Top 10 Cybersecurity Podcasts of 2022

If there’s one thing not taken seriously enough in our age (though there are definitely way more than one), then it’s cybersecurity. Many of us are undermining the importance of digital safety, thinking that it’s just the celebrities and politicians that are in danger. The bad news is that it’s far from true. As for the good news, luckily, cybersecurity is a popular topic in the podcast world, so there are plenty of ways to educate oneself before having to confront the consequences of your missteps in the cyber world. Here we’ve gathered a list of fascinating cybersecurity podcasts. If you’re trying to ensure your personal cybersecurity and want to find out how to remove malware on Mac or how to protect your eCommerce business from rampant threats, these 10 podcasts cover the topic both in historical and practical contexts

Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries is the perfect podcast if you enjoy quality investigative reporting. Starting from 2017 host Jack Rhysider covers the most fascinating cases of cybercrime, specifically hacking, data breaches, and shadow government activity. Lucky for everyone, Rhysider is great at keeping things informative enough without overwhelming the listener with unnecessary technicalities.

Malicious Life

There are people behind these stories and Malicious Life is the show that explores their stories. Podcast host Ran Levi takes it one step further by interviewing hackers, politicians and industry experts to get the most compelling insights. You’ll take a deep dive into the hacking culture of the 1970s and 80s, followed by the rise of viruses in the 1990s and current digital dangers. Levi talks about spam, the seemingly opportunistic crime that grew into a working business model, botnets, DDoS and the latest on-trend cyber-threat: ransomware. Millions of dollars disappearing, foreign hackers rigging elections, two teenagers disrupting a rocket launch - this weekly podcast will introduce you to the wildest pages of cybercrime history.

The CyberWire Daily Podcast

Hosted by creator, experimenter and entrepreneur Dave Bittner, ​​The CyberWire Daily Podcast will keep you updated on the cybersecurity news and analysis that you didn’t know you needed. This daily podcast series, however, does require some background knowledge, as most of the content is purely news-related. So if you end up educating  yourself on the topic far beyond the average internet user, then this show will become your go-to for learning relevant and timely updates on InfoSec.

Unsupervised Learning

We’re not sure if this will make the start of the week slightly better for you, but every Monday morning there is a new Unsupervised Learning episode coming out bringing you the most interesting stories from the dark side of the internet. This isn’t your typical cybersecurity news rundown. The show starts with a 10-30 minute summary on the topic, that host Daniel Miessler has thoroughly researched, and then he pairs it with compelling commentary on how those events may affect our future. This way you’re getting important insights not just on cyber security, but also the global affairs in all their social and technological contexts.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

While most people’s definition of cybersecurity is almost immediately associated with technology and the internet, The Social-Engineer Podcast emphasizes the role that human interaction plays in the digital world; afterall, the cyber world is quite human. These series are published on the 2nd and 3rd Mondays of each month, Human Element Series and Security Awareness Series consecutively. With industry leaders as podcast guests you’ll have a productive and fascinating dive into human behavior and the ways in which it’s getting hacked.

The Shared Security podcast

While this podcast’s name may sound a bit paradoxical, field experts Tom Eston, Scott Wright and Kevin Johnson are here to help you stay connected while having your privacy under protection. First aired in 2009, The Shared Security podcast was way ahead of its time foreseeing the relevancy of cybersecurity. New episodes come out weekly providing you with pressing news and every once in a while, these technology experts drop a thoroughly researched episode with more in-depth discussions — well worth the wait.

Smashing security

On Smashing security all that industry veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault are trying to do is help you keep your security intact. If you’re looking for a relatively light-hearted take on this quite bothersome topic, then this show is as fun as it gets. Describing itself as helpful and hilarious, Smashing Security brings real life examples such as LinkedIn  security threats or Office Depot using scams to trick customers into buying tools they didn’t need. Abusive corporate apps, adult website censorship, motel owners hijacking customer devices — these people know what they’re talking about. And they’re having guests over to make it even more entertaining.

Security Now!

One of the longest-running among fellow cybersecurity podcasts, Security Now! is just as relevant and informative as it was in 2005. The show focuses on personal security issues and consumer-level software which makes it perfect for those listeners that want to not feel as vulnerable on the internet. Hosted by Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, this podcast rarely leaves your questions unanswered — each episode comes with Steve's notes and a transcript in three different formats. Moreover, every two weeks they read questions from listeners. The only question left is why aren’t you already listening to Security Now!


Guess the podcast topic for this one. Hacking. Hackers. Disinformation campaigns. CYBER, VICE’s very own podcast, is Motherboard’s reporting condensed and made easy for you. Every week host Ben Makuch discusses the latest infosec updates with  Motherboard reporters Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai and Joseph Cox. If you’re a tech geek this one has to make it to your list of favorite podcasts.

Down the Security Rabbithole

Last but not least, Down the Security Rabbithole looks at things from a business perspective. No-nonsense useful commentary is where it’s at. This cybersecurity podcast stands out by providing insights that will help you assess risks and possible threats both as an individual and as someone leading an organization. Episode 481 - Spies In Your Tech is a good episode to listen to. In this one guest Bentsi ben-Atar shares stories and even anecdotes about the bad guys in the cyber world, and he’s met quite a few. ‌‌Now we didn’t mean to make you paranoid with this list of top cybersecurity podcasts. Occasionally looking at your media activity in the context of personal privacy is hopefully the takeaway. The information that we share with the world has become a joint resource. The only way to make the web safe and if possible prevent threats to technological integrity is by educating the public and that’s exactly what these podcast shows are doing. Stay safe and enjoy! :)

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