The 13 Best Shopping Podcasts You Should Be Listening To l 2023 Guide

It’s not just for the basic necessities of life; we shop, for there has always been a bit of magic in buying something new.

Whether to call it gratification or a quick fix, research shows that online shopping has also increased significantly since the pandemic. In the beginning, it was the safest way to do the shopping, but it gradually transformed into a panacea for lingering sadness, boredom and fear.

So shopping, as a necessity and hobby, has found its way to different forms of studies, articles, shows and, generally speaking, any type of conversation out there.

Well, podcasts are not an exception!

Shopping podcasts, now a serious subject on the list of podcast categories, with different formats like product recommendations and new opportunities for online retailers are hugely popular with people all over the globe.

This article will introduce the 15 best shopping podcasts you can listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

Remarkable Retail

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If you think the Covid era was tough for retailers, you have no idea how remarkable you should be in the face of today’s competition.

To accelerate your growth and explore the new horizons of a fast and bold business mindset, buckle up and hit the road with Michael LeBlanc and Steve Dennis.

The Jason & Scot Show

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Join the two fun and charismatic experts who always have some news for you to follow in the e-commerce and online retail world.

Dive into a whole host of shops and marketplaces like Walmart and Amazon, listen to a discussion about thanksgiving week with the vice president of Salesforce and many more guests, or just get informed about the latest trends without ever getting bored on this journey.  

The Jason & Scot Show has created 300 episodes so far, all with high ratings that prove to be a shopping podcast worth listening to.


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A show with lots of guest hosts who sometimes sit down with other experts and explore the challenges and opportunities of different retailers.
Add RETHINK Retail to your playlist to trace the evolution of retail business, follow the recent trends and often feel bewildered by the speed of innovations in commerce.

Tell Me Something Good About Retail

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Hosted by Bob Phibbes, Tell Me Something Good About Retail offers professional marketing tips to run your business more smoothly. Join to upskill in your marketing skills and to refine your marketing strategies with the host.

Every week there is a new episode, make sure not to miss the next one!

The CPG Guys  

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The CPG guys explore all types of brands - online, in-store and everything in between - to see how they understand and engage with consumers.

If you are looking for an educational and fun shopping podcast to learn the ins and outs of the retail business from the strategy to the technology they use, the CPG guys must be on your playlist.


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The ModernRetail Podcast features interviews of retail giants like Bark and Levi’s so they can share with you the specific aspects of their brands’ growth in the buzzy and sometimes painful worlds of retail.

It’s a great opportunity to learn more about your favorite brands or understand how you can grow your own retail startup in the modern world.

Endless Aisle

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In this podcast, you can listen to brand leaders, innovators on the tech side and store associates like REISS’s Emma Taylor and The Maze Group’s Jeremy Levine to take an inside look at the world of retail.

Endless Aisle is just like an informative and entertaining resource for all retailers and business owners.  

Retail Gets Real

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There is no better way to collect authentic and insightful information about the retail trade than listening to people who have a hand in this business.

Retail Gets Real invites industry experts, retail executives, entrepreneurs and influencers to discuss their past and career stories, present trends and the future of the industry.

As each episode is around 30 minutes and packed with great inside information, this can easily be your number one shopping podcast you listen to everywhere and any time once a fortnight.

Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking

Download from Spotify | Download from Apple Podcast

If you are a woodworking enthusiast or you want to be given enough reasons to love woodworking, then you can’t miss Mike, Anissa, and Ben, Fine woodworking magazine editors and contributors, talking about how you can take this skill to another level.

Subscribe to learn more about the tips and techniques of cutting boards, box making, and more.

The Business Of Fashion

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A one-of-a-kind shopping podcast that not only fashionistas but also fashion designers, executives and entrepreneurs can easily get hooked on.

The business of fashion has found its audience in over 200 countries and is described as an essential daily resource for shopping lovers.

Retail Redeveloped

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How to navigate your post-pandemic retail? What is Metaverse?

Those who work in the real estate industry don’t tend to ask these questions. And Retail Redeveloped isn’t just about real estate history and what is shaping its future. It’s about everything and created for everyone who enjoys entertaining, exciting and electric shopping podcasts.  

On Your Behalf

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Retail, travel, or daily life, Linda McAuley fights on your behalf.

Throughout its run of 149 episodes, on your behalf has talked to many experts and journalists so you won’t suffer the same trauma of air travel, learn how to shop in the run-up to Christmas, what will the next year have in store for the worlds of retail and many more topics you can’t help listening to.


Download from Spotify | Download from Apple Podcast

Hosted by Deborah Weinswig, Retailistic is a popular shopping podcast on how technology and retail meet each other.

Subscribe to her podcast to see how you can create a product, run a successful campaign and more.


Whether you like to shop 'til you drop, keep up on trends or stand out in the retail competition, these shopping podcasts offer a wild, fantastic ride.

Tune in and soon you will find yourself going beyond this list, hunting for new shows, hosts and experts talking about shopping, exploring business opportunities and sharing their experiences and challenges.

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