How to Build the Right Podcast Team

Producing a qualified podcast requires hard work and time. It will be challenging to do it alone. That is why forming a podcast team will help you bring additional skills and split up the work. As it is said, a problem shared is a problem solved. So, having a group of specialists of a specific sphere will help you divide the workload and have additional time to focus on your show.

They can bring up their ideas and motivate you. If you hire experts with specific skills, every part of your podcast will be done by people who know their job. But as every podcast is different and has different formats, the podcast team will be other. Yet, there are some key roles that most podcast teams require.

With our tips below, we'll try to help you understand how to form a podcast team and how to know who to hire and which positions will be suitable for your podcast. A qualified podcast team should have a perfect blend of skills.

The first step to building a podcast team is understanding what professionals you need. So, let's go through the typical podcast team roles.

Podcast Team Roles

1. Podcast Producer

The podcast producer is the captain of the ship. They are the leader of the podcast team, who controls the whole production process and makes hard decisions. They should also keep everyone organized and focused on their job. After the show is launched, they manage the episode release schedule and ensure quality. The podcast producer should be an infectious person with a leadership role to instruct the podcast team members on the right way.

2. Podcast Host

The most critical role of the podcast team lies in the podcast host. The podcast host is the face and voice of your show. This person should be charismatic, representative, perspective, and infectious to keep the conversation flowing fluently with guests. They should have a pleasant voice for audio and an appropriate look, as they can be involved in some marketing posts to present some product. The choice of the podcast host is one of the most challenging works, as the whole show depends on how they will deliver it. The podcast host's essential quality is endurance, maintaining reasonable vocal control, and keeping it interesting for an extended period, no matter whether it is a solo show or an interview show.

3. Outreach Manager

In case if your podcast will have guests, you should have an outreach manager in your podcast team. This person will be responsible for finding new guests according to the upcoming topic and persuading them to come to your shows. First, they will send emails to potential guests and convince them to appear at your performance. Later on, they may build a community of people who can quickly be invited whenever needed. They should hunt for the right guest to fill up the show with the right expert. The outreach manager should be an organized and persuasive person. They should schedule the invitation for the formal recording sessions.

4. Writer

At first sight, it will seem not essential to have a writer in your podcast team, but if you dive deeper, you'll understand that it is a pretty important role for making the right podcast. The writer will help you save your time writing your show scripts, especially if you need a full script, titles, show notes, and audio transcriptions. Some of the famous podcasts hire several writers for each episode. After the podcast is published, the writers will prepare show notes and audio transcription, which will help with SEO, enlarge the audience, and grow your show's accessibility. The writer will also be in charge of writing social media posts, keyword headlines, episode descriptions, ad copies, and more.

5. Audio Engineer

The role of an audio engineer in your podcast team is essential, as this person will professionally polish your audio before its launch. They cut or edit any pauses, "ahs" and "ums," and can take out the background noise. The audio engineer can split or unite different parts of your episode and make a natural flow. This person can add intros, outros, and other segments into your show and insert sound effects or other clips. The audio engineer should possess professional technical skills and have good experience with a thorough ear.

6. Graphic Designer

For making a great first impression, you will need an excellent graphic designer in your podcast team. The graphic designer will create your podcast logo, which is the first thing the listeners see about your show. For promoting your podcasts, you will need several marketing resources like podcast cover art, social media image, audiograms, headshots of the guests, newsletter images, quote images, and more. A graphic designer can make an appropriate and professional podcast website that will fit your show's brand and tone.

7. Administrator

The administrator's role is to help everyone in your podcast team and ensure everything is on time. The administrator should be very organized and punctual in keeping all schedules flowing correctly. They will be scheduling your episode publishing, arranging all set-ups before the launch, publishing your posts, coordinating your emails, and ensuring the guests are ready and have everything needed. After the episodes are published, notify them by email. The administrator should be very communicable as well.

We revealed the seven typical roles a podcast team usually consists of. Still, of course, many podcasts start with two or four people if you find a person who possesses considerable skills. Or there can be even more roles if you run a big podcast. The specific roles depend on your podcast type and your preferences.

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