The Best 25 Episodes of Diary of a CEO Podcast

Looking for recommendations for the best episodes of Diary of a CEO (DOAC)? Look no further, we've got the rundown of the top episodes of this popular podcast that launched in 2019 and is hosted by British entrepreneur Steven Bartlett.

1) Gary Neville

Date: August 18th 2022
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Neville is a former England and Manchester United footballer who is now better known as a pundit and entrepreneur. In this interview the discussion spans his family's success in sports, the personal costs of his drive, self-assessment of his skills, insights into Alex Ferguson's mindset and lessons on culture. The conversation also explores Manchester United's struggles, his business and political involvement, mental health, family influence, and future aspirations, touching on the recipe for happiness.

2) Daniel Ek

Date: September 28th 2023
Spotify link
In this interview with Daniel Ek, the discussion goes into his journey from his determined single mother's influence to co-founding Spotify. It explores his approach to challenges, the role of co-founders, networking, and his $10 million investment. The conversation highlights personal growth, the significance of culture in business success, and Ek's advice for entrepreneurs. It also gets into Spotify's culture of learning and adapting from creators.

3) Molly Mae Hague

Date: December 13th 2021
Spotify link
Reality start and entrepreneur Molly-Mae delves into her life journey, early years, and how she manages her time. The conversation touches on personal experiences, balancing success with downsides, and her approach to switching off. Molly-Mae also discusses body image decisions, impostor syndrome, financial lessons, her role as Creative Director at Pretty Little Thing, personal experiences like a break-in, and her relationship with Tommy Fury. The interview ends with insights into her future plans and advice for younger individuals.

4) Maisie Williams

Date: September 26th 2022
Spotify link
Maisie Williams candidly reflects on her journey in an insightful interview. From her early years to the transformative impact of acting and dealing with fame, Williams discusses her evolving identity beyond Game of Thrones. She explores self-acceptance, personal growth, and the pursuit of success in the next 10 years. An engaging conversation on life's meaningful aspects.

5) Simon Sinek

Date: March 16th 2023
Spotify link
In this revealing interview with Simon Sinek, he gets into various aspects of personal well-being and self-discovery. From combating loneliness and emerging from dark places to finding love in the modern world and fostering better connections, Sinek shares his insights. His journey toward a perfect life and the significance of shared missions is thought-provoking.

6) Davina McCall

Date: January 25th 2023
Spotify link
In this interview with TV presenter Davina McCall, she opens up about pivotal moments in her life and career, from her earliest ambitions to her journey into television and overcoming personal challenges, including substance use. She goes into her experiences with healing and happiness, her career, and her book "Menopausing," touching on forgiveness and family dynamics. McCall's candid insights provide a window into her transformative journey.

7) Jordan Peterson

Date: January 3rd 2022
Spotify link
Jordan Peterson discusses the consequences of speaking one's truth and the path to self-realization. He delves into building self-awareness and the significance of struggle, offering insights into remote work and the lessons learned from change. The conversation also explores encouraging others out of despair, ultimately revealing a deeper understanding of personal growth and well-being.

8) Liam Payne

Date: June 7th 2021
Spotify link
Liam Payne's candid conversation covers a wide range of topics, from his experience during lockdown to the challenges of fame and being a perfectionist. He addresses personal struggles with alcoholism, the highs and lows of One Direction, and his exciting NFT project. Payne reflects on his journey, relationships, and future goals, offering a glimpse into his multifaceted life and ambitions.

9) Louis Theroux

Date: November 24th 2022
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In this chat with Louis Theroux, the acclaimed documentarian explores into the early context that shaped his career and personal journey. He opens up about his struggles with connecting, imposter syndrome, and his new series. Theroux reflects on remaining happy and balancing work with personal life while discussing his experience with anxiety and mental health. An insightful glimpse into the mind of a prolific storyteller.

10) Lewis Capaldi

Date: September 15th 2022
Spotify link
Lewis Capaldi's interview provides a candid glimpse into his life and career as a musician. He reflects on his early years, struggles with hypochondria and panic attacks, and the self-deprecating humor that's become his trademark. Capaldi discusses his musical journey, relationships, and the intricacies of his creative process. He also shares insights into social media marketing and his future goals.

