The Best Podcast Conferences to Attend in 2022

It is not a secret that podcasting is rising every day, and it has become one of the most favored mediums in the world. There are thousands of podcasts with various genres and themes. You should be well informed to keep up with the latest news and stand out from the high competition. The best source of information is the podcast conferences that collect podcasters from all over the world. Podcast conferences are one of the best ways to connect with podcasting communities and level up your podcasting. Attending these events, you will have the opportunity of networking, interactive sessions, and meeting with experienced podcasters worldwide. If you want to talk to other podcasters, discuss different details, expand your knowledge, podcast conferences are a perfect solution.

What are the benefits of podcast conferences?

1. Breaking Down the Barriers

Many podcasters, especially newbies, don’t know how to execute it right, what equipment to use, what questions to ask, how to plan out an episode, etc. This list of questions could be endless, and it is an excellent opportunity to contact others who are already doing it.

2. Building a Community

The podcast conferences develop a community of people who are enthusiastic about the same things. The podcast communities collect a broad diversity of people, genres, topics in one. They are connecting to those communities who will listen to their experiences, different passions, different world views, and different ideas from other people who are not like you.

3. Allowing Collaboration

One of the most significant benefits of podcast conferences is the collaboration with other podcasters.

It could be a simple conversation that becomes a business or an offer to a guest that could boost your listenership. Collaboration with people in real life is better than just sending a cold email to a stranger.

So, having all these in mind, let’s check the best podcast conferences you shouldn’t miss this year.


1. Podcast Movement (Dallas, Texas)

August 23-26, 2022 | Dallas, Texas |$258 - $559

One of the largest podcast conferences of this year, the Podcast Movement, will occur in Dallas, Texas. This event is an incredible place to develop as a podcaster, whether you are a newbie or a professional. Attending this podcast conference, you will get inspired by contacting fellow podcasters, learn practical tips and tricks to grow and enhance your show, learn about the cutting-edge technologies with podcasting vendors worldwide, and more.

2. The Podcast Show

May 25-26 | London, England |€55

The Podcast Show is Europe's biggest podcast conference. This two-day event includes 100 sessions, 350 speakers, and live presentations from global speakers. Attending this event, you will have the possibility to experience pop-up stages, networking bars, the appearance of special guests, feedback from thought leaders, masterclasses from experts, and more.

3. Podfest Expo 2022

May 26-29 | Orlando, Florida | $247-$745

Podfest Expo invites industry professionals and podcasters who are passionate to share their message through audio and video. The participants can create & launch their draft show, learn the latest updates for innovations and technologies, marketing and monetization, audience growth, YouTube advantages, and much more. This is the first in-person Podfest Expo after the pandemic.

4. Independent Podcast Conference

September 8-10, 2022 | Swedesboro, New Jersey |  $199

The Independent Podcast Conference started as a Facebook group intended for indie podcasters living in the aid-Atlantic states. They organized this podcast conference to bring podcasters to meet-ups and hangouts. Once the idea collected tremendous interest, Joe Pardo realized this idea and decided to make it happen. Today it is a strong community where you can start your ventures and build new friendships.

5. VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference

March 31, 2022, | Atlanta, Georgia / virtual | Starts $149

This conference is especially for producers, voice actors, agents, and directors. This four-day event will allow you lots of socializing opportunities, learning, and networking. There are open and scheduled activities. 2022 will be the last voiceover event, so don't miss your chance.

6. Podcast Movement: Evolutions

March 23| Los Angeles, CA | Starts $149

This is a three-in-one event, each heavily focused on the latest evolutions and innovations in technology and industry. Each event is intended for a different stage of podcasting: podcaster, professional creator, or industry professional. These events are held with their parties, keynote speakers, and network elements. So, you can attend an event that matches you best.

7. Bik Pod Festival

May 28-29 | Atlanta, GA | Price TBA

Blk Pod Festival is a two-day podcast conference for storytellers, influencers, and creative entrepreneurs. This is the first-ever in-person event, including 80 sessions and 120 speakers. Their goal is to provide relationship-building opportunities, education, and experiences. You can choose from the conference's four categories: service provider, launch, growth, and monetization.

8. Radiodays Europe 2022

May 15-17, 2022 | Malmö, Sweden / virtual| Cost TBA

Radiodays Europe is already ten years old. First, it began as a medium for audio professionals to discuss different challenges while producing content that crosses various borders. Now it's one of the most in-demand conferences that attracts professionals from private and public radio, podcasters of all types, and audio professionals from a wide variety of industries. During this three-day event, the participants from 62 countries will attend networking events, panels, and workshops.


Currently, the events and plans are uncertain, but we hope you will be able to participate in your preferred podcast conference and connect with the large podcasting community. These conferences are a perfect place to learn, teach, and get inspired, whether you are a starter or a seasoned podcaster. So, don't miss your chance.

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