The Best Video Interview Platforms for 2022

The golden age of radio has evolved, and now we live in a time of podcasting. Podcasting is widely spreading all over the world, especially after the Pandemic, and we can easily get a vast range of content anytime and anywhere suitable for us. With this modern and innovative medium, one can have a video interview with guests remotely, saving time and costs. Fortunately, there are multiple handy video interview platforms with helpful in-built features that will allow recording a video interview in high quality. With incredible versatility and a range of options, choosing the best podcast recording platform may seem like a daunting task. Here at Podcastle, we have put together some of the best video interview platforms that will fit every type of show.

1. Podcastle

It has never been so easy to record a video interview. Podcastle is modern, AI-based software which includes multiple helpful features, and one of the greatest ones is its video interview recording. Podcastle’s web-based and iOS apps include interview recording options that allow you to arrange your interviews from anywhere, anytime convenient for you. This excellent video interview platform allows setting a group interview with up to 10 participants, recorded with separate tracks, with high-quality audio for each one. Podcastle also provides editing solutions, so you can easily edit your recording in one place, remove the background noise with the help of the Magic Dust tool, and more. You can slow down or speed up your recording, share the live project link, or download it on your device. The user-friendly interface of this incredible platform will make your video interviews simple and exciting. Check out our blog for more detailed instructions.

2. Iris

Iris is another great video interview platform that will allow you to record interviews in high definition. With Iris, you can record your videos up to 4K, with a conference in 720p. Iris is mainly dedicated to remote interviews with your guests from all over the world. Iris works with all browsers such as Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Edge, and any device, making it comfortable to use for your guests without installing any additional software. You can have a one-hour free trial to test it. Iris also provides files in the format you prefer and has helpful and fast technical support.

3. SquadCast

Listing the top video interview platforms, it is worth mentioning SquadCast. This platform connects podcast hots, guests, and co-hosts and provides studio-quality videos with up to 3 guests from everywhere. With this remote video recording platform, you can easily record your podcast in an editable format with separate participant tracks. By choosing SquadCast, you will feel secure with your podcast audio and video, creating a high-quality show with less effort.

4. Riverside

Riverside is a new podcast recording software that provides perfect video interview options. This software was widely used during the Pandemic as it allows live stream interviews on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Riverside will help you record amazing video interviews with up to 8 guests and upload them while recording, add media, set your video and audio settings, customize your records, and export. You can also upload your frame and logo to look professional. Riverside allows recording a separate track for each participant with locally uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio and 4K videos for each guest and live streams with your community.

5. Ringr

Ringr is another excellent video interview platform that allows recording a conversation with your guests anywhere. Ringr has both Android and iOS apps that will help your guest join the interview from their phone, and it works well with Firefox and Chrome.

You just need to send an email invitation and schedule a suitable call time. Then you have to connect with all participants using the Ringr desktop browser or mobile app. Each device helps you record high-quality audio, and you can upload your video to the Ringr cloud. It has a green room chat where you can talk before the interview and discuss your actions. With its new conference calling feature, you can have studio-quality split-track downloads.

6. Cleanfeed

As another great option for a video interview platform, you can consider Cleanfeed. This podcast recording software will help you record video interviews with anyone worldwide. This is one of the most technically advanced platforms where you can connect with a link and connect from any device, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Many prominent podcasters choose Cleanfeed for its crystal-clear audio and built-in recording that is without any external mixers. With Cleanfeed, you can connect with several participants and have a separate track for each of them. Its free plan allows unlimited connections, so it's worth trying.

7. Zencaster

Zencaster is one more popular podcast recording platform that provides

HD video recording with the brand-new video beta option will help you record 1080p HD video with up to 4 guests. You can try its free version for seven days. Zencaster includes a cloud-based Soundboard for your live recording where you can add intros, audio clips, or any other audio. It also has an automatic postproduction feature where you can try mixing your tracks into one video or audio. Additionally, Zencaster provides a local video and audio backup service and cloud file storage in Google Drive or Dropbox, where your records will be secured and safe. Zencaster is simple in use and works with all browsers. Just send a link to your guests, and they'll receive a separate track and quickly jump in.

Final Thoughts

After deep research work, we have picked up some of the best video interview platforms to help make your interviews easy and professional, no matter how far your guests are.

Choose one that fits you best and arrange an unforgettable interview for your audience.

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