11) Nick Cannon

Date: September 21st 2023
Spotify link
Nick Cannon shares the remarkable story of his life and career. From his early entrepreneurial success to overcoming challenges in his youth, he offers valuable lessons learned from influential figures like Will Smith. He emphasizes the significance of passion and self-dedication in achieving success, and how his experiences with lupus and personal loss have transformed his perspective. Nick's commitment to compassion, family, and making a positive impact on the world shines throughout the conversation.

12) Billy McFarland

Date: September 21st 2023
Spotify link
In a revealing interview, Billy McFarland, the mastermind behind the infamous Fyre Festival, shares the early experiences and desire to prove himself that shaped his entrepreneurial journey. He discusses the inception of Fyre, addresses questions about his honesty, and reflects on the mental health implications and insecurities surrounding the scandal. McFarland opens up about the moment he realized everything had gone wrong, the FBI investigation, his experiences in jail, and his current mental health journey. It's a candid exploration of the man behind one of the biggest event failures in recent memory.

13) Richard Branson

Date: December 12th 2022
Spotify link
In this captivating conversation with Richard Branson, the entrepreneur and adventurer shares insights from his extraordinary life. He reflects on his early experiences, the impact of his parents, and his ability to persevere. Branson discusses overcoming dyslexia, using failure as a source of self-education, and his diverse ventures, including starting an airline. He gets into the power of branding, competition, and even his recent foray into space. Branson's remarkable journey, personal losses, and unwavering pursuit of a fulfilling life provide a window into a life well-lived.

14) Terry Crews

Date: April 28th 2022
Spotify link
Terry Crews, the former NFL player turned actor and TV host, takes us on a journey through his profound personal transformation. Crews candidly discusses domestic violence, addiction, infidelity, and the struggle with intimacy and vulnerability. He reveals his lowest moments and the pivotal steps toward change. The conversation takes an unexpected turn as he opens up about a deeply personal experience in Hollywood, providing a glimpse into his remarkable journey of self-discovery and resilience.

15) Bear Grylls

Date: June 27th 2022
Spotify link
Bear Grylls shares the profound experiences that have shaped his remarkable journey. He candidly discusses personal challenges, from imposter syndrome and anxiety to finding faith and the impact of fame. Grylls reflects on his lowest moments, the importance of relationships, and the wisdom he'd share with his late father. The conversation delves into the essence of resilience and the quest for purpose in the face of life's challenges, offering insights into his latest book and his enduring career.

16) Romesh Ranganthan

Date: February 9th 2023
Spotify link
In this insightful interview with comedian Romesh Ranganathan, he shares a journey of self-discovery and growth. From his challenging childhood and his father's prison years to his struggles with self-image and a nagging inner voice, Ranganathan candidly discusses the experiences that shaped his path to becoming a successful comedian. He reflects on the loss of his father and the unwavering support of his mother, offering a glimpse into his quest for happiness and fulfilment.

17) Tony Hawk

Date: March 27th 2023
Spotify link
Steven talks to skateboarding icon Tony Hawk as he reflects on the journey that made him the legendary figure he is today. Hawk discusses the origins of his remarkable talent, the trials and triumphs of his skating career, and the valuable lessons he learned from burnout. He shares insights on the secret to his enduring success and the dedication it took to master his biggest trick. Hawk's experiences in the world of video games, advertising, and entrepreneurship are also explored.

18) Sadiq Khan

Date: January 26th 2023
Spotify link
In this episode Steven speaks to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who reflects on his early years, the demanding nature of his work, and his motivations for a career in politics. Khan discusses the direction London has taken over the past decade, the pressing issue of knife crime, and police officers' actions towards women. He shares his most challenging day as mayor, touches on his faith and experiences with Donald Trump, and opens up about the personal toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. Khan addresses where he feels he's let himself down, his thoughts on honesty in politics, and the current state of the Labour party.

