5 Best WordPress Plugins for Podcasts

Podcast consumption is growing every month, and it's become a valued content type for everyone all over the world. Currently, podcasts have 100 million American listeners, and because of such popularity growth, Google announced that it would include podcasts in SERPs. So, if you create and add your podcast episodes to a WordPress website, you will have better raking chances for Google and other searching platforms. For completing this process, WordPress plugins will come for help. A WordPress plugin is a software that "plugs in" to your podcasting site. With their use, you can add several functionalities or enlarge the existing functionalities of the website that will allow you to design virtually different kinds of websites, from portfolios to eCommerce stores and directory stores. With the help of a WordPress plugin for podcasting, you will be able to link the website with the hosting platform that stores the podcast episodes. With this, you can implement a podcast player on your website. The plugins also make it easy to create an RSS feed of your podcast content and share the episodes with a preferred podcast distributor. In brief, WordPress plugins for podcasting will help you make your content visible to a larger audience and enlarge your subscribers. We have selected the 5 most popular WordPress plugins for podcasting. So, let’s check them below:

1. PowerPress podcasting plugin by Blubrry

On the first line, we would like to present the PowerPress podcasting plugin, which is the leading WordPress plugin for podcasting for managing your shows and distributing from inside WordPress. It allows the podcasters to share their shows with podcast distributors and share their podcasts on their websites. The PowerPress podcasting plugin has two modes: simple and advanced. The simple mode is intended for beginners and is free to start publishing as soon as possible. You can create your podcast setting up with the most critical settings, build your first episode and share to Apple Podcasts at once. It has significant features like Google Play and full iTunes support. It is also interlinked with HTML5 media players, supporting multiple podcasts, so creating an episode by a media format or category you prefer is possible. PowerPress is also an SEO-friendly WordPress plugin, making your podcast viewable on search engines. It also has a subscription tool to convert website visitors into podcast subscribers.

2. Seriously Simple Podcasting

Like its name, the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin is simple to use for managing and publishing your podcasts on a WordPress site. It is designed especially for those who host their podcasts in podcast hosting platform Castos. This WordPress plugin allows you to have one or more podcasts (audio or video) from the same site and have a separate RSS feed for each one. As the RSS feed provides all essential data to all podcasting directories, you can update and set up this feed. This plugin supports such RSS feeds, which have high configurations, adapted to leading podcasting subscription software so that you can choose a preferred provider. Seriously Simple Podcasting also provides widgets and shortcodes and makes it possible to put your episodes or playlist anywhere you want. You adjust your podcast by changing the background color, adding cover images, etc., and share links to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Overcast, Stitcher, and Pocketcasts.

3. Fusebox

Fusebox is another major front-end WordPress plugin that provides all essential features for producing a qualified podcast. Fusebox has two plugins. One is the complete podcast player, which will help you create a flexible, configurable, and shareable podcast. You can offer your listeners to choose a preferable speed and add buttons for sharing and news subscriptions. The other one is the transcription plugin, which will allow you to generate and display transcripts of your episodes. Transcripts make the content more reachable and SEO-friendly, as now it will be accessible for search engines to reach your audio content. If you have already chosen a hosting service and need to level-up your podcast with a powerful WordPress plugin, you should try Fusebox.

4. Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove Podcast Publisher is elaborated by podcasters for podcasters. It is a powerful and free publisher with a WordPress plugin that will help you worry less, save your precious time, and provide advanced listening for your audience. With Podlove Podcast Publisher, you can create your podcast feeds and send them to listening services. It also provides a player for your website and efficiently works with any podcast host. With its help, you can divide the episodes into chapters, provide descriptions, create several RSS feeds designed with different formats. This handy plugin includes Podlove Web Player that supports several audio and video podcasting formats. With its convenient analytics dashboard, you can check which format is more popular. It is essential to mention that Podlove is a powerful DIY solution.

5. Podcast Player

As another option for a WordPress plugin for podcasting, you should know the Podcast Player. It is a free plugin that easily integrates the podcast library to a WordPress site. Since you need only the RSS feed URL and a WordPress website, you can host the podcast with a preferred provider. Using the Podcast Player shortcode, you can display your podcasts on your site. When you choose a pre-designed plugin template, you will have a unified player, episode list, sticky bottom player, and episode layout. You can set up later by changing the accent color, hiding some player elements, or adding a Google font. Podcast player is a customizable and elegant plugin meant for displaying your podcast catalog player on the needed site. There are several other WordPress Plugins for podcasting, and each of them has its particularities.  You should choose one, depending on which hosting platform you are using. But one thing is for sure that any of the ones mentioned above will save your time and improve your rankings.

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