Best YouTube Channels to Watch in 2024

Did you know that there are over 100 million active YouTube channels? There truly is something for everyone on YouTube, but with more content than you could possibly watch in a thousand lifetimes, you need to be selective about which channels you spend your time with.

Looking beyond the most popular YouTube channels (shout out to MrBeast and Pewdiepie), what are the best YouTube channels?

Educational channels

TED-Ed (19.3M subs)

From the brains behind TED Talks comes TED-Ed, the home to over 2,000 bite-sized animated videos covering (almost) every topic. If you’ve wondered about it, they’ve covered it! Plus, many of these educational videos are narrated by experts in their fields.

Undecided with Matt Ferrell (1.31M subs)

In his own words, Matt Ferrell’s channel is all about ‘exploring how technology impacts our lives.’ With video topics covering everything from emergent green solutions to smart home technology, Ferrell’s channel is a must-watch for tech-obsessed viewers interested in learning about — or living — a greener future.

Veritasium (14.5M subs)

Simply, Veritasium makes learning fun. Creator Derek Muller has a PhD in Physics Education Research and puts his experience to good use. Muller explores a huge variety of STEM-focused topics, compacting his findings into easy-to-understand videos everyone can enjoy.

How-to channels

Preppy Kitchen (4.15M subs)

John Kanell takes to his channel twice a week to upload quick and easy how-to cooking videos that go down a treat. Wholesome, educational, and delicious, Pretty Kitchen is one of the best how-to YouTube channels.

Lone Fox (1.7M subs)

Lone Fox is run by DIY-lover Drew Scott, who built his channel on a solid foundation of DIY challenges, how-to videos, and home decor hauls. A great destination for home design inspiration, viewers can follow along as Drew restores a 1929 Spanish home.

PiXimperfect (4.9M subs)

If you’re looking to upgrade your photo editing skills, PiXimperfect is the channel for you. Host Unmesh Dinda regularly posts Photoshop and photo editing tutorials, covering everything from how to make basic adjustments to using AI-driven technology.

General channels

Vox (11.7M subs)

Vox is a popular media brand known for its videos on news, current events, and culture. Known for their high production value and engaging storytelling, Vox videos make complex topics easy for all audiences to understand. Plus, most videos are only around 10 minutes in length — though you’ll wish they were longer.

Be Amazed (12M subs)

Be Amazed is one of the best YouTube channels to watch when bored. If you want to deep-dive into odd and mind-blowing topics, this is the channel for you. Be Amazed’s content varies from video to video, but you can expect explorations of mysteries, strange phenomena, technological innovations, mind-boggling stories, and weird facts.

Defunctland (1.82M subs)

Defunctland’s unique channel name is influenced by its unique content. This channel explores the history of extinct theme parks and themed entertainment experiences, with a big focus on Disney parks and Disney Channel content. Combining eerie nostalgia with detailed research, Defunctland has the recipe for captivating entertainment.

Commentary channels

Friendly Space Ninja (610K subs)

Born from a passion for film and television, Friendly Space Ninja landed on the commentary scene with a hilarious video discussing Netflix’s binge-able show Emily in Paris. Host Dylan posts short ‘what went wrong’ analysis videos of popular shows such as The Walking Dead and long-form discussions of pop culture phenomenons, like Riverdale. Funny, relatable, and engaging — what’s not to love?

D’Angelo Wallace (1.61M subs)

Sarcasm? Check. Great research? Check. Engaging personality. Check. D’Angelo Wallace may be a ‘random person on the internet,’ but he’s also one of Gen Z’s leading voices. Check out Wallace’s channel for down-to-earth discussions of internet culture, pop culture, and, well, culture in general.

Tech and specialist channels

Corridor Crew (6.27M subs)

Owned and run by the team at production studio Corridor Digital, the Corridor Crew’s channel is full of engaging videos about filmmaking and video game production. Their popular VFX Artists React, Animators React, and Stuntmen React series, in which experts reveal how our favorite films were made, pull in hundreds of thousands of views — and quite deservedly.

Marques Brownlee (18M subs)

A self-described geek, consumer tech reviewer Marques Brownlee is at the top of his game. Brownlee regularly posts short, well-explained reviews of new products, from mobile phones to cars, and is looked to by many as a trusted voice in the tech space.

Health and fitness:

Yoga with Adrienne (12.3M subs)

And, breathe. Whether you’re trying yoga for the first time or have been practicing for years, Yoga with Adrienne offers a calming and inclusive space for everyone. Each year, Adrienne releases a 30 Days of Yoga series, helping viewers ease into the new year. Every video is easy to follow and imbued with Adrienne’s Southern charm.

Athlean-x (13.5M subs)

Run by Jeff Cavaliere, a physical therapist and strength coach, Athlean-x offers short-form videos on fitness, strength training, and bodybuilding. Cavaliere’s channel is well-known for its science-based approach to fitness, with lots of workouts and nutritional advice for you to discover.

Hobby channels

lilsimsie (1.94M subs)

lilsimsie (also known as Kayla) loves playing Sims 4. So much so that she uploads Sims-related videos to her channel every single day. A well-respected figure on her corner of the internet, you’ll be drawn in by Kayla’s down-to-earth personality but will stay for her incredible Sims 4 builds and spot-on gaming commentary.

Girlfriend Reviews (1.42M subs)

Girlfriend Reviews’ videos have a simple premise: reviewing video games from the perspective not of the person who plays them but of the person who has to live with the gamer. Creators Shelby and Matt shot to fame with their video Should Your Boyfriend Play Red Dead Redemption 2? and have been posting laugh-out-loud game reviews ever since.

Bernadette Banner (1.69M subs)

Bernadette Banner is an expert costume designer who creates costume analysis and fashion history videos. Banner blends educational content and research with pop culture analysis, bridging the gap between a niche topic (historical fashion) and the 21st-century internet era.

Relaxing channels

The Cottage Fairy (​​554K subs)

In our busy, fast-paced world, it can be hard to remember to take a step back. The Cottage Fairy’s content promotes slow living, letting viewers take a peek inside her rural country life.

Lofi Girl (13.7M subs)

Lofi Girl is home to some of the most popular Lofi videos on YouTube. Even if you’ve not visited this channel before, you’ve likely come across its popular live streams featuring an animated girl studying by the window for hours on end. Combining relaxing Lofi beats with cozy illustrations, Lofi Girl’s videos pair perfectly with focused work, study, or reading.

ASMR Bakery (1.69M subs)

ASMR Bakery’s content will put you to sleep. But that’s the point. This channel is perfect for ASMR fans looking for long-form, no-talking content that will help them relax. Releasing several videos of at least one hour in length each week, ASMR Bakery is truly dedicated to its craft.

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