10 Best Podcast Analytics Tools to Measure Your Success

Podcast analytics are key in understanding what your audience wants and how many listeners your podcast has. A podcast audience is diverse, and podcast analytics provides deep metrics to research your listeners. It allows you to know:

-- How many listeners do you have?‌‌-- How many subscriptions and downloads do you have?‌‌-- The demography of the listener, where they live, and from where they have access.‌‌-- What is the highest-ranking of your podcast?‌‌-- How much the episode was listened to and where stopped, etc.‌‌-- The number of episode downloads.‌‌-- When are your podcasts listened to?‌‌-- Which device is used for listening?

Famous podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify collect statistics about the listeners of your show on their platform. They provide detailed data about them. Yet, as your audience tunes in from different platforms, it may be very time-consuming to check separately and compress that data.

In other words, podcast analytics measures the pulse of its listeners.

To track your podcast performance and engagement, you will need a good podcast analytics tool, and below we have revealed 10 of the most popular ones։

1. Chartable

Trusted by the top brands and publishers, this podcast analytics tool is IAB certified and is entirely focused on collecting podcast statistics. Chartable is for the people who need professional and deep podcast analytics. It offers marketing tools both for advertisers and publishers to track the monetization and growth of the podcasts. The top features they provide are SmartAds, Smartpromos and Smartlinks.

Smart ads are advanced technologies that help to track podcast advertisement effectiveness. To measure the performance of ad campaigns, it compares the listeners to a podcast ad and their actions on a website.

Smartpromos is useful to track performance podcasts and other ads on other podcast feed.

Smartlinks are links for sharing the podcast on other channels and social media by clicking it to find what device a user is using. They effectively track people to know what channels they come from if they download an episode or not just by clicking the link.

2. Blubrry

A popular podcast hosting platform Blubrry offers advanced features for podcast analytics for data-driven performance, certified by IAB. Their free plan provides most analytics, and tough geolocation is limited. The standard plan for $5 per month includes integrated statistics, listener's location, device and platform, partial and total plays. The analytics is included in case if you are a podcast host.

3. CoHost

CoHost enables agencies and brands to save time and gather more robust podcast analytics and audience insights - regardless of their current hosting setup. Leading companies such as Cisco, PwC, Expedia, and Jar Audio are simplifying their podcast workflow, effectively measuring ROI, and growing their shows with CoHost.

With cutting-edge tools like B2B Analytics, Audience Advanced Demographics, custom tracking links, automatic transcriptions, and SEO-formatted websites, CoHost is the smarter way to publish, measure, and create impact with branded podcasts.

4. Transistor

This advanced podcast analytics tool will help you discover listeners' trends, find the average downloads per episode, and monitor the progress of your podcast. You can use these insights to attract new advertisers and share them with the marketing team. You can see the episode popularity, find the listener location and what platform they use, find the episode downloads. It is a superb option for producers who want to handle both multiple podcasts and analytics.

5. Podtrac

Podtrac is another podcast analytics tool that provides combined data to track your audience and podcast trends in all channels where your podcast is on. They have a survey tool that connects you directly to the audience for requesting data such as job function, education, income, etc. Podtrac is compliant with to IAB Tech Lab and has been free for 14 years.  It is one of the most influential podcast analytics tools.

6. Podbean

Podbean is a reliable and powerful podcast analytics tool with handy features like ultimate hosting, easy publishing, domain integration, mobile podcast publishing, scheduled publishing. It is a suitable tool that will help you to evaluate the podcast statistics and download the analytics.

7. Anchor

In order to track your podcast performance and learn about audience growth, this podcast analytics tool will help you monitor with an easy-to-use dashboard. Anchor is a flexible tool that will help you see the plays over time, which apps the listener is using, the download of episodes, etc. With just one click, you can share your podcast to major platforms, such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

8. Castos

This podcast analytics tool will easily track the podcasts' performance insights, such as top episodes, listeners' behavior, demography, and more. Castos empowers you to increase engagement, create better content your audience expects, and provide appreciable values to your sponsors.

9. Backtracks

It was difficult for podcasters and advertisers to find out the played downloaded podcast episodes in the past. But with this podcast analytics tool, you will be able to discover unrivaled analytics. Backtracks provide complex listener and audio podcast statistics to help you understand what is working right and wrong in your content and podcast ads. If you know your audience better and podcast analytics, you will design a better podcast accordingly.

10. Simplecast

Simplecast has a flexible podcast analytics platform that will help you better understand your audience, where they listen and where they come from, get insights about which parts of your podcasts are shared the most, and more. As its complaint with IAB Certification, your statistics are analyzed and approved by the IAB Tech Lab.  It provides reliable analytics, which is affordable for all podcasters.

Bonus. Fireside

The last podcast analytics tool we want to mention in our list is Fireside. It is undoubtedly known as one of the most trusted tools for tracking your podcasts' workflow, downloading the statistics and analytics to understand your audience better and enlarge your community.

These are the most popular analytics tools that can help you have a deeper view of your audience engagement about your podcast and optimize it accordingly. You can choose one that suits better to your campaign goals.


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