10 Free and Paid Audio to Text Converters for Transcription

Imagine spending for hours attempting to manually transcribe a large audio recording.

It would be extremely tough, time-consuming, and would complicate your working process. In addition, we are very sure that transcribing audios would be the most time-consuming activity on your to-do list, which you definitely don't want.

It would be wonderful if there was a way to avoid that extra piece of workload, and that's where transcription software comes in. Whether you want to convert your voice to text for vlogging, podcasting, teaching, journalism, or any other reason, the tools listed in this article will be a great arsenal for you.

Before we get started, let review the top benefits of transcribing audios to text:

- Search engines can easily find your content

If you're a vlogger who doesn't provide subtitles for your videos, you're wasting out on a great opportunity to reach out to a wider audience.

- Diversification assists in reaching a larger audience

People have a wide range of interests and preferences, and there is a segment of a target audience who would rather read than watching a video.

- It improves the accessibility of your content

When a text version of your podcast is available, it can be extremely beneficial to people who are deaf or have hearing impairments.

- It helps to distribute your content in other formats

If you have a podcast, educational video, journalistic audio, or any other type of audio, you can convert it to text and release it in a variety of formats, including eBooks, emails, web articles, white papers and more.

Top Audio to Text Converters


Podcatle is yet another industry-leading solution for podcast enthusiasts. It includes free audio to text converter, as well as podcast editing tools, free podcast creation solutions, text to audio software, and more, giving modern podcasters everything they need to create high-quality content fast and efficiently. This service is dedicated to providing the most precise, accurate, and cost-effective AI transcription on the market.

- Podcast transcription that is simple to use.
- With precise transcription, you can make your podcast more accessible.

One of the features that sets this solution apart from the competition is that it allows you to edit your podcast episodes by just changing the text.

- You can make and edit podcasts using the text editor.
- It's as simple as typing to correct your recordings.

Happy Scribe

Two Irish entrepreneurs came up with the idea for Happy Scribe. They discovered how difficult and time-consuming it was to transcribe a number of interviews for academic studies after being requested to do so. They found a solution a few days later, and this tool was born. Happy Scribe converts audio to text in over 60 various languages, making it ideal for narration and subtitles. It enables you to integrate your team members onto the platform, such as copy editors and writers, and enjoy a smooth collaboration workflow.


Nuance is a speech-to-text tool that may also be used for transcription. There are several different versions to pick from, corresponding to your specific. It offers plans for individuals, businesses, law enforcement, and others, for example.
It's also a fantastic productivity tool because you can operate it entirely with your voice. Simply utter commands, and it will follow them without your intervention.


Trint is an AI audio transcription application that can convert your audio into text in 31 diverse languages. It's perfect for both personal and professional use. All you have to do is upload the file that has to be transcribed, and each word will be converted to text, which you can then rapidly modify to ensure it is 100% accurate.

You can also add marks, assign speaker names, search for key terms, and provide reminders in particular places via comments.


If you're not ready to invest in commercial software, oTranscribe is a terrific option. It's a 100% free speech recognition software and open-source web tool. Despite the lack of a price tag, it gets the job done efficiently and has some outstanding features.

The following are some of the most important features of this free tool:

- It easily exports to Google Docs, Markdown, or plain text
- For easy navigating through the transcript, there are interactive timestamps.
- It offers pause, rewind, and forward simply from your keyboard
- It also provides video file support with a built-in player

Express Scribe

Express Scribe is equipped with everything you'd really ought to transcribe almost instantly, and it's available in both a PRO and a free version. Thanks to their keyboard hotkeys and transcription pedal integration, you'll also save a lot of time during the process. It can handle a variety of file types, including encrypted dictation files. You may also load audio files from a CD and work on them while they are downloading.


Temi, which has over 10,000 users, will transcribe your audio for about $0.25 minutes. Their specialists, who are experts in machine learning and voice recognition, developed it, so you can imagine how accurate it is. Speaker recognition, configurable timestamps, and an advanced editing tool to refine the transcripts are all included in this tool. You may also record audio and get transcripts on the go with their mobile app, which is available for IOS and Android devices.


Descript provides excellent accuracy as well as a variety of collaboration tools to ensure flawless transcribing every time. It costs only $2 per minute, and you may have your task completed in as little as 24 hours. Descript, like the other options on our list, keeps your information private and secure.

Here are the top features of this tool:

- Progress on auto-save and sync
- Files from your cloud storage can be synced.
- Freely import completed transcriptions to combine with your media.
- Customizable speaker labels, timestamps, and other features


Sonix is an automated, rapid, and free software for converting audio to text that works in minutes rather than hours. There are timestamps on each text line so you can immediately reference the points. You also get the advantages of getting a fantastic general text editor that can assist you to refine your work if necessary.


Audext is a fantastic web application that can mechanically transcribe your audio files, which is both rapid and affordable. It only costs $12 per hour of transcribing, or $5 if you sign up for their subscription plan. It includes all of the characteristics that an ideal transcribing tool should include, as the following:

- Speaker Identification
- Support for a variety of audio formats
- Auto-save progress in the built-in editor
- Despite surrounding noise, voices can be recognized.
- Each block of text has a timestamp beside it.

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