Best Manufacturing Podcasts for Your Business

Manufacturing is the creation of goods using machinery, labor, tools, and chemical or biological processing or formulation. Manufacturing can be stated as the conversion of raw materials into finished goods on a large scale or the production of more compound items and selling essential goods to manufacturers to produce items such as household appliances, automobiles, aircraft, etc.

The podcasts about the manufacturing industry are a practical way to keep track of the latest trends, listen to experts, and gain more profound knowledge on your commute, when on a break while driving, or on your run. As manufacturers work hard to run their operations smoothly, podcasts are a great source of information that will serve as training in all specific fields. The manufacturers should foresee all upcoming changes and lower the risks of failure to meet the consumers’ demands. For this reason, Podcastle has compiled a list of the top manufacturing podcasts which will keep you updated and provide you with successful advice and innovative ideas.

Let’s check.

1. Manufacturing Happy Hour

The Manufacturing Happy Hour is one of the most popular podcasts focused on the technology's impacts on modern manufacturing. Every week, the host, Chris Luecke, interviews founders, manufacturing leaders, and tech professionals to provide helpful tactics, tools, and strategies to help each manufacturer enhance their career and business to a higher level. By listening to this podcast, you will have the latest updates, success stories, and real-life applications which you can use as profitable opportunities.

2. The Manufacturing Show

If you are a leader in a manufacturing or industrial company and want to listen to others similar to you, this podcast is right for you. By listening to the Manufacturing Show, you will hear from various experts, learn the innovative ideas and breakthroughs, and keep up with the latest trends and practical tools to help you stay on top of your career. During each episode, a massive range of topics are discussed, such as the latest strategies for growing the business, new tech updates in digital transformation, security, HR, trade, design, additive manufacturing, and more. So, don't miss your chance.

3. The Manufacturing Executive

The Manufacturing Executive is another excellent podcast that provides growth strategies for manufacturing leaders. The host Joe Sullivan, the founder of industrial marketing agency Gorilla 76, has conversations with enthusiastic manufacturing leaders who share real-life stories about their challenges and success. This podcast will help mid-sized B2B manufacturers to engage, attract, identify and drive sales opportunities through podcasting and social media marketing.

4. Making Chips

Making Chips is a renowned manufacturing podcast that is a perfect combination of information and entertainment, covering all in-depth manufacturing concepts. The hosts, Jim Carr, Nick Coellner, and Jason Zenger, provide helpful content necessary and relevant for the elevation and growth of manufacturing leaders. They give voice to manufacturing business owners, from famous high-level companies to medium-sized and small companies. They cover essential metalworking, fabrication, tooling, machining, machine tool industries, and more. Running since 2014, with around 650 000 downloads and 300 episodes, it is a must-to-listen manufacturing podcast.

5. Gemba Academy Podcast

Gemba Academy Podcast is one of the most educational podcasts ever, dedicated to continually enhancing organizations and individuals using best practices. Running since 2015, this great podcast contains a vast amount of helpful content and will serve as a source of inspiration, learning, and advice. During each episode, the host Ron Pereira, interviews various innovators, thinkers, leaders, and others, discussing six sigma and lean methodologies. This podcast is focused on productivity, Lean thinking, leadership, and Toyota Kata.

6. Advanced Manufacturing Now

Advanced Manufacturing Now is a podcast by SME Media. SME is a nonprofit organization for manufacturing professionals, and SME media is the publisher of the magazines Manufacturing Engineering and Smart Manufacturing. The host, Bruce Morey, will take you deep into the manufacturing realm together with various experts and tech industry leaders. By listening to this podcast, you will stay updated on the latest technology trends, processes, equipment, and other factors impacting manufacturing. You will gain immense information from small and medium-sized firms at the core of the manufacturing industry.

7. Conquering Chaos: A show for Manufacturing Leaders

Conquering Chaos is a unique podcast dedicated to upcoming chaotic situations that occur in the manufacturing industry and provides essential tips on how to overcome them. The host, Josh Santo, will connect you with accurate manufacturing and tech leaders who are building the future of manufacturing today. During each episode, they will meet various guests to discuss different issues and actions they have taken to enhance their organization.

8. Future of Manufacturing

Another exciting podcast is the Future of Manufacturing podcast, which will help you navigate emerging trends in Construction and Industrial Products and understand how these trends may shape the industry's future. By listening to this podcast, you will analyze how this merging can impact your organization and gain valuable tips on staying ahead of the competition and raising your business.

The episodes feature the international network of Deloitte Industrial Products & Construction experts who work for high-level companies worldwide.

9. Cliff Notes Podcast: Lead manufacturing

Digital transformation and innovative automation technology offer new ways to enhance your business speed and profit. Cliff Notes is a podcast revealing this and other approaches. The host Tristan Bailey has conversations with various experts who talk about their best practices, speak about the latest updates in the manufacturing industry and discuss numerous issues. If you want to automate, lean-to-scale, and improve your department or a whole business, you should check out this podcast.

10. Manufacturing Talk Radio

Manufacturing Talk Radio, presented by Jacket Media Co., is a great podcast dedicated to all manufacturing industries. The host, Mr. Lewis A. Weiss – the Founder and the president of All Metals & Forge Group, and the co-host-Mr. Tim Grady provide deep insights into all spheres of manufacturing. You will meet guests who present broad and in-depth information necessary for all manufacturers during each show.

Final Thoughts

Podcasts are one of the easiest ways to get new and noteworthy information about the fast-developing manufacturing industry. Choose one or two of the podcasts mentioned above and enhance your knowledge and skills!

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