Inspiring Podcasts for Writers to Listen to in 2022

The versatility, accessibility, and ability of the podcasts to entertain, teach and motivate are hard to beat. While gaining worldwide popularity in the last decade, podcasts have conquered almost every aspect of our life. And there's no shortage of podcasts for writers who want to overcome writer's block, improve their craft, or make a dull ride more enjoyable. There's an infinite universe of audio storytellers ready to fill your ears with the written word. So, for established or amateur writers, there's a lot to be gained from the virtual book clubs and writer communities behind the podcasts for writers that we've listed below. No matter if you want to get guidance on the writing process, become proficient in the fundamentals of great literature or the publishing industry, or search for muses for your inspiration, we've got your back. This is where podcasts can become a valuable resource to support your creative practice. So, sit back and enjoy one of these inspiring podcasts for writers.

1. It's Lit [Unabridged]

Being the podcast spin-off of the popular PBS YouTube series by the same name, It's Lit features lively conversations with noted writers about their work, discussions about influential novels, and issues related to books and literature. Covering a wide range of genres, the podcast delivers refreshingly new takes and significantly more relatable perspectives on literary discourse.

2. The Writer Files: Writing, Productivity, Creativity, and Neuroscience

With a new episode each week, the podcast explores the secrets of productivity and creativity of renowned writers and how the great minds keep the ink flowing, the cursor moving, and avoid writer's block.

3. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Founded by Mignon Fogarty, the podcast provides short, friendly tips on grammar, punctuation, style, and business to improve your writing and help you become a better and more successful writer. Grammar Girl covers grammar rules and word choice guidelines that can be confusing to even the best writers and uses memory tricks to make complex grammar questions simple and help you remember and apply those complicated grammar rules.

4. DIY MFA Radio

The podcast, hosted by instigator Gabriela Pereira, offers a set of tools for writers who want to diversify and improve their skills. Based on the traditional MFA speaker series, in which writers and industry experts talk to students about writing, the show is available to anybody with an internet connection. DIY MFA Radio explores everything from the obvious to the practical and the unusual.

5. Writing Excuses

The fast-paced, educational show is a fifteen-minute podcast that focuses on the craft behind creative writing. Hosted by authors Dan Wells, Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, and author and web cartoonist Howard Tayler, the podcast discusses different topics involved in the creation and production of genre writing and webcomics.

6. Writers, Ink

Hosted by three bestselling authors, Writers, Ink is a show about the business of writing. Each episode interviews a working writer to explore an aspect of being a professional in today's industry. The podcast is ideal for those who are seeking to establish a career in writing but who don't have the luxury of unlimited time to make it happen.

7. Between the Covers

Hosted by David Naimon, the podcast features interviews with today's top writers in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. These long-form, in-depth conversations have been singled out by the Guardian, Book Riot, and the Financial Times as one of the most notable book podcasts for writers and readers around.

8. The Creative Writer's Toolbelt

Hosted by Andy Chamberlain, the author of the science-fiction book The Centauri Survivors, this short 30- to 45-minute podcast provides lessons on how to improve your writing. Other episodes include a variety of notable authors who work in a number of areas, including television and comic books. The podcast, which features writers, journalists, playwrights, poets, and others, gives a unique perspective on how to approach a specific craft.

9. Writer's Routine

This arts and culture podcast for writers explores the daily diary of a writer to peak at the secrets of their success and find out how they plan their day and maximize their creativity. The podcast got a Silver award in 'Best Culture' at the 2018 British Podcast Awards, featured in magazines, and has thousands of listeners a month from across the world.

10. Helping Writers Become Authors

This podcast focuses on how to turn an aspiring writer into a published author. It helps writers in coming up with ideas, developing strong characters, planning and structuring novels, and refining their work. The podcast will teach how to create and edit a book into a story that readers will like.

So, to become a notable author, you can easily find a podcast, which will teach you new techniques in writing and unique marketing skills, help you get tips from the pros, and build a writing community. Prepare your headphones since these podcasts will be your best friends.

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