Are You an Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast? Follow the Best Podcasts Picked for You

Itching to go somewhere for an outdoor adventure? Believe me, a great outdoor podcast can deliver a needed escape while you are on your mundane activities. Here is our selection of the best outdoor adventure podcasts that will give you the opportunity to dive into the world of adventure sports like climbing, mountaineering and hiking, motivational figures, and the natural world. With new episodes coming out on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, you'll never run short on adventure inspiration and motivation ever again.

1. The Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries podcast, launched in 2007, has been among the best outdoor podcasts lists for a long time. Hosted by Co-founder and Creative Director at Duct Tape Then Beer Fitz Cahall, it goes beyond adventures sports like skiing, climbing, mountaineering, boating etc., presenting fascinating stories from the adventure community of dreamers, wanderers, athletes, reminding all of us how short life is to fulfill the deepest desires of our bucket lists. This outdoor adventure podcast, backed by Patagonia, has produced over 200 episodes, each featuring a new outdoor-related tale that will leave you amused, inspired, entertained, and moved.

2. Outside/In

Outside/In is an outdoor podcast hosted by Sam Evans-Brown. During each episode, Sam takes his listeners to a new adventure encouraging everyone to better understand how people interact with the natural world and opening it up for everyone to enjoy. Outside/In is one of the most popular podcasts in its space, exploring energy, science, environmentalism, and reflections on how to think about and depict nature, also how environmentally conscientious groups and other individuals are working to utilize the earth we live on in a sustainable way.

3. She Explores

The She Explores outdoor adventure podcast is hosted by its founder Gale Straub. She brings together multiple voices on her podcast from famous names in the community to everyday explorers across the world, highlighting amazingly inspirational women's journeys across the world since 2016, their experiences in the outdoors, and covering a wide range of topics including inclusion, motherhood mixing with a narrative of nature and adventure. Tune in to this girl-powered podcast to get raw, honest, and in-depth conversations about solo-trekking, advocacy, self-love, mental health, and how to make the outdoors inclusive for everyone.


4. Outside Podcast

The Outside Podcast by Outside Magazine and hosted by Peter Frick-Wright, covers all facets of the outdoor lifestyle. This is one of the favorite outdoor-themed podcasts among outdoor adventure lovers. The episodes range from survival stories to humorous adventure stories gone wrong to dispatches from the outdoors, leaving you inspired for both big adventures and casual hikes close to home. Join this podcast if you are into hearing about the art of wilderness survival or understanding how an Olympian's body performs differently than your own.

5. Wild Ideas Worth Living

The Wild Ideas Worth Living outdoor adventure podcast, hosted by established adventure and business journalist Shelby Stranger, gives listeners the opportunity to escape the mundane and live out their wildest ideas in partnership with REI. Among guests, there are world-class explorers, athletes, health experts, entrepreneurs, and performers showcasing their stories of how they've made their own wild ideas into a reality. Tune in to Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast to find motivation, inspiration, and purpose through others' experiences with nature.

6. The Trail Show

The Trail Show is a monthly podcast covering hiking and all things related to the outdoors with a humorous and carefree style. Tune in to the show to feel like hanging out with your outdoor-loving friends spiced up with a bunch of jokes and plenty of beer drinking. The latest episodes cover topics on trails like the Foothills, Maah Daah Hey, Mogollon, etc.  

7. Tough Girl Podcast

The Tough Girl Podcast is hosted by Sarah Williams. She talks with her wide variety of guests about their journeys, often discussing themes like success, fear, and mental health and highlighting the fighting spirit found in pushing yourself in nature. Among her guests, you'll find women in sport across all disciplines. Tune in to the Tough Girl Podcast to get your dose of inspiration and motivation from those who faced and overcame difficult challenges throughout their life.

8. The Sharp End

The Sharp End is a fascinating outdoor adventure podcast, sponsored by Mammut and hosted by a mountain expert, snowboarder, and surfer Ashley Saupe, brings stories to life from the pages of "Accidents in North American Climbing," which is the annual publication of the American Alpine Club (AAC). During each episode, the host shares a story of an accident, desperation, and heroism in the mountains, heart-in-the-mouth stories, and interviews with climbers, skiers, and rescuers and those involved in life-threatening incidents and fight for survival.

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