Top 15 Best Podcasts for Road Trips and Long Drives to Make the Miles Fly By

Who doesn’t love road trips? While the overall experience is more than enjoyable, for someone who doesn’t like long drives spending hours in a vehicle is quite torture. Now, reading isn’t everyone’s jam either, so we’ve gathered a list of entertaining podcasts for road trips. You can just lay back and relax; no laying back if you’re the one driving though. Whatever it is that gets you hooked, at least one of these 15 podcasts for road trips has it.

Obviously, these podcasts aren’t for road trips exclusively, so feel free to enjoy them whenever.

Tiny Meat Gang

Starting off with a personal favorite! Tiny Meat Gang with Cody Ko and Noel Miller—one can listen to these two go on about crypto trends, the latest TikToker beef, and pretty much anything that’s happening. Whatever these two infamous viners, YouTubers, singers, and stand-up comedians do, they do it well and in the most hilarious way possible. You’ll love the company of these eloquent gentlemen, even the episode where they are discussing the pros and cons of owning a yardstick.


Phoebe Judge’s soothing voice is exactly what you need to balance out the horrific stories that she’s sharing. This true-crime series is one of the best podcasts to listen to. “Stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, and/or gotten caught somewhere in the middle”—briefly about Criminal. Don’t know about you, but we’re hooked!

You Must Remember This

For the Old Hollywood fans, it doesn’t get any better than this. You Must Remember This, film critic Karina Longworth’s passion project is a storytelling masterpiece that discusses the known and not-so-known stories and scandals of old Hollywood. So next time you get your gas station coffee, you might as well peep into some fascinating 20th-century drama.

Every Little Thing

As you can guess from the title, Every Little Thing is literally random knowledge about anything you did and didn’t think of. Can swearing make you stronger? What do the numbers on pasta boxes mean? If you ever wanted to become THE guy, that has a fact about every possible thing, this weekly podcast is the shortcut.

Call Your Girlfriend

If eavesdropping on besties sounds like your car ride jam, then let Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow be your companions. On-Call Your Girlfriend you’ll hear everything from pop-culture tatter to loaded social justice discussions. And let each episode be a reminder to call your long-distance bestie!

Decoder Ring

Murphy’s Law, Bart Simpson, the mullet—with Willa Paskin you’ll find the reasoning behind any cultural phenomena. Decoder Ring is your crack code to both recent and last-century mysteries and conspiracies.

How to Fail

If you’re not sure How to Fail, Elizabeth Day will teach you all about it. Not in a bad way though, it’s all about not dwelling on misfortunes on the long path to success. Elizabeth is great at navigating heartfelt and honest conversations with her successful guests. Whatever is your destination, this podcast can be the very much-needed dose of motivation and advice.

The Moth

Whichever kind of personal stories you enjoy, The Moth has them all. Speaking of range, this storytelling podcast has both tearjerkers and hilarious, and most importantly true stories. The latter is told both by professionals and your average people; with such a plethora of narrators, you’ll never get bored.

99% Invisible

We are so used to the environment we live in, that we often stop noticing the beauty of their shapes, structure and functionality. This podcast explores the things around us from a designing perspective. Roman Mars’ investigation into design and architecture will deeply fascinate anyone—99% Invisible and 100% recommended.

Where Should We Begin?

In case you’re going through a rough patch, yet not ready to full-on address those relationship problems, Where Should We Begin might be a good start. With therapist Esther Perel and real couples on the show you’ll dive into the most intimate and raw aspects of two humans connecting. And if you’re not really struggling with anything, you can still relax and take notes for the future while listening to others’ relationship drama.

​​Death, Sex & Money

If you assumed that ​​Death, Sex & Money is not among family-friendly podcasts, you’re right. Nevertheless, this one has a lot of fresh perspectives and open discussions to offer. Hosted by Anna Sale, this interview-style podcast explores questions as well as answers that are left out of ‘polite’ conversations. Human empathy, grief, justice—all through the eyes of experts, celebrities and people like you.

The Truth

We can’t think of anything cozier than short stories being read to you. The Truth is a gem for lovers of short fiction, especially if you’re driving and can’t read a book. Sometimes dark, occasionally funny, these short stories are always captivating. And you don’t have to wait too long until the reveal; each story is one episode long.

Dead Eyes

Picking old wounds isn’t a good idea, unless you are planning to make a 3 season long podcast out of it. In Dead Eyes comedian/actor Connor Ratliff does what a terribly vindictive man would do—starts a podcast about failure interviewing other actors and comedians. All because Tom Hanks, Hollywood’s nicest, fired Connor from a small role in an HBO mini-series. Why? Trust us, it’s worth finding out.

Off Menu

Comedians James Acaster and Ed Gamble make a whole show out of theoretical food discussions. Each episode they invite a guest to chat and joke around their most favourite ever dishes, desert and all sorts of dream food. Disclaimer: Off Menu’s descriptive discussions can get your mouth watering

Feel Better, Live More

Dr. Chatterjee’s show is created to simplify health talk, optimize your lifestyle and make you Feel Better, Live More, just like it says in the title. Packed with life hacks and expert advice, this podcast is perfect for anyone who’s developed a newfound interest in health and wellness. And if you haven’t, it’s probably about time you do.
Modern audio content creation platforms make it so easy to give life to your own stories. Long drives are the perfect time to gather what’s been on your mind and, why not, record something of your own. Windows closed and a free podcast recording platform at your disposal, it’s time to make the most out of your road trip!

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