Final 6 Up-To-Date Video Advertising Trends of 2022

Video marketing is a vital part of today’s advertising industry. 86% of marketing specialists choose the video format to deliver their marketing message. Video creates a unique chance to combine visuals with sound and develop an influential and evocative advertising campaign. With social media overrun by colorful Instagram reels, crazy Tik-Tok shots and companies using testimonial videos as an additional promotional tool, video advertising trends keep evolving.

Given that video content maintains its popularity in the market, you may want to keep track of the latest video advertising trends and consider them when producing new content for your product or service.‌‌‌‌Now, let’s dive into some of the must-follow video advertising trends of 2022!

User-Generated Content

Everyone with a social media account is part of today’s advertising industry! From well-known brands and new startups, producers are trying to engage their audience in building their brand. Companies invite their customers to share their experiences by taking a short video of using a product or capturing the benefits it has brought them. As a result, user-generated content has become one of today's most influential video advertising trends. ‌‌‌‌GoPro, for example, has grown its YouTube subscribers to 10.6 million. You may ask, "have they been endorsing all the celebrities on Earth for this?" The answer is no!

GoPro implements user-generated content as a key marketing strategy throughout its brand journey. Customers are invited to share their experiences with the camera and the memorable moments they have gone through while using the camera. The brand does this to demonstrate their product's true vibe to its users. In other words, GoPro evokes an emotional connection with the product and delivers the power of deep gratification the camera can bring to its users. As a result, hundreds of GoPro users who have nothing to do with advertising or modeling have appeared on the brand’s YouTube ads to establish the authenticity and originality of the product and brand.


Video blogging, popularly known as vlogging, is another common advertising trend. There are thousands of vlogs on traveling, cooking, student life, music, and much more. Unlike user-generated content, in video blogging, an influencer or a popular public figure creates the content.

Established brands often choose to collaborate with vloggers. Some vloggers can recommend the brand when making an episode about the topic. Other brands may look for higher conversion rates and hire a vlogger to run a series around their mission.

‌                                              Upload

As the influencers’ audience trusts them, they are more likely to listen to their advice and follow their recommendations. Hence, identifying an influencer with a large audience and being featured on their videos might be the beginning of your success.

Stories on Social Media

What do you do first when you grab your phone? Right, you start scrolling through your friends’ Instagram or Snapchat stories. Even if we ignore this subconsciously driven behavior, we spend most of our time on social media just scrolling over people’s stories.

Social media stories are done in a casual atmosphere and accompanied by popular filters and emojis. Although they last only a few seconds, social media stories are game-changers in terms of influence. Social networks have features like designing polls, starting Q&A sessions, organizing giveaways, and more. All of this stands out among other video advertising trends.

Another factor driving the popularity of social media stories is the call-to-action functionality. Many stories invite viewers to click on a certain link, visit a certain page, or commit a certain action that leads to profit for the brand.

We have published this blog post to help you produce more competitive content on social media!

Silent Videos

Surprisingly, silent videos have become a thing recently! As most of us like scrolling through our social media feeds in different places and environments, we usually prefer having our phones on silent to avoid creating noise around us or when using our phones during an important meeting. Hence, silent videos create more comfort for viewers.

If you are worried that you won’t be able to deliver your message without sound, you can use captions to accompany your video. Podcastle has designed a tool specifically for this. You can transcribe any type of audio to text through Podcastle’s transcription feature. You only need to upload your audio, and the text will be ready in a few seconds. This tool saves you the time  spent on writing out and inserting captions for your video advertisement.

SEO-Friendly Videos

Anything published on the web must first go through the optimization process. Otherwise, your customers will not find you on the web regardless of your content's value.

So how can you optimize your videos? Do your research and find the most relevant keywords to your topic. Then, use these keywords in your video’s title and description. Furthermore, use tags when uploading your video to online platforms. Adding subtitles and including the right keywords in captions is also a good way to rank high. These will boost your video’s position on search engines and make it more accessible to your target audience. ‌‌

‌                                              Upload

To illustrate the effectiveness of relevant keywords, pay attention to the tags included in this video. These are designed to meet the search intent of viewers so that they discover this video when they search related keywords on search engines.

AR And VR Videos

Artificial intelligence is taking over the digital world! Naturally, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) videos are also stepping ahead in the demand curve. Customers enjoy seeing themselves using a product before actually purchasing it. The best way to provide them with this experience is through virtual reality. Many companies and brands have designed virtual reality testers for their products, which has proven to be a successful experiment over the past couple of years.

Bottom Line

With the world of advertising developing insanely fast, video remains a widely-used marketing channel. To produce meaningful video content, we suggest you follow video advertising trends that have proven effective. These include introducing your videos as user-generated content, collaborating with influencers to be featured on their vlogs, posting interactive social media stories, working on silent video production, optimizing your videos for search engines, and stepping into the world of AR and VR for advanced representation.

Whichever strategy you choose, be creative, brave, and, why not, a little crazy!


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