26 of the Best Story Podcasts

If you're looking for a new way to engage yourself, story podcasts may be an excellent treat for you. Whether you're looking for a new podcast to listen to or want some recommendations, Podcastle has prepared a list of some of the best story podcasts for you. Featuring serialized stories, these shows will keep you hooked from episode to episode. Thus, without further ado, chapter one...

1) Limetown (Thriller)

Limetown is a thriller that unfolds as a journalist investigates the mysterious disappearance of over 300 people from a neuroscience research community. The podcast employs a documentary-style format, building suspense as it reveals the secrets behind the enigmatic Limetown.

2) The Bright Sessions (Science Fiction)

The Bright Sessions is one of the best story podcasts for science fiction fans. The podcast follows the lives of people with supernatural abilities who are being treated by a  therapist. If you're looking for something a little uncanny, this is it.

3) The Magnus Archives (Horror)

The Magnus Archives is a horror story that follows the narrative of archivist Jonathan Sims as he investigates supernatural cases. If you're a horror fan, this show has been definitely waiting for you.

4) UnFictional (Biographical)

This is an original podcast from KCRW that turns history into fiction. It mixes narration with on-the-ground recordings to create immersive stories based on real events or people. Each episode has a journalistic tone but also adds creative elements to make it more engaging.

5) The Sandman (Fantasy)

This is a podcast that brings to life the acclaimed comic book series by Neil Gaiman. It tells the story of Dream, one of the seven Endless who rule over different aspects of existence, and his interactions with various characters from mythology, literature, and history.

6) The Adventure Zone (Science Fiction)

The Adventure Zone is a fiction story podcast about three brothers who go on wacky adventures. Join the McElroys in a fascinating journey through the worlds of magic and mystery.

7) The Moth (Biographical)

If you're looking for something a little lighter, The Moth may be a nice option. The project was launched in 1997, and  since then, it has become a stage for authors and everyone who has a story to tell. The podcast has been on air since 2008, featuring the stories told from the Moth's stages all around the country. Today, the show hosts people from all walks of life telling their personal stories. Whether funny, heartwarming, or tragic, these stories will definitely stay with you. If you're looking for a more light-hearted story podcast, don't hesitate to check this one.

8) We're Alive (Horror)

We're Alive is a gripping zombie apocalypse audio drama that follows a group of survivors as they navigate a world overrun by the undead. The series combines intense action, character development, and suspenseful storytelling to create a compelling narrative in a post-apocalyptic setting.

9) We Fix Space Junk (Science Fiction)

A female-led sci-fi comedy, We Fix Space Junk follows the story of a team of space junk collectors. The events take place in a far future, a dystopian world featuring characters involved in suspicious affairs on the fringes of the law. The show follows the steps of Harry Harrison, an American science fiction author most famous for The Stainless Steel Rat character. Moreover, the show is clearly inspired by Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

10) Wolfe Brothers Saga (Romance)

The Wolfe Brothers Saga follows the story of two brothers who are desperately in love with the same woman. Despite the hardships that include abuse of power, revenge, psychological instabilities, and more, there is a light of hope at the end of the tunnel. Tune in to unveil the family's darkest secrets.

11) Short Stories (Biographical)

This daily podcast features short stories read aloud by professional actors. The stories are all mystery and suspense themed and are public domain stories. The episodes are usually between 15 and 50 minutes long and have different themes each week.

12) Darkest Night (Horror)

This is a horror podcast that follows the lives of four friends who move into an old mansion in rural England. They soon discover that the house has a dark secret: it was once the site of horrific experiments conducted by Nazi doctors during World War II.

13) The Reservoir Tapes (Thriller)

This is a podcast that dramatizes the transcripts of interviews conducted by journalist Mark Bowden with former members of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Rampart Division. The interviews reveal how corruption and misconduct plagued the LAPD in the 1990s and early 2000s.

14) The Thrilling Adventure Hour (Comedy)

This is a comedy podcast hosted by actors Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas. They play fictional characters who get involved in various adventures across time and space. The episodes are full of jokes, references to pop culture, and musical numbers.

15) Never Told (Biographical)

This is an original podcast from Brock Media that features stories and personal essays narrated by their authors themselves. Each episode delivers its narratives with delicious narration and decent production, and also concludes with an engaging interview where the author clarifies the process behind their story.

16) The Black Tapes (Science Fiction)

The Black Tapes is a fictional docudrama that follows journalist Alex Reagan as she investigates the mysterious and paranormal cases presented by the enigmatic Dr. Richard Strand. The podcast weaves a suspenseful narrative filled with supernatural elements and dark secrets.

17) The Lovecraft Investigations (Horror)

This is a podcast that adapts the comic horror novels by H.P. Lovecraft into audio dramas. It follows the adventures of a detective and his assistant as they solve mysteries involving ancient gods, cults, and cosmic horrors.

18) Alba Salix, Royal Physician (Fantasy)

This is a podcast that features comedy and magic in a fantasy setting. It follows Alba Salix, a witch who works as a royal physician at the House of Healing in Farloria. She has to deal with her eccentric helpers, her royal patients, and various magical mishaps.

19) The Amelia Project (Thriller)

This is a podcast that explores the dark side of human nature through the lens of death faking. It follows Amelia Watson, an agent who works for a secret agency that offers people the option to fake their death and start a new life under a new identity.

20) 36 Questions (Romance)

This is a podcast that combines romance and musicals in an original story. It follows Ben and Kate, a married couple who are trying to save their relationship after Kate reveals that she lied about her identity. They have to answer 36 questions from each other to rekindle their love.

21) Welcome to Night Vale (Science Fiction)

Welcome to Night Vale is a surreal and darkly comedic podcast that mimics a community radio show from the fictional town of Night Vale. The series explores mysterious occurrences, bizarre happenings, and the everyday lives of its peculiar residents, blending horror, science fiction, and humor.

22) The Bright Sessions (Science Fiction)

The Bright Sessions follows the therapy sessions of Dr. Joan Bright as she counsels individuals with supernatural abilities. The podcast explores the lives of these "atypicals," offering a unique and engaging narrative that combines elements of science fiction, drama, and psychological exploration.

23) Wooden Overcoats (Comedy)

Wooden Overcoats is a comedic fiction podcast set on the fictional island of Piffling Vale, known for its two rival funeral homes. The series explores the comedic and often absurd rivalries between the funeral directors, delivering laughs with its quirky characters and witty storytelling.

24) Alice Isn't Dead (Horror)

Alice Isn't Dead tells the story of a truck driver searching for her missing wife, Alice. As she travels across the United States, encountering strange and otherworldly occurrences, the podcast weaves a mysterious and atmospheric tale that blurs the lines between horror and road trip drama.

25) Girl in Space (Science Fiction)

Girl in Space follows the solitary life of Dr. Robin Archer, a scientist aboard a remote space station. As she conducts experiments and communicates with her quirky AI companion, the podcast combines elements of science fiction, mystery, and humor to create a captivating narrative set in the vastness of space.

26) The Leviathan Chronicles (Science Fiction)

The Leviathan Chronicles is an epic science fiction audio drama that unfolds in a world where immortals secretly govern the fate of humanity. The story follows a young woman who discovers her connection to this hidden world and becomes embroiled in a complex web of conspiracies, alliances, and ancient rivalries.

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