podcasts. Stitcher downloads only the most recent episodes of the show. The older episodes are automatically deleted whether you’ve listened to them or not.

Learn how to download your favorite shows and listen to them whenever you have no Internet access.

What Are Stitcher Originals?

There are a variety of podcasts that are viewed as exclusive content on the service. Series called Stitcher Originals include comedy shows, news podcasts, and self-love stories.

Original content is not labeled as such yet, that’s why it is sometimes difficult for those podcasts. Search for Stitcher Originals in the application to access exclusive content. Check some of the most popular original shows below:

The Secret Lives of Black Women

Listen on Stitcher
In this podcast, hosts Charla Lauriston and Lauren Domino hunt for the well-preserved “secrets” that helped black women flourish through the challenges. The podcast covers all the sensitive aspects starting from sex and gender to anxiety issues and the importance of self-care.

People I (Mostly) Admire

Listen on Stitcher
Steve Levitt is the co-author of the Freakonomics book series. The podcast is a series of interviews with prominent people like YouTube C.E.O Susan Wojcicki, W.N.B.A champion Sue Bird and others. Listen to the host asking questions that only he could think to ask.

The easiest and most convenient way to explore these podcasts is via Stitcher Premium.

What Is Stitcher Premium?

The Stitcher premium account opens a whole new world of podcast listening. With a monthly subscription plan you’ll have access to the Stitcher Originals and ad-free content. The advantage of a premium account is that it can be accessed via an unlimited number of devices. The Stitcher Premium membership costs $4.99 a month and $34.99 a year.

The premium subscription fees are charged via Apple App Store or Google Play Store. A user can cancel their subscription through the settings on the corresponding platform.

Bottom Line

Stitcher is a wonderful platform that enables content partners to monetize their efforts and get in touch with their listeners in a cost-efficient and convenient way. Having your artwork submitted to such a directory will hugely contribute to your brand awareness.

Check the following step-by-step guides to submit your podcasts to other major directories and expand your audience:

Submit Your Podcast to Spotify
Submit Your Podcast to Amazon Podcasts
Submit Your Podcast to Deezer
Start Podcasting on YouTube

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