How Podcasters Can Use Clubhouse As Another Way To Connect With Their Audience?

“You need an invitation to the Clubhouse?”Next time answer yes to the question and grab that invitation as fast as possible! If you are a podcaster promoting yourself in Clubhouse is a must. No matter if you are an expert or only a beginner podcaster, Clubhouse allows you to grow your audience.

We have already discussed why this new app has become so popular and what it is, but now it’s time to dive deeper into how you can use the platform for your podcasts.

Podcasting is all about sharing ideas using only audio, and Clubhouse is the perfect platform for such media. Those who are in Clubhouse and enjoy it are potential (or even existent) podcast listeners.

The Clubhouse also has some advantages for your podcasts. Here are a few of them:

Larger opportunities

As the Clubhouse is new to the market, you can easily beat off your competitors by getting into the app as soon as possible. This will help you to win the market before others step in. In short, it is a yet undiscovered field that promises to get pretty viral soon, so get your hands on it!

More interaction

If with your podcasts, the audience can interact with you only via comments, here they can actually talk to you. With the Clubhouse, you can allow your listeners to take the panel and express their ideas. This way, your podcasting feels more conversational and interactive.

The feel of exclusivity

As the Clubhouse is now available only on IOS and is an invite-only platform, it gives its members a sense of prestige and exclusivity. Everyone wants to get in to not feel missed out! So if your podcast is there, it automatically makes your brand look and feel more prestigious and raises curiosity!

How to use Clubhouse for podcasting?

Now you might wonder, all of these advantages are great, but how exactly can you use Clubhouse for your podcasting? One of the ways to integrate Clubhouse with your podcasting channel is by recording your talk.

After getting your Clubhouse room recorded, you simply need to import the file to Podcastle. At our platform we give you all the tools to turn your Clubhouse session into a professional podcast.

You can edit your recording professionally with our audio recording and editing tool. Our powerful text to podcast converter will automatically transcribe the audio file and provide you with the full text.

You can also use our AI platform to correct some of the speech if you need to. In the end, you will be able to publish your podcast on the streaming platforms or export the file and send it to your Clubhouse listeners!

If you need a more detailed guide on how you should use Podcastle for getting a podcast from your Clubhouse talks, check out this article.

So, next time someone invites you to Clubhouse, do not miss the opportunity to get in and boost your podcasting!

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