How Can Podcast Dynamic Ad Insertion Help You?

Podcast advertising is growing in popularity as a platform that allows for some of the most natural product placements available. Because of the friendly communication format of podcasts, hosts can better "convince" listeners to use a product or service, as podcast ads are typically perceived as advice rather than a promotion.

Let us use statistics to back up what we just said. The global podcast advertising market is expected to reach $2 billion by 2023, up from $842 million in 2020. According to another survey, 60% of podcast advertising listeners were interested and checked out the promoted product after listening to the show.

So, it's only natural that there are also rapid innovations in podcast advertising methods in parallel to the growth in the podcast advertising market. One of such novelties is podcast dynamic ad insertion. Whether you are a podcaster, or a business owner interested in advertising your products in podcasts, podcast dynamic ad insertion will significantly benefit you. So, let's dig into the nuances below.

What is podcast dynamic ad insertion?

Traditional or baked-in podcast advertisements are recorded during the show and are included in the podcast. This means that such advertisements cannot be erased or replaced, and each time a listener plays the same episode, they hear the same ad.

In contrast, podcast dynamic ad insertion allows the advertising to be recorded independently from the show and inserted when a listener downloads the show. A dynamic insertion will enable you to dynamically place ads into any part of your program. The ad in the same podcast can be altered based on the listeners' demographics, geography, and other aspects. On top of that, dynamic ad insertion in podcasts allows you to have longer or shorter ads than the industry standard 15', 30', and 60' seconds' units. Besides, the dynamic insertion targets the listeners better, making the advertising more effective.

Why is podcast dynamic ad insertion beneficial for advertisers?

Advertisers benefit from higher ROI when using dynamic ad insertion since the system enables better product placement with a more natural effect. The dynamic placement "rotates" advertising to find shows where the specific ad will work better.

As a result, rather than spending an ad budget on static advertising that always works the same way, dynamic advertising optimizes targeting and increases ad conversion.

Why is dynamic ad insertion beneficial for podcasters?

Podcasters may use their shows as better advertising platforms with dynamic podcast advertising. They can increase revenue for advertisers by enabling dynamic insertion, making their shows more attractive for sponsors. Traditional advertising rates are mainly determined by the duration and location of the advertisement. For example, the CPM charge for 10 seconds of advertising can range between $10 and $20. This rate, however, can be increased based on the platform's effectiveness. Dynamic advertising enables hosts to generate more money in this aspect.

Furthermore, dynamic advertising allows hosts to specify where they want the ad to appear. This makes the broadcast feel more natural and prevents it from being interrupted by advertising when they are unnecessary.

Why is dynamic ad insertion beneficial for listeners?

Listeners receive information that is more relevant to their interests due to better targeting. In the case of traditional advertising, listeners may occasionally receive advertisements that are completely uninteresting to them. Furthermore, because dynamic ad insertion updates the advertising in the earlier published content, listeners do not have to listen to outdated information when scrolling through the playlist of their favorite show.

How to use podcast dynamic ad insertion?

Podcasters need to use markers that identify the show areas where the DAI system can automatically place advertising. Meanwhile, podcasters are free to choose markers for any duration. There are several tools to help hosts activate podcast dynamic ad insertion. Popular solutions in the industry are Omny Campaign Manager from Triton Digital’s Ad Server.

We recommend you start from Omny Campaign Manager, as it gets you easy to:

-- create pre-, mid-, and post-roll ad markers
-- mark spots with chapter markers and further replace them with mid-roll markers.

Here is Omny's main functionality overview to help you get started with dynamic ad insertion.

Podcast dynamic ad insertion is a new but promising trend. And if you are looking for some good podcast monetization opportunities, you should get open to this new approach in the industry in no time.

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