Audio Assistant Feature or How to Enhance Your Audio with Podcastle

Recording professional audio on your own can be challenging. Especially, if you’re a beginner and are only starting to explore the world of audio production. That’s why, here at Podcastle we created your own digital assistant who would help you figure out how to improve your recording and take it to the next level! We call it the Audio Assistant. This article is going to be all about our Audio Assistant feature and how you can use it to enhance your recordings and sound professional.

So let’s not waste any more of your time and get straight to it!

What is an Audio Assistant, and how to use it?

Audio Assistant is Podcastle’s feature that analyzes your recording and brings you suggestions on how to make it better. It pops up right after you record your audio on Podcastle, but you can also select it later by right clicking on the track and choosing Audio Assistant from the menu.

Here is the step by step guide on how to use the Audio Assistant:

1) Record or upload your audio

Before using the Audio Assistant feature, you should, of course, have an audio track. So create an account at Podcastle, click Create > Project, and hit Record Audio! You can also choose the Import Audio option and upload your existing audio track to Podcastle.

Empty Studio

2) Let us analyze your audio

Once you are done with the recording, our Audio Assistant feature will automatically start to analyze your audio. You will get the pop up sign of Checking audio on your screen.

Checking Audio

If you don’t get the pop up, don’t worry. You can always right click on your audio and choose the Audio Assistant feature from there. It is the second option in the menu.

Audio assistant in the menu (cut the project part from the screenshot)

3) Go through the general suggestions

After a couple of seconds of analyzing your audio, the Audio Assistant will give you suggestions on improving your audio. It will also show up at the bottom of your individual audio track. For instance, in this recording, we have four suggestions.


Our Audio Assistant checks your audio through two main criteria: its purity and vibrance. Let’s go through the definitions of these terms.

Purity: This measures how clean your audio is, factoring in background noise and abruptness.

Vibrance: This measures how engaging your audio is, factoring in long pauses and audio levels.

Audio Assistant Pop up

4) Fix your audio levels

Let’s now go through each of the suggestions one by one. One of the suggestions you might get is the application of auto-leveling. What is auto-leveling? In simple terms, the auto-leveling tool helps you to get all the different audio levels of your recording in the same standard dynamic range. In other words, your audio might have too loud or too soft parts, making it sound inconsistent. The auto-leveling feature will help you normalize your audios and make your recordings more listener-friendly and stable.

Audio Levels

5) Remove the background noise

After fixing the audio levels, it’s time to remove background noise from audio. If your recording has unnecessary noises that can make your audio unpleasant, Podcastle will detect them and suggest you to get rid of them with the Noise removal tool. Just like with the other suggestions, all you have to do to apply them is click Enhance.

Background Noise

6) Get rid of the long pauses

Pauses help the listeners consume the audio more easily, and usually make the recordings sound more natural. That is of course, unless they are too long. If you think there was too much awkward silence in your recording, don’t worry. Our Audio Assistant will find all the long pauses for you, and you can get rid of them using the silence removal tool.

Long Pauses

7) Make it less abrupt

Finally, the last suggestion you might get from our Audio Assistant, is that your audio signals start too abruptly. With a simple fade-in effect, you can make your audio start smoother and sound more enjoyable for your listeners. Again, if  you want to apply the effect, click Enhance.


8) Enjoy quality audio!

Congratulations, that’s pretty much it! Once you apply all the suggestions, you’ll get a note from the Audio Assistant telling that your audio sounds great! Now you can go on editing and enhancing it with the other Podcastle features.

Aounds Great Note

Final Thoughts

If you’re a beginner audio producer, it might be hard to figure out what’s wrong with your audio recordings at first. You might simply not notice the flaws in your audio. Or even if you do notice them, understanding how to fix them can still be very challenging. That’s why, here at Podcastle, we decided to simplify the process for you. With our digital Audio Assistant you can enhance and improve your audio in seconds with only a couple of clicks. We hope this blog post helps get the most out of our latest feature, and sound as professional as possible. Enjoy it, and let us know what you’ve thought about it in the comments section.

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