How To Use YouTube To Promote Your Podcast

Starting video podcasting may seem a hard job, and it may seem even more challenging to promote your video podcasting on YouTube. In fact, there are a handful of things you can focus on to get real results through YouTube promotion.

To use YouTube in the right way to promote your Podcast, you need to do the following things:

1. Channel set up

Make sure your channel is completely set up. Have a profile picture, either your photo or a logo, and a banner image added. Also, fill in the basic info and take advantage of your channel's description section on YouTube, where you can add links to your Podcast's website, episode show notes, social media page links, etc.

2. Market Research

Make sure that the market you enter matches your needs. Market research will allow you to be strategic with the content you're creating.

To have an idea of what the market looks like for the type of content you make is simply go over YouTube and look for content like yours, check the channels with similar content and see the results that those channels are getting. Another great way to start is just over on Google, Reddit, and Facebook. This will give you insight into what's available around the type of content that you make. If you find a lot of Facebook groups, subreddits, YouTube videos about the same topic, and if they all have a lot of people engaging with them, then most probably you have a pretty good chance to grow your podcasting video channel rapidly.

So, market research will allow you to know that there is demand and know that people actually want the content you're going to create and save you a ton of wasted time making stuff that no one actually is interested in. Moreover, research will help you to connect and engage with your viewers on a deeper level.  

3. Target audience

Defining your target audience is key in YouTube promotion. Having a general idea of who you're trying to reach with your content, helps you come up with better podcast topic ideas, have relevant guests and discussions that will attract your target audience. Also, have attention-grabbing thumbnails for your Podcast's youtube video content because you can use imagery that those people are more likely to be interested in and engage with. Plus, it will help you write better titles because you will be more in line with what those people actually like, are interested in, and the things that would be more likely to make them click on your videos. And if you plan to have a video podcasting, it will help you make better videos considering the design of your set, the music you use, and the background. All these will cause people to subscribe to your video podcasting on Youtube faster and come back to your channel.

4. Topic Research

Topic research is essential, which you need to do before making the video. This will help you with a couple of things. When you're researching your video topics, you have to define what your video is about before you actually make the video. Another thing that podcast video topic research is going to help with is looking at the competition and seeing what others are doing that you're going to be competing against for that same topic so that you can make a better title, better thumbnail, and a competitive video.

5. Knowing YouTube features

One of the main things you need to succeed in YouTube promotion is knowing all the features you have at your disposal. Understanding how the platform actually works, what your YouTube analytics are, how to read and interpret your YouTube analytics is essential in your YouTube channel's success. Here are the main metrics you need to check daily:

  • audience retention reports, that will show how people are responding to your videos which will help to make better content.
  • click-through rate and impressions that you're getting on your videos.
  • traffic sources in your YouTube analytics, to know where your traffic is coming from.
  • pay close attention to the topics that perform better. For example, if you make video podcasting on a particular topic, do you get more views than other topics? If the answer is yes, you get more views when your topic is around a particular thing, and that's the stuff that people are responding to more, then be sure it's the direction you need to lean on to get more views.
  • video links, to see which ones perform better on your channel.

6. Engagement and interacting with the target audience

Deeply integrating with the communities around the type of content that you make will give you a deeper understanding of the audience that you want to reach with your content. This can help you accelerate things as you'll get more insights into the people who are consuming your content.

7. Consistency

Figure out how to be consistent. You need to think about how to work the process of creating and uploading videos, let's say 1 video per week, and if it's possible with the type of content that you make if you are able to make more than one video at a time. Think of several video ideas during your daily routine and take notes. If possible, record more than one video at once. In any case, make sure you keep consistency, as it's very important.

One of the most, if not the main, effective ways to grow your video podcast is YouTube promotion. YouTube is a perfect place to find your audience among its billions of users. It also allows podcasters to promote their content in many different ways, making it easier to attract and engage more viewers, followers and turn them into subscribers.

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