How to convert MP3 to text in 2022

How often have you wished you had the text version of your audio file? Maybe you'd prefer to skim over a couple of pages than listen to a 1-hour lecture. Or maybe you need to convert MP3 to text for your podcast to stuff your website with the necessary keywords. No matter what it is, sometimes we just wish there was a speech recognition engine that would automatically transcribe mp3 to text.

Well, guess what? That software exists! So if you're wondering how to convert MP3 to text without much effort, you're in the right place. We'll tell you how to use Podcastle to convert MP3 to text, but first, let's discuss some of the differences between automatic transcription and a manual one, defining which one is a better solution.

Automatic Transcription vs Manual Transcription

Automatic audio transcription

This is when you use automatic transcription software that transcribes your MP3s automatically using speech recognition technology. Why should you choose to auto transcribe your file? Well, one of the main reasons is that it saves lots of time and effort. You don't need to spend hours in front of your laptop struggling with manual transcription. The AI will do it for you and give you the transcript within minutes. All you have to do next is make a few edits and export your file.

Also, the automatic transcriber is a more affordable solution most of the time. Many mp3 to text converters are free, while if you hire a manual transcriber, you have to pay pretty high prices for the meticulous work.You might pay up to 3$ per audio minute, and, for long audio files, chances are really low that you'll get the transcript the same day. So, for instance, 1-hour long audio will cost approximately $180, while you could have had it absolutely for free using an online MP3 to text converter.

So why do people still choose to go with a manual transcription? Well, in some cases, that's the only solution. Let's see why:

Manual transcription

Manual transcription is when you manually transcribe mp3 to text or hire a specialist to do it. During the manual transcription process, you try to convert the spoken words into the most legible and understandable text format.

Manual transcription is the best and sometimes the only solution for oral historians, for instance, who want to keep all the details of the interviewee's speech. For them, all the gasps, laughs, and pauses are significant factors of the speech, and most of the mp3 to text converters will have a hard time identifying them.

So in cases when you need an accurate account of the speech, with all the details included, manual transcription can be a good alternative. However, even in these cases, you can start with the automatic transcription and add all the details later to save your time.

That's why in this article, we'll focus on the automatic solution, helping you get MP3 transcripts using an AI-powered speech-to-text service. So here's how to convert MP3 to Text with our online editor.

How to Transcribe MP3 to Text

Here's how to convert your audio to text  with four simple steps, using Podcastle:

1) Upload your MP3 file

Once logged in, select the MP3 file you want to convert or drag and drop your audio file to our Podcastle dashboard.

2) Transcribe your audio

Right-click on the audio track and choose Transcribe.

3) Make edits

Once our smart technology has converted your MP3 to Text, you can make changes to your automatic transcription using our Text Editor.

4) Export your file

That's it! Choose your preferred text format and export your file.

What else can you do with Podcastle?

Podcastle is more than an MP3 to text converter, so if you need any other assistance with audio creation, it can be of help! In fact, you can use Podcastle as an all-in-one platform to record, edit and enhance your audio.

If you're a podcaster or another specialist recording audio for professional purposes but don't have enough budget for expensive podcast equipment, Podcastle can be a perfect solution. You can record or conduct remote interviews with HD sound right from your laptop or iPhone. No need to spend hours on editing with complicated editing software either. You'll instantly figure it all out with our intuitive editing dashboard and get your final edit ready in no time.

Talking about podcasting, getting a transcription for your podcast episode is actually pretty beneficial for your show. Here's why having a transcript for all of your episodes can be a good decision:

Why should your podcast have a transcript?

It will help your listeners

Offering a text version of your episode will help your listeners follow you better, especially if the language you conduct your show in is foreign to them

It improves your SEO

Having the text version of your podcast on your website means stuffing it with keywords that can help you rank higher on the SERPs(search engine result pages) and hence, bring you more listeners!

It increases your chances of being quoted on other platforms

It might be challenging and too time-consuming for bloggers and journalists to listen to your podcast episode and write down one of your quotes, just to mention it on their blog.

However, having the text version of your episode out there requires less effort and becomes easier, so the chances of being referred to and cited on other platforms increase.

Final thoughts

Converting your MP3 to text online is easier than you could imagine. With many modern MP3 to text converters, getting automatic transcription of your audio file can be done in seconds. So if you need a text version of your audio file but don't want to spend hours on manual transcription, just upload your file to Podcastle, get it transcribed within a few clicks, and export the text.

Good luck!

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