Best Podcast Apps for Listening to Your Favorite Shows in 2022

In the recent couple of years, the popularity of podcasts has ballooned. There are many ways to listen to a range of podcasts - free apps, subscription platforms, etc. But using a dedicated podcast app is the easiest way to find and listen to your favorite episodes.

We have compiled the list of best podcast apps for listening to your favorite shows in 2022.

1. Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is one of the biggest podcast players in the world and gives free access to almost 30 million episodes in more than 100 languages. Apple Podcasts is free, and listeners prefer a free app over a paid one. It's very intuitive, making it easy to navigate podcasts based on different criteria: by topic, by genre, or by people mentioned within episodes via transcripts.

Once you subscribe to a show, it sends you notifications when there is a new episode, and it brings similar shows when you like a podcast. There are also Apple Podcasts Subscriptions with a monthly payment for separate shows, making it easy to discover and enjoy new content such as science, comedy, sports, news, etc.

2. Google Podcasts

Google podcasts is another popular podcast listening app, that provides listeners the opportunity to subscribe to shows, receive notifications when new episodes roll out, have recommendations, listen on multiple devices, and more.

There was a major update in 2020 when Google made its Podcasts app available on iOS. The overall design between the iOS and Android versions is pretty much the same. The Google app is structured around three main tabs: home, explore, and activity. If you have a lot of Google Assistant speakers, you can cast your podcast to these speakers or speaker groups by clicking on the cast button. It's one of the best podcast apps available out there, having an immense library to make up for it.


3. Spotify

Being one of the most significant players in music streaming services worldwide, Spotify is huge in podcasts as well, featuring almost 2 million shows. Spotify is on every platform globally, and it's about catching the Apple Podcasts that only exist on apple's platforms.

Spotify podcast app is the best one-stop shop for both podcasts and music. It has an amazing suggestion algorithm that most listeners love Spotify for. It provides its users with both a free version with ads and with a $10 monthly payment for ad-free. The Spotify podcast app has an immense library to check out. There can be found some of its original shows you won't see anywhere else. Once you choose to "follow" your favorite podcasts from the Spotify app, you will get notifications when there are updates.

4. Stitcher

Stitcher is a free podcast app having a clean and straightforward interface and all the necessary options you'll need. On the main page, you'll find three sections - Favorites, Saved Episodes, and Downloads.

Stitcher podcast app has color-coded symbols to make everything super clear - Blue (not downloaded), Green (downloaded), Solid color (unplayed), White with a little bit of shade (in the middle of playing), and Entirely white (played). You can sync Stitcher on your devices. This podcast also has a premium subscription service for monthly $4.99, allowing listeners to listen to original Stitcher ad-free shows.

5. TuneIn

TuneIn features over 100K radio stations globally, and it has a catalog of almost 5.7 million podcasts. It is more focused on the radio but includes top-rated podcasts too. Many genres can be explored through the app's search tab. The app is very intuitive, and it curates a lot of new podcasts through its homepage so listeners can easily navigate different collections.

It offers TuneIn Radio, which is an entirely free ad-supported app, and TuneIn Radio Pro with a one-time fee of $10, which removes commercials. Moreover, there's also TuneIn Premium Service available for both apps, which is a paid subscription service of $10 /monthly, that lets users listen to music without commercials. Another good thing with the TuneIn app is that it lets its listeners switch to car mode, which is ideal for those who want to listen to podcasts on the go as you get a simplified menu to move between episodes.

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