Benefits Of A Podcast For Your Business

Many people are hooked on listening to podcasts.

According to Statistica, the global community of podcast listeners was around 480 million in 2020, and it will reach approximately 800 million by 2025.

The reason is obvious: podcasts are fun, engaging, and entertaining ways of obtaining information. So, people prefer convenience over effort. This opens up a lot of opportunities for business.

Let’s dive deeper into the advantages that podcasting can bring to your business, improve its brand awareness, and build a stronger relationship with your clients.

Connection with your clients

Podcasts are a revolutionary way to build a community around the brand. Podcasts advertisements are a more authentic way to reach your audience. They feel like you are actually talking to them and friendly, suggesting your brand. Speech makes the audience engage more than written text ever can. With the increase of audience engagement, the speaker’s approachability and trustworthiness also increase. As a result, personal connection between a brand representative and client improves. Unlike reading, listening to podcasts is an activity that people do while driving or doing chores. Usually these activities are done alone, so this means your listener gives their full attention to your podcast.

Increased brand awareness

Nowadays, the digital presence of brands is at least equally important as their tangible products available in stores. Every modern brand knows that and aims to reach that digital popularity. So, competition is really intensive.

The audience shifts to digital platforms such as social media platforms, blogs, and Youtube channels. Thus, being present by different means of customer communication allows businesses to increase brand awareness and engage with new customers.

Podcasts are not an exception. The community of podcast listeners can present an entirely new audience and potential new customers for businesses.

Email marketing is in particular effective for building a community of active listeners so every time a new episode comes out, you can promote them to your email list. Use an email marketing tool such as Moosend that offers list building, design features, automation, personalization, and great analytics to engage your audience with your podcasts‌‌.

Easy to implement

Obviously, the podcast quality depends on the technology and equipment you use for creating and editing your shows. With the growth and development of a business and its podcast, creators should aim to improve the quality. However, starting a  podcast is fairly simple and budget-friendly.

You will need a microphone and podcast editing software, and of course, a computer and internet connection which you most probably already have. All of these are not very pricey.

You can get a podcasting microphone from Amazon for just $34. Then, edit and improve the quality of your recording with an easy online software, Podcastle, which provides all the podcast editing tools and features you need for free.

Convenient and easy to comprehend

Unlike reading articles or watching video content, listening to podcasts does not require any fixed physical place or uninterrupted attention. One can freely listen to podcasts while engaging in different routine activities, such as cleaning, driving, walking, working out, cooking, etc. In short, podcasts require almost no effort from the audience.

What is more, unlike written blogs, audio podcasts are not just informative. Podcasters discuss subjects in a friendly and communicative way. Thus, they engage with the audience and make content easy to grasp.

Overall, listening is effortless compared to reading. So, presenting your brand, service, or story on a podcast is better understood and more impressive than written texts and messages.

New sources of income

There are several ways that podcasts can bring financial income.

The most common and traditional way is advertising. Many individuals and businesses are willing to pay podcasters to get their products or services advertised during a show. With the growing size and popularity of a podcast, you’ll increase your earnings.

If your podcast becomes popular, other brands and individuals will pay to get interviewed during your show and increase their recognition among your audience.

Establishing authoritative presence

Podcasts can be used as platforms to discuss topics under the specific interest of your business niche. When you share credible information of your expertise, you increase your personal and business trustworthiness. As a result, you build a reputation and become a reliable figure for your audience to trust and follow.

Discovering new views and ideas

Podcasting opens new sources of views, opinions, and ideas that you can use to benefit your business. One way to get new ideas is through podcast interviews with other experts in your industry. Interviews can become discussions and brainstorming sessions that would benefit both sides.

Additionally, your interested audience would love to express themselves. You can consider organizing discussions after each show regarding your topic of a podcast. Your listeners may bring new, fresh views and valuable feedback.


Engaging different marketing strategies and tools in your business practices will open new opportunities for your brand. Podcasting is one of the ways you can promote and talk about your brand in a digitally advanced environment. They can potentially influence your sales, but they also help build a community that can become your valuable and long-term asset.

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