How to Make a Viral Video? Lessons We Have Learned From TikTok and Reels

Social media is partaking in an impressive video content outbreak. The predominant platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, are swamped with videos viewed by millions of users globally.

With staggering views on Instagram reels and TikTok videos, video marketing strategies have become the bread and butter for successful brands.

However, these videos are known for being short and straight to the point. In turn, delivering worthwhile and interesting content in a short amount of time can be challenging. So, how does something so short become popular online?

There are several promising tactics to follow that could improve your chances of becoming a TikTok or Instagram Reels big hit. Read on to learn more details about how to make a viral video.

Step 1: Understanding Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience and how they think is key. Knowing what will ring true with them and motivating them to share your video can help boost your viewership.

You want your viewers to perceive your video material as though it was made specifically for them. This can only be done once you've determined who your target market is.

You can gather this information by

- Using Google Analytics
- Creating a reader persona
- Examining social media analytics
- Viewing Facebook Insights
- Engaging with social media audiences

Once you have this information, use it to produce viral videos. With time, these demographics may also assist you in determining goals you need to set for your viral video.

Are you making videos to persuade your viewers to buy your items? Is your page solely based on informing and educating? Or are you running an entertaining channel to keep your audience amused?

All these questions can only be answered after determining who you are trying to reach.

Step 2: Developing a Compelling Concept

Coming up with an indulging video idea may seem challenging but that’s only half the work. Creating and writing a top-notch, compelling video script is fundamental if you want your material to go viral.

Your reach and engagement rates will suffer without a strong video to attach your audience to your content. Captivating video edits and strong language is what will drive your video attention, increase traffic, and improve interaction.

Another key component to get the ball rolling is brainstorming. Brainstorming, just like any other project, is a huge part of video creation. You do not want to settle and start with the first idea that comes to mind. Brainstorming can help you branch out to find different topics in one video.

Once you have determined the topics that you would like to touch upon throughout your video, it is time to select your format. This can dictate the overall tone of your video. How you would like to carry on your video can have a huge say in how well your video does.

Here are some pointers for a successful video:

  • - Grasp the audience's attention with a catchy opening. To increase the number of views on your video, include an interesting fact or a memorable phrase.
  • - Use effective video editing tools such as Podcastle to have your videos surpass expectations. Irresistible video edits are what will set your bar high.
  • - Additions attract viewers. Don’t let videos stand dry. Add on images, archival threads and even emojis to boost your video to the next level.
  • - Keep it short and straight to the point. More often than not, most viewers want to go through multiple videos without having to stop and read. This also includes your caption or description at the bottom. Make sure you get straight to the point without stalling, or you will lose their attention.

Creating High-Quality Content Consistently

Success on social media doesn't happen with just one post. Building a following and constructing prevalent material takes time, sometimes longer than usual. When it comes to boosting your audience and making effective videos, consistency is crucial. With consistent video delivery, you have the option to try out various styles and content formats and don’t be scared to repeat content for various trends.

This not only enables you to determine the kind of content that appeals to your audience, but additionally each video you upload receives views, which gives social media networks additional information about you and your content.

If your initial video only receives a few views, don't give up. Going viral does not always happen on your first try. Establish a following, learn what your audience enjoys, and keep sharing.

Optimizing for Viral Sharing

It takes time to make effective video content. However, after you press the "publish" button, your work is not done. Once you start receiving views and comments, you should pay close attention to how your audience engages with your content and possibly get in touch with them.

On the other hand, if your material did not generate the views and engagement you had in mind, use it as a lesson and examine the audience's responses to figure out what went wrong and what you can do differently in the future.

Another great technique to determine the interests of audiences and provide content that reflects those interests is to respond to their comments. Additionally, live streaming options might help you establish genuine connections with your fans. A wonderful opportunity to increase audience engagement, content visibility, and brand credibility is also presented.

Promoting Your Video

When it comes to video success, your aim should not just be posting it. The first step in beginning to reach the audience that your targeted viral video is meant to reach is developing your own promotional campaign. Consider your marketing and promotion strategies for the site or platforms where the video was first posted.

Another key feature that has helped boost social media engagement throughout several platforms is hashtags. The hashtag trend started way back when Twitter was a massive success. It branched its way into Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Hashtags make it easy for viewers to find you easily and watch the content that relates most to their interests.

Sharing your published video on other sites is one approach to achieving this. This can be as easy as posting a link to your video on Facebook or Twitter, for instance. or adding a link to a video that you shared on YouTube, Twitter, or TikTok to an Instagram Story.

You can also opt for paid promotions as a start to reach a wider range of audiences that fit your model viewer. This is ideal if you are creating niche content that only speaks to a certain group.


Nowadays, everyone wants their social media content to go viral since it may significantly expand their audience, build their brand, and boost sales. However, it's far simpler stated than done.

When looking for ways on how to make a video go viral there are a few key components to always keep in mind. Follow the most recent trends as you create your reels and TikTok videos, use social listening to assess conversations, and aggressively promote the content. Above all, make sure you produce content that people will want to view and interact with.

The methods we discussed above are not a panacea or a guarantee. Even if you put things into practice, you might still fail. Instead, these are merely the building blocks you can utilize to produce your videos with the potential to become viral. However, you must continuously explore, design, measure, and improve your strategy.

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