Best Interview Podcasts to Tune Into in 2022

The art of conversation is not an easy thing and can be tricky. If the interviewer keeps the conversation in the right way, it can be engaging and riveting. So, if you're not sure which interview podcasts to start with, check out our recommendations below that include something for everyone.

How I Built This With Guy Raz

This podcast hosted by Guy Raz is about the origin stories of late capitalism. He interviews the top business leaders to break down how they got started. Among his guests are cosmetics giant Bobbi Brown, travel guru Rick Steves, scientists Robbie Schingler and Will Marshall and many others. How did Brian Armstrong start Coinbase? Who are the brains behind Moderna and Flagship Pioneering? Every episode is an entirely new story uncovering many facts, challenges, successes, and failures behind these big businesses. Guy Raz takes his guests through intimate conversations, providing emotions.

Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver

Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver is an interview podcast hosted by British-American actress and singer Minnie Driver hosts. The format of the interview, inspired by Vanity Fair's long-running Proust Questionnaire feature, is based on the same questions for all guests: What quality do they like least about themself? What would be their last meal? What relationship defines love for them? What altered your life mostly? What in their life has grown out of a personal disaster? The answers are touching, motivating and also shocking.

Double Date

Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue, hosts of Double Date, interview famous couples about their lives, how they met and what challenges they faced. Even though there is a bit of narration and setups, it all feels very natural and relaxed. The comfort level of the conversation makes listeners feel like they are at the table with them.

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Actor and comedian Marc Maron hosts this interview podcast, where he invites guests into his home to share meaningful, and often revealing, conversations, diving deep with long-form interviews of celebrities, comedians, writers, directors, musicians, and many other people from different fields, different perspectives and experiences.

Fresh Air

NPR's Fresh Air, hosted by Terry Gross, is one of the most successful and popular interview podcasts out there. Terry Gross's incredible interviews with people from all walks of life, her ability to deeply engage with her guests, drawing them into insightful conversations, has made her a household name. Gross had interviews with artists, activists, politicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, and many other fascinating people.

Vox Conversations

This podcast challenges the assumptions we have about the world we live in and encourages new ways of thinking and being. Hosts Sean Illing and Jamil Smith engage in thoughtful conversations on a wide variety of topics with diverse people, leaving listeners with plenty to ponder. They address deep basic questions about the science behind dating, the role caffeine plays in our lives, about forgiving those who have hurt us. These are just a few of those you'll hear in Vox Conversations.

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

The Unmistakable Creative is a podcast hosted by Srinivas Rao that will give some inspiration to your life. Srinivas asks smart questions, allowing his expert guests to share their answers. He interviews creative thinkers from all walks of life: artists, authors, venture capitalists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and others. Her guests share deeply personal and insightful stories about their work, what is important to them, their sources of motivation, their creative processes, etc.

On Being with Krista Tippett

We all sometimes think about the big questions of science, spirituality, artistic expression, and human connection. The host Krista Tippett delves deep into those big questions, interviewing a different guest about the amazing discoveries that give our lives meaning. Her interviews with scientists, authors, activists and many others are rich and meaningful, leaving listeners with lots to think about.

The Sporkful

The Sporkful is hosted by Dan Pashman, who's also the inventor of the new pasta shape cascatelli. Dan and his team are captivated by food to learn more about people. As it is described, The Sporkful isn't for foodies; it's for eaters. You'll enjoy this podcast spiced up with Pashman's wonderful sense of humor.

Death, Sex & Money

Death, Sex & Money is a refreshingly honest and in-depth podcast about the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of the polite conversation. The podcast is hosted by Anna Sale, who talks to celebrities about the Big Stuff: money, family, relationships, work.

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