15 Best Sales Podcasts to Level Up Your Skills

The fast development of podcasting makes people's lives easy and productive no matter their profession because they can enlarge their knowledge by listening to them while doing daily work. Sales podcasts are not an exception. If you are a sales rep, you will never have enough time in the day for additional training. Calls and meetings will eat up your time and energy, and you won't have the opportunity to practice your skills to sell more effectively. Fortunately, there is a simple way to keep up with the latest updates, listen to different professionals and experts, and much more without setting aside extra time. Yes, sales podcasts! Sales podcasts are a great way to digest sales tips and listen to the best sales professionals. Recently more sales experts and trainers started their podcasts and provided an abundance of helpful information for sales reps. There are dozens of sales podcasts available, and there is no shortage of tips and insights for sales reps. However, it isn't easy to find an appropriate one. Today the Podcastle team has compiled a list of helpful sales podcasts for sales managers, reps, and executives to check out. Let’s go!

1. Women in Sales

One of the most popular sales podcasts is the Women in Sales podcast. The host Lori Richardson has conversations with a different woman in sales who is a great specialist and does incredible work. The guests share their practical advice and tips to advance the listeners' sales careers. This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Barbara Giamanco, who was the founder of CWWIS in 2018. The podcast features topics like career management, sales and marketing alignment, B2B sales, building confidence, leadership, content creation and promotion, strategic partnerships, social media, and more.

2. The Advanced Selling

This sales podcast is hosted by Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey, who have been B2B sales trainers for around twenty years. They share their frameworks, strategies, tips, and tricks to enlarge your skills, grow your talent, and achieve success with the listeners. Listening to Advanced Selling, you will learn how to shift your mindset, build long-term relationships with your clients, and win the prospects. Bill and Bryan run their podcast in a funny and quirky way that makes it feel like a real conversation. These sales podcasts have helped multiple managers, professionals, and leaders of hundreds of companies build the right sales strategies and build good teams. Tune in to discover sales communication, cold calling, sales forecasting, deal coaching, proposals, RFPs, and much more related to the sales world to become the best sales rep ever.

3. Sales Influence – Why People Buy!

Sales are often considered a standard procedure of making many calls, sending emails, and offering your product. But this is not enough. You should possess deep psychology to earn the buyer's understanding, attention, and trust to motivate them to purchase. The host of Sales Influence Victor Antonio dives deep into the minds of potential buyers and explores why they buy. The episodes feature topics like buyer's resistance, trust establishment through caring for the prospect, and the buyer's decision fatigue. There is much more helpful content in each episode, so don't miss your chance to understand the buyer's psychology.


4. Sell or Die

It is said that sales are a unique science and art. Sell or Die encapsulates that saying, including both the soft and hard skills necessary to succeed in sales. The hosts of this sales podcast, Jeffrey Gitomer, the best-selling author of many sales books, and Jennifer Gluckow, sales expert, talk about soft skills or hard skills during their twenty-minute episodes with different leaders in sales, marketing, business, and personal development. The topics include active listening tips, the element of fear in sales outcomes, a ninety-day sales plan, and more.

5. Sales Pipeline Radio

This podcast features the brightest minds in marketing, and B2B sales share the secrets to driving velocity, greater volume, and conversion of sales pipelines in any industry. The host of this sales podcast Matt Heinz, the president of Heinz Marketing, covers the entire sales pipeline – lead management, sales effectiveness, demand generation, technologies, and more. Listening to Sales Pipeline, you will discover practical ways to manage and win more business.

6. The Modern Selling Podcast

Sales strategy passed a long way when smooth-talking reps pressured people to buy and pitch the products. Currently, it is all about helping the buyers to solve a problem. The Host of the Modern Selling Podcast, Mario Martinez Jr., unites interviews with sales leaders and reps to provide techniques on how salespeople should connect to their buyers. The weekly episodes of this sales podcast delve into topics such as emotional dynamics of selling, how to get the unreceptive buyers to say yes, how to have a human-centered conversation, etc.

7. Sales Evangelist.

This sales podcast features sales strategies from leaders and entrepreneurs to help sales reps become best performers. The host of Sales Evangelist Donald Kelly, who is a sales trainer, started his sales podcast after founding his training company, The Sales Evangelist. Kelly interviews the world's successful sellers, sales experts, sales leaders, and entrepreneurs who share their strategies, experiences, and actionable insights to help, encourage and motivate you to hustle your sales journey. During the thirty-minute episodes, you will discover how to convert prospects with text messages, talk sales to clients during the pandemic, sales productivity maintaining strategies, and more.

There are dozens of helpful sales podcasts, and we revealed some of the most popular ones. I hope you will choose the right one for you.

Happy listening!

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