Best Nutrition Podcasts

Changing your diet doesn't have to be about gimmicky weight loss plans, sometimes it's just about feeling better, healing and eating a diverse and tasty range of food. We've picked these 20 podcasts that give you insights and tips into how to shape your diet.

1) Food for Thought

Explore the science and psychology behind food and eating, with interviews with experts, researchers, and authors. Learn how food affects your brain, body, and mood, and discover new ways to nourish yourself and enjoy your meals.

2) Thinking Nutrition

Get practical and evidence-based advice on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle, ranging from the importance of nutrition and fitness to productivity. Hosted by Dr Tim Crowe, a career nutrition research scientist and an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian.

3) Funk'tional Nutrition Podcast

Hosted by nutritionist Erin Holt, this show features honest and eye-opening conversations. Erin shares insight into hot topic nutrition, plus interviews with thought leaders in the functional medicine and wellness world. Get informed and empowered with this funky spin on mainstream health information.

4) The Millennial Nutritionist

A podcast that helps millennials lose weight without feeling deprived or miserable. Hosted by Illa Garcia, a registered dietitian who provides weight loss coaching for millennials. She shows you how to change your behavior around food and track your progress with simple tools.

5) Simply Vegan

Get inspiration to live a plant-based life with real-life stories and laughs. Hosted by Holly Johnson and Molly Pickering, who are passionate about veganism and animal rights. They share their experiences of going vegan, as well as tips, recipes, reviews, and interviews with other vegans.

6) The Secret World of Slimming Clubs

A weekly show that brings you body positivity with real-life stories and laughs. Hosted by Katy, Jo, and Victoria, who are serial dieters who have spent many evenings in slimming clubs. They reveal the slimming club commandments, the excuses of the week, the slimmers of the week, and more.

7) Unf*ck Your Weight Loss

Break free from diet culture myths and end the undereating, over-restricting, over-exercising state of mind. Hosted by Bonnie Lefrak, a certified holistic health coach who helps women love themselves, find peace in the process of losing weight, take care of themselves, and leverage their power.

8) Seems Like Diet Culture

Don't know which diets are nonsense and which make sense? This show debunks diet culture myths for you when you hear a food rule, wellness trend, or nutrition fact that sounds like diet culture but is it really? Hosted by Mallory J Page, a registered dietitian whose mission is to bring you no-bull information each week.

9) Maintenance Phase

Delves into health science fads for you for whenever you hear about new diets or supplements or products that promise quick fixes or miracle results. Hosted by Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon , who are experts in debunking junk science behind health trends.

10) Home Cooking

A mini-series to help you figure out what to cook—and keep you company—during quarantine. Hosted by Samin Nosrat (chef and author of Salt Fat Acid Heat) and Hrishikesh Hirway (creator of Song Exploder), who share their favorite recipes from around the world.

11) The Healthy Mama Kitchen

Make healthy eating easy and accessible by simplifying your meal plan, demystifying meal prep, and taking the stress out of weeknight dinners. Hosted by trained chef, culinary nutritionist and mama of two, Kris Dovbniak, who shares her tips, tools and hacks for your real life healthy mama kitchen with a side of humor and sometimes a little bit of spice.

12) Recipe Club

A podcast that sifts through millions of recipes to find the very best way to make the food you want to eat (subjectively speaking, of course). From plant-based meat to broccoli to seaweed, Chang and friends are determined to cut through the noise. Each week, they explore a different topic or theme related to food and cooking, such as fermentation, fermentation, fermentation.

13) Nutrition for Mortals

Do you think life's too damn short to spend your time and attention worrying about your food choices? If you do, join two registered dietitians (and friends!), as we explore the world of nutrition with a special focus on cultivating a healthy and peaceful relationship with food. Episodes cover topics such as keto diet myths vs facts, how to eat more mindfully, how to deal with emotional eating, and more.

14) Diets Redefined

A show that challenges the conventional wisdom around diets and weight loss. Hosted by Bexs Davies and Annie Ellis, two nutritionists and fat loss specialists on a mission to help people who feel like they’ve been dieting their whole lives learn how to lose fat and keep it off for good. They interview experts from various fields such as psychology, physiology, biochemistry, anthropology, history, philosophy and more to reveal the truth behind diets and how they affect our bodies and minds.

15) Fad Camp

A comedy podcast about the ridiculousness of fad diets. Hosted by Conor Dowling and Grace Mulvey. They interview celebrities who have tried or are trying various fad diets such as intermittent fasting, veganism and keto and ask them hilarious questions about their experiences such as what they ate in a particular time period, how they felt physically, mentally and emotionally and what advice they would give to others.

16) Biohacking Bestie

Host Aggie Lal explores a new paradigm for women based on expansion freedom audacity to live life in our fullest expression. An avid biohacker herself, she interviews guests who are experts in various aspects of biohacking such as hormones supplements fitness nutrition mindset etc., and shares her own journey of optimizing her biology mind spirit.

17) American Glutton

The American Glutton podcast is a show that features actor Ethan Suplee, who shares his personal and professional journey of overcoming obesity and finding the best ways to eat and live. He interviews experts, authors, chefs, and activists who talk about topics such as diets, eating, science, nutrition, and cooking. He also explores the joys of suffering, relativism, dogged determination, and the proper way to braise a pork belly.

18) Food, We Need to Talk

The Food, We Need to Talk podcast is a show that features Juna Gjata and Dr. Eddie Phillips, two experts in health and wellness who share their insights and research on topics such as nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and more. They use a science-based, humor-laced approach to break down the myths and facts about health and fitness.

19) Gastropod

The Gastropod podcast is a show that explores the science and history of food and farming. It is hosted by journalists Nicola Twilley and Cynthia Graber, who interview experts, authors, chefs, and activists on topics such as aquaculture, ancient feasts, cutlery, chile peppers, microbes, and more.

20) Healthful Pursuit (Formerly The Keto Diet Podcast)

The Healthful Pursuit Podcast (formerly the Keto Diet Podcast) is a show that features Leanne Vogel, a holistic nutritionist and keto enthusiast, who interviews experts, authors, chefs, and activists on topics related to the keto diet. She covers topics such as how to modify the keto diet based on your body type, how to overcome weight loss stalls, how to support your hormones, how to do intermittent fasting, and more. She also shares her own personal and professional journey of living a low-carb, high-fat life.

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