Best Podcasts For Wine Enthusiasts

Wine can be the lens through which people can experience the physical manifestation of the history of a place and the culture of the people that inhabit it. Why we grow grapes, how we grow them, how we make them better and better, what are the important parts of the grape, how it's grown, how things change in different climates etc. If you want to get answers to such kinds of questions and dive into great insights, then we've got you covered.

Here's our bucket list of wine where we rounded up the best podcast that every wine enthusiast should follow, striking a good balance between education and entertainment.  

1. Guild of Sommeliers Podcast

Guild of Sommeliers Podcast, published by the American Guild of Sommeliers, is a long-running podcast launched in 2011. With the host Geoff Kruth, the GuildSomm President and Master Sommelier, the show provides students and professionals insights on endless wine-related topics and supports the study of wine certification programs around the world. It offers in-depth talks with industry experts. Among the special guests, you'll find Fred Dame, the founder of the American branch of The Court of Master Sommeliers and the first American with the MS title; Jasper Morris, British Master of Wine, an expert on the wine of Burgundy and others. If you are a wine geek, tune in to this podcast and listen to in-depth discussions on winemaking, oxidation, distillation, blind tasting, and much more with some of the biggest names in the industry.

2. Wine for Normal People

Wine for Normal People wine podcast is hosted by "wine dork" Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider CSW and "wine-loving normal person" M.C. Ice. This wine podcast aims to make the advanced processes of wine easy digestible for non-experts by including an educational aspect and translating wine into terms that anyone can relate to. During the show, they talk about grape varieties, classic wine-growing regions, individual grapes, and other topics in the wine industry. Wine for Normal People also includes a series of interviews that are super approachable for all wine-lovers out there.

3. The SOMM TV Podcast

The SOMM TV Podcast is hosted by Jason Wise, director of the SOMM films. The podcast is about wine, food, and everything related to the world of wine. Jason covers everything from their films to wine, spirits, beer, food, tariffs, and celebrities. Tune in to get a unique insight into the world of somms, brought to you with a lot of humor. It will guarantee a good time while providing interesting and unique materials.

4. Wine Enthusiast

The Wine Enthusiast Podcast is a biweekly show with episodes featuring editors exploring aspects of their specific regions. Last season, this included Managing Editor Lauren Buzzeo discussing Chenin Blanc, and Napa and Sonoma Editor Virginie Boone on Russian River Pinot Noir. Topics include the world of beer and spirits, ranging from "Bargain Bordeaux" to "New Zealand beyond sauvignon blanc" and "Volcanic wines ."The Wine Enthusiast Podcast is a must-listen if you want to be updated with the latest trends in the world of wine. As they describe the podcast, "Inside every bottle is a story."

5. I'll Drink to That with Levi Dalton

I'll Drink to That with Levi Dalton wine podcast, launched in 2012, is one of the first podcasts devoted to wine. Mr. Dalton as a professional sommelier for some very high-end restaurants (worked in several top American restaurants), has the network giving him access to world-class producers. His guests are renowned producers from all corners of the world, such as Burgundy, which is one of France's main wine-producing areas. Among the guests, you'll find names like Aubert de Villaine, of prestigious Romanee-Conti; Christian Moueix, a French winemaker, proprietor of Château Trotanoy; Dominus Estate in California's Napa Valley and more. The host's natural curiosity inspires him to ask detailed winemaking questions through which episodes look like more personal stories about the lives of winemakers rather than a podcast about wine production.

6. Matthew's World of Wine and Drink

Matthew's World of Wine and Drink wine podcast is being hosted by DipWSET and Certified WSET Educator Matthew Gaughan. The host takes his listeners into the fantastic world of wine and spirits, diving deep and covering specific topics, wine-producing countries, regions, styles, grape varieties, and much more. This podcast is a perfect choice for students preparing for a wine exam like WSET 2 and 3.

7. Inside Winemaking

The Inside Winemaking wine podcast is hosted by California-based winemaker Jim Duane. This podcast, too, is a perfect choice for students in a wine certification program, even for winemakers. During interviews and discussions, they reveal a lot of winemaking details that wine students need to know for their various exams, such as how to determine the right time to pick the grapes. Inside Winemaking podcast provide access to the people in charge of creating world-class wines. Among the guests were a winemaker and winemaking instructor Frank Renaldi; Lance Vande Hoef, representing the grape machine harvest equipment for Pellenc in the US; food scientist Charlie Edwards; Ron Alvarado, one of the founders of Ficks Hard Seltzer and many others.

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