Generative AI: 12 Tools Creatives Need to Know About

Explore this list of 12 of the most intriguing and innovative generative AI tools available to creators

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its many forms has been a topic of fascination and concern since at least 1951, when a computer first “learned” to play chess. In the years since, AI has grown in sophistication and power at a rapid pace, leading to innumerable technological and scientific breakthroughs that have radically changed how we live our lives.

Recently, the hottest areas of advancement in Artificial Intelligence have come from the subfield known as generative AI, which the tech industry invested over $2 billion in last year. While most AI research broadly involves making systems better at recognizing or classifying pre-existing data (think: programs trained to correctly identify images of a human face), generative AI distinguishes itself by focusing on systems that are capable of creating new and novel data (think: programs that can generate entirely unique images of human faces that have never existed before).

As a result, we find ourselves in the middle of an explosion of fascinating consumer-level generative AI tools that can do anything from write and illustrate an original children’s book to compose an entire song, all with minimal human guidance. And it’s not just prospective writers, artists, or musicians who are benefiting from these turbocharged productivity tools. Podcastle users have generative AI to thank for Revoice, the podcasting platform’s most advanced and exciting feature.

Top Generative AI Tools for Creators

Explore this list of 12 of the most intriguing and innovative generative AI tools available to creators:

Text Generation Tools

  • ChatGPT - Able to generate highly coherent and context-aware responses, OpenAI’s creation is unlike any other chatbot you’ve ever interacted with. ChatGPT is capable of handling a wide range of tasks, such as answering questions, engaging in conversations, and even generating creative text.
  • ChatSonic - Bills itself as an AI writing assistant capable of answering any question and creating content of any form and size, from emails to poems. You can also influence what sort of interaction you have with ChatSonic by cycling through its list of “personalities” like “Interviewer”, “Travel Guide”, and “Stand-up Comedian”.
  • Jasper - A more business-oriented platform that positions itself as an AI Copywriter, Jasper can generate content tailored to specific topics and audiences, and users can customize parameters like writing style and tone.

Image Generation Tools

  • Dall-E 2 - OpenAI’s next generation image creation system. Dall-E 2 can generate high-quality visuals from one-line prompts, such as "a cat playing checkers in the style of a renaissance oil painting".
  • Stable Diffusion - An open source system, Stable Diffusion works much like Dall-E 2 creating images from text prompts, but it has fewer self-imposed constraints on the sort of content it can generate.
  • Midjourney - Also creates images from written prompts, but Midjourney is accessed through Discord. Midjourney is known more for its artistic style fidelity, with an especially good ability to create atmosphere and landscapes.

Video Generation Tools

  • Synthesia - An AI video creation platform that allows users to create professional videos with realistic AI presenters simply by typing in text.
  • Xpression Camera - A generative AI platform for video chatting and live streaming, Xpression Camera lets people transform their image in real time using facial animation technology. Try it out if you’ve ever wanted to suddenly turn into a cartoon duck while Zooming with your friends.
  • Lumen5 - This is a business-oriented platform that allows users with little or no editing experience to turn blog posts and other bits of written marketing material  into videos.

Music Generation Tools

  • Beatoven -  With absolutely no musical ability you can use Beatoven to instantly craft one-of-a-kind, mood-inspired music to accompany videos or podcasts.
  • Boomy - Not only will Boomy help you to create a whole song (or album), but it will also help you get famous with it by submitting your creation to streaming services.
  • AIVA - This “Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist” uses machine learning algorithms and samples of real instruments to generate unique pieces of music that are personalized to match specific moods, themes, or styles.
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