Top Market Research Podcasts

In our rapidly changing digital world, everyone needs to do market research to surpass the high competition. Market research determines the sustainability of a new product or a service through appropriate research carried out directly with potential customers. This research will allow a company to discover the target market and get feedback and opinions from consumers about their interest or disappointment in a particular product or service.

This type of research can be realized by the company itself, in-house, or by a third-party company specializing in market research. It can be done through product testing, surveys, and focus groups.

To understand in-depth how market research can help you and keep you updated on the recent tools and news, podcasts will come for help.

You can tune in to a preferred market research podcast, listen to specialists, and market analytics, keep updated with the latest strategies, and have more insights during a suitable time. There are plenty of market research podcasts, and Podcastle has selected the best ones to make it easy for you to choose one. Let’s check them.

1. Behind the Data

Behind the Data is a helpful podcast that will take you inside the world of enhanced market research. The host, Sara Abdi, interviews market experts who discuss the current and future trends in the industry and talk about their experiences, upcoming innovations, valuable tools, and research strategies.

2. Happy Market Research Podcast

The host Jamin Brazil, the CEO of Focus Vision and a market research veteran, will take you on an incredible journey with various industry experts. During each episode, who can listen to a long-time industry veteran rising research stars, and client-side researchers and get deep insight about everything concerning this field. Besides these, the Happy Market Research Podcast will tour you to research industry events and speakers from WiRE, MRMW, IIeX, NEXT, and other conferences. So, don’t miss your chance.

3. Conversations for Research Rockstars

Another helpful market research podcast is Conversations for Research Rockstars, which has a more educational format. The host Kathryn Korostoff passes conversations and lectures by different guests. The library of episodes of this podcast may act as a custom training program to enhance your skills and knowledge. During each episode, you will listen to experienced researchers with their walkthroughs and practical advice, who aim to help you advance your knowledge and skills and improve your career in the research industry.

4. Brainfluence

Brainfluence is a unique podcast that shares psychological effects, behavior research, neuroscience on business marketing, conviction, leadership, etc. Together with various guests, the host Roger discusses brain-oriented tactics to increase research-based neuromarketing and persuasion with concrete. Listening to this podcast, you will hear the thoughts of leaders and best-selling authors like Dan Pink, Johan Berger, Robert Cialdini, etc.

5. Damn Good Brands

If you want to listen to diverse marketers, technologists, brand executives, and key voices of innovation in the market ecosystem, you should undoubtedly check the Damn Good Brands podcast. Together with the host Nick Taylor, you will get cite-sized insights on topics like advertising, social media, influencer marketing, consumer buying behavior, etc. Also, it will take you deep into the creative processes of market research and show you the best practices of marketing superstars.

6. Insightrix

This is another excellent market research podcast during which you will listen to entertaining narratives and informative stories within the field of market research. The host Duncan McGregor interview international business leaders and researchers on B2B issues. During each episode, you will gain immense knowledge from social scientists, public policy makers, academic and business researchers, marketers, business leaders, and more.

7. The CX Cast

The CX Cast is research-based guidance on managing customer experience (CX) at every organization. The host Forrester, has been researching for around twenty years and discusses and analyzes recent topics in the news, chats with CX professionals who share their stories about overcoming challenges in managing CX, etc. So, if you want to understand your customers, check out this podcast.

8. Outside In

Outside In explores how the consumers can change and how the companies change with them. The host Charles Trevail, interviews journalists, authors, thinkers, and executives, exploring the philosophies and customer-centric strategies that work inside the companies. Also, Charles analyzes industry disruptions, consumer trends, and cultural forces that influence business from outside.

9. Data Gurus Podcast

The host Sima Vasa, the co-founder of Infinity Squared Ventures and Paradigm Sample, brings a real-life viewpoint on what’s going on in the research industry and how individuals and successful companies navigate through the sea of change. Data Gurus Podcast Encourages you to Be Bold, brave, and fearless. So, navigate the Data with these Data Gurus.

10. Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economics involves the study of the psychology of analysis of the decision-making behind an economic outcome, such as the consumer buying one product instead of another. The vital part of marketing is to understand how humans make decisions. Behavioral economics goes deep into decision-making, provides keen insight into buyer behavior, and aims to help shape the right marketing mix. This podcast is all about involving behavioral economics concepts in marketing applications.

Summing Up

Market research is a vital component in the research and development (R&D) of a new service or product. Each of the podcasts listed above will help you do the proper research, growing your podcasts and audience. Do you want to share your market research insights and share with your audience? You can start your podcast easily with the help of Podcastle. Podcatle is a new AI-Based Software for creating, editing, and growing your show. You will be able to start your unique podcast with its built-in handy tools and customer support.

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