Best of the Fashion Podcasts for Style Lovers

Although the fashion industry has undergone many difficulties in recent years, the interest in it hasn't faded. It doesn't matter if you're new to fashion or a longtime fan; it's always good to stay informed about latest industry trends. Fashion podcasts are one great option to learn about some of the most intriguing fashion events. Being this century's greatest invention, podcasts are perfect for almost every occasion — when you want to relax or kill time between meetings or when you're on a trip and need to spice it up. There is no doubt that previously glamorous fashion programs gave a good inside glimpse at the industry. But now, plenty of fashion podcasts have been released which provide insights from the best influencers of the industry. You might wonder how podcasts can be such an appealing medium for exploring fashion since it's a visual medium. Well, the top style podcasts might explain why clothing is important. Fashion provides podcasters with plenty of content and regularly focuses on related topics such as pop culture, lifestyle, and sustainability. There is a good deal of fashion podcasts available, ranging from those that explore the history of fashion and its impact on society to those that discuss the current trends and buzz. Here are best of the fashion podcasts that every fashionista should listen to.

1. Chanel Connects

One of the most compelling fashion podcasts is Chanel Connects, which comes after their successful four-part fashion podcast Métier Class: 3.55. The cultural podcast interviews famous names from the cinema, art, music, and fashion sectors to discuss how the creative industries may best navigate the future. If you're searching for podcasts in other languages, Chanel Connects publishes chosen episodes in French, while its runway episodes are translated into a number of languages.

2. Gucci's podcast

Focusing on the vast array of projects run by the house, the podcast discusses the philosophy and aesthetics of the house through the voices of Alessandro Michele's collaborators and those who are part of the Gucci world. The podcast from Gucci gives a good inside look into the personality of the brand. One of the most exciting episodes features Alessandro Michele, who, interviewed by Chiara Tagliaferri, reveals the inspirations behind the Gucci Beloved bags as well as his overall relationship with bags.

3. Dior Talks

Dior's fashion podcast makes perfect listening for aesthetes taking them through the house's stance on art, culture, and fashion. It aims to connect the people who have a significant impact on the creative direction of the house and those who impact its narrative artistically, culturally, or intellectually. Featuring a notable from the art world, each episode explores the ways in which staple Dior pieces have been styled and restyled across decades. The podcast strongly emphasizes the role of women in the art world.

4. Saint Laurent's "Smoking" podcast

Saint Laurent captures its provocative brand image in an unexpected way. With a new guest each week, the podcast is produced in a "secret, smoky room" inside the Saint Laurent Rive Droite shop in Paris. The dim light allows guests to feel at ease and open up during their personal conversations, allowing them to cover any topic.

5. Tommy Hilfiger

One of the fashion giants, Tommy Hilfiger, has launched a new podcast that highlights the contributions and legacies of Black people to American fashion and culture. The podcast features interviews with expert guests, including designers, academics, fashion historians, museum curators, stylists, and artists.

6. In VOGUE: The 1990s

With the '90s and early 2000s trends re-emerging in today's market, Vogue special-edition podcast talks about the 1900s fashion scene, exploring the changes that those years brought to the industry. Hosted by one of its editors Hamish Bowels and featuring famous guests like Tom Ford and John Galliano, the podcast goes right to the designers to get behind the trends.

7. The Business of Fashion Podcast

Gaining a global following as an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, executives, and entrepreneurs in over 200 countries, this podcast from Business of Fashion will appeal to an industry audience. It discusses the current issues, like how the pandemic or the technology impacts fashion. The podcast also shares the stories of notable brands and designers.


Podcasting is essential for many industries. And the medium is ripe for fashion-centric podcasts. So, if you breathe fashion, podcasts might be your source of inspiration.

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