6 Ways to Build Brand Authority for Startups Through Podcasting

Podcasting is a popular medium, and there’s no denying that.
There are 383.7 million podcast listeners worldwide, which includes 78% of the US population. By the end of this year, that number is expected to reach 424 million. That’s over 5.5% of the entire world’s population.
Podcasting can be a powerful tool that helps startup businesses create brand authority. That’s because podcast listeners are loyal, and if executed correctly, your show (and subsequently your brand) can become a regular part of your ideal customers’ lives. Additionally, if you decide to sell your startup down the line, having a successful podcast adds value to the brand.

But how specifically can you harness the power of podcasting to build brand authority for your startup business? It takes a lot more than just talking into a microphone. In this article, we’ll walk you through six simple steps to help you enhance your brand through the world of on-demand audio.

Examples of Brands with Podcasting Success

Simply put, your brand should start podcasting because it has been proven highly effective for others.

For example, Gary Vaynerchuk is widely known as a social media personality who teaches young people how to invest and get into entrepreneurship. He is well respected because he has had great success himself. How did he become so successful? He grew his wine business with a video podcast called WineLibraryTV.

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Then you have Luxury Presence, a real estate SEO company that started its own podcast called The Presence Podcast to discuss relevant topics that are of interest to its target audience. Using the power of that show, the company increased audience engagement and is now perceived as a considerable authority in the real estate space.

How to Use Podcasting to Build Brand Authority

1. Use Podcast Episodes as Marketing Content

One way to spread the word about your podcast and use it to build your credibility is to include it in your marketing content.
For example, you can include links to episodes in your blog posts, social media content, advertisements, landing pages, and email blasts.
When emailing your audience, include a monthly or bi-weekly recap of your latest podcast episodes. This will encourage your email subscribers to check out these episodes and get a more personal look at your expertise. Hearing someone speak can be much more effective than reading the same information in an email.
By taking this route, you can leverage your email marketing tools to improve your podcast audience and build more credibility for your start-up brand.

2. Run on Podcast Platforms and YouTube

Your podcast can only help your brand authority if people can find it. That’s why you have to share your feed in as many places as possible.
Include links and embedded episodes on your website. List your show on all popular podcasting platforms, including Apple, Google, Spotify, Pandora, Audible, and Stitcher, to name a few.
You should also have a YouTube channel dedicated to your business. Share your podcast episodes there, both in full and in easily digestible clips that prospective listeners can hear and use as a catalyst to check out the rest of your show.
Using a Youtube channel to give more exposure to your podcast is a tactic that has been proven successful repeatedly for many startup companies and small businesses. Start by creating striking visuals with a channel banner maker, then upload your podcast episodes to YouTube.

3. Align Podcast Media With Company Branding

Your podcast should be a logical extension of your company, which includes its brand image. If you want to draw a logical connection between the actual business and the podcast, you have to ensure that branding elements match up.
That means using the same logo design, color scheme, narrative voice, and visual styles. You'll want to ensure your podcast's logo is either the same or very aligned with your existing brand logo. You may need to create a new logo for your podcast — something simple that will be clear and relevant. You can have a graphic designer create a new logo for your podcast, or you can also use an online logo maker. Just be sure to choose something easily identifiable that works with your existing branding.

4. Guest on Other Relevant Podcasts

One great way to expand your reach, and ultimately your brand authority, is to appear as a guest on other relevant podcasts.
This allows you to show off the knowledge and expertise associated with your brand to an entirely new audience that, hopefully, will follow you back to your show. Appearing as a guest carries a lot of weight because it’s an implied seal of approval from a podcasting personality that the listener already trusts.
When you appear on a show that someone already listens to regularly, that host is telling their audience that you’re an authority whose insights have value. Be a guest on as many podcasts as possible and present yourself and your startup business in a good light.

5.  Engage Your Audience

When your audience reaches out to you on social media, respond to their messages and comments. People tend to get comfortable with podcast hosts. You spend so much time talking to them during drives or trips to the gym that they feel as though they really know you.
This familiarity can be transitioned to your startup business as well. But you need to make sure that you’re not doing anything to shatter that image. Engage politely with them, respond quickly, and be attentive to their questions. Doing so will strengthen their loyalty to you and your brand.

6. Turn Podcasts Into Blog Posts (And Vice Versa)

You can (and should) post your podcast episodes as blog posts, including transcripts of the episodes that people can peruse. This can also help your SEO efforts by including keywords. That opens your brand and podcast episodes to new audiences of consumers searching for the topics you’ve covered.

Of course, this works both ways. You can take existing blog posts and create podcast episode topics from them. You can then include a link to that podcast episode in the blog post and hype the blog post on the episode. One piece of content feeds the other, and vice versa. This creates more traffic and exposure for your startup’s brand.


Podcasts are a popular and ever-growing medium. The beauty of podcasting is that it’s an effective communication medium for brands that’s relatively easy to record, produce, post, and share.

If you want to use a podcast to build brand authority in your niche:
1) Use your episodes in your marketing content
2) Post your podcast on podcasting platforms and YouTube
3) Align your podcast with your company branding
4) Appear as a guest on other relevant podcasts
5) Engage with your audience
6) Turn your podcasts into blog posts

By utilizing these six steps, your brand is sure to see improved authority and increased profits.

About the author

Shane Barker

Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, content marketing, and SEO. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Content Solutions, a digital marketing agency. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

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