Best HR Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2024

A podcast is a perfect audio-based media format that provides listeners with a great chance to digest the latest information while on the go easily. Podcasts are available during your busy life, whether driving to work or on your evening walk. There is a wide variety of topics you can choose such as education, news, health, entertainment, etc. Human Resources is not an exception, and HR podcasts are a great source of information for both beginners and professionals. By choosing the right HR podcast and listening to it, you will learn from experienced specialists and professionals about the latest news on industry trends, expert advice, and even the best free HR software tools you can't skip out on to improve your skills and productivity on a regular basis. Some HR podcasts cover topics like hiring, technology, culture, leadership, skill testing for employment, the importance of workplace equality or recruitment and talent management, etc.. Especially after the challenges of COVID-19, HR professionals are kin to build a better working environment, and these helpful podcasts will help you a lot. It is a perfect opportunity to go deep into HR success and failure stories, listen to interviews with business experts and have common Q&As. These thought-provoking podcasts can be an excellent asset for your development and expand your view on the HR world. With all this in mind, Podcastle has created a list of the ten best HR podcasts to help you make your company a better place to work.

1. HR Happy Hour

One of the staples among the Human Resources community is the HR Happy Hour podcast, the longest-running HR podcast. Hosts Steve Boese, Co-founder of H3 HR, and Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR, discuss the most impactful and timely topics concerning the Human Resources world. They have discussions with an impressive lineup of guests to analyze all hidden parts of the HR world. So, HR Happy Hour covers it all.

2. WorkLife with Adam Grant

This HR podcast, hosted by organizational psychologist Adam Grant, is focused on finding meaning and motivation in work. Worklife is a TED original podcast featuring world-renowned guests, including Malcolm Gladwell and Lin-Manuel Miranda. For two weeks, this truly exclusive podcast was the #1 on the podcast charts. During each episode, Grant dives deep into common issues everyone faces during today's work life.

3. The HR Uprising Podcast

The HR Uprising Podcast will help you learn from professionals in your field. It will guide you with concrete steps to make your employees feel engaged and valued. The Host Lucinda Carney with her series "Real HR," delves into all aspects of HR and interviews HR professionals about their careers and passed journeys. During each episode, you will get valuable insights and uncover such topics as new ways of working, remote working, employee rights and obligations, and much more.

4. The Future of Work with Jacob Morgan

The Future of Work is another excellent HR podcast that is more future-focused. The host, Jacob Morgan, interviews experts and professionals to discuss the future of work and how it will impact companies. During weekly episodes, you will uncover such topics as the impact of AI on our careers, how technologies will influence the future of work and the importance of a growth mindset, etc.

5. Drive Through HR

Drive Through HR is one of the longest-running HR podcasts, and it is any professional in this field should drive through. The Hosts, Dwane, Robin, Crystal, and Michael, don't miss any topic concerning HR and have over 1,500 episodes. This podcast mainly focuses on HR technology, talent management, recruiting, leadership, strategic HR, and organizational culture. The hosts interview guests from different backgrounds, companies, and influencers within the HR space.

6. HR Party of One

HR Party of One is a podcast for HR professionals and BerniePortal’s YouTube series. It uncovers Human Resource issues facing small and medium-sized employers, improving employee satisfaction and retention rates while also discussing topics such as compliance, benefits, payroll, onboarding, offboarding, and more. The host, Sarah Brinton, brings up her expertise and experience to help you answer the most pressing HR questions. If you prefer a video format, the HR Party of One episodes are also available on YouTube.

7. HR Leaders

HR Leaders is another helpful podcast and LinkedIn live show with the host Chris Rainey. Chris interviews top industry executives and leaders of many major global brands. The podcast explores topics like: What does the future of work look like? Why is it changing? What are leading organizations doing about it? If you wonder what the future of the workplace will look like and how to stay at the forefront of the future changes, then HR Leaders will be a perfect resource for you.

8. Illuminate HR

This HR podcast aims to help HR leaders be more innovative and take more risks. The host of Illuminate, Nate Randall, interviews some big thinkers well-known in the world of HR. Listening to this cool podcast, you will have the chance to listen to HR leaders from Walmart, Tesla, Comcast, and more. The podcast is straightforward, and you will feel like you are listening to an intimate conversation between friends who are experts.

9. Resources for Humans

This HR podcast is focused on discussing people strategy, best practices, and trends for people management. You will listen to various management discussions on People Operations leaders and management experts from different industries. This podcast is produced by a performance management software company, Latticethat, which has a unique employee satisfaction and engagement approach.

10. People Managing People

People Managing People podcast focuses on leadership in the workplace. The episodes range from “How to Create An Org Built On Equity, Diversity & Inclusion” to “How Trust & Empathy can Build Strong Companies." The host, Tim Reitman, interviews industry leaders with a mission to guide managers and culture creators who are on are eager to improve their management skills.

Final Thoughts

The HR field is evolving rapidly as all other fields. HR professionals must improve their knowledge and skills and stay up-to-date with the latest updates. With the help of the HR podcasts listed above, you will be able to gain a range of tips and tricks and make your company a better place for your employees.


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