19) Will Ahmed

Date: October 24th 2022
Spotify link
Whoop Founder Will Ahmed provides valuable insights into his journey, from his early years to the obsession with optimizing performance that led to the creation of Whoop. Ahmed discusses the challenges of building a business and staying innovative, the importance of the right investors, and the art of listening to feedback with a different perspective. He reveals his strategies for maintaining focus and dealing with competition, and shares the exciting future for Whoop. This conversation offers a deep dive into the mind of an entrepreneur who's reshaping how we approach personal health and performance optimization.

20) Neil deGrasse Tyson

Date: December 20th 2022
Spotify link
In this chat with Neil deGrasse Tyson, the renowned astrophysicist and science communicator, he delves into the early context that shaped his journey, emphasizing his parents' influence and the challenges his father faced. Tyson discusses the importance of deciding one's path in life and his concerns about the human race, touching on issues like social media polarization. He reflects on happiness, meaning, and mental health, offering a glimpse into the mind of a prominent figure in the world of science and exploration.

21) Anne Boden

Date: November 22nd 2021
Spotify link
Anne Boden's interview offers a glimpse into her remarkable journey from humble beginnings to entrepreneurship. She shares the challenges and successes of starting Starling Bank and the intricacies of raising funding. Boden provides valuable insights into managing emotions while running a bank, work-life balance, and imparts advice she'd give her younger self.

22) Scott Harrison

Date: June 20th 2022
Spotify link
Scott Harrison, Founder and CEO of Charity: Water, shares his life's transformation. From early years filled with turmoil and nightclub promotion, he overcame drugs and alcohol abuse, discovering a deeper purpose. Harrison's humanitarian work in Africa profoundly affected him, leading to the creation of a charity that promotes clean water worldwide. He discusses the challenges faced, work-life balance, and the importance of giving and service, offering a powerful testament to personal growth and impact.

23) John Eckbert

Date: August 11th 2022
Spotify link
Scott Harrison, Five Guys CEO in Europe, reveals the foundations of his business mentality, from attention to detail to building a successful company without marketing. Harrison discusses the importance of hiring the best people, instilling company values, and maintaining exceptional customer service. He reflects on his journey, the challenges faced, and how he keeps calm. His insights into critical feedback, self-awareness, and the future of Five Guys offer a comprehensive look into the success of the brand.

24) Mary Portas

Date: June 21st 2021
Spotify link
This interview with Mary Portas provides a deep look into her life and experiences. From her early years and most painful moments to the challenges of remote working, she discusses her journey and the importance of intuition. Portas offers valuable advice for the younger generation and emphasizes the need for businesses to be kinder. She explores topics like meditation, relationships affected by business, and her vision for creating a more compassionate and considerate business world.

25) Stephanie Romiszewski

Date: January 12th 2021
Spotify link
Struggling to sleep? In this enlightening interview with sleep expert Stephanie Romiszewski, explores the critical impact of proper sleep, dispelling common misconceptions and addressing the challenges of sleep deprivation. Romiszewski offers practical advice for improving sleep, discussing the design of sleep environments, the snooze button, and the effects of caffeine and sleeping pills. She also explores the influence of the pandemic on sleep, the correlation between mental health and sleep, and characteristics of good and bad sleepers. With her top tips and insights, Romiszewski aims to empower listeners to prioritize and optimize their sleep for better well-being.

Diary of a CEO FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Diary of a CEO.

Who hosts Diary of a CEO?

Steven Bartlett hosts the Diary of a CEO video podcast.

Who is Steven Bartlett?

Steven Bartlett is a British entrepreneur, social media influencer, and public speaker. He is the co-founder of Social Chain, a social media marketing agency that specializes in creating and distributing social media content. He is also known for his role as a judge on the BBC television series "Dragons' Den.

Why is Steven Bartlett rich?

Steven Bartlett made his money primarily through his entrepreneurial ventures, especially through his co-founding and involvement with Social Chain, a social media marketing agency. Additionally, Bartlett has also generated income from speaking engagements, investments, and other business endeavors.

What is Steven Bartlett's net worth?

According to Forbes magazine, Barlett's net worth in 2018 was £68 million, no good estimates have been made of his worth since then.

How much did Steven Bartlett sell social chain for?

The digital marketing agency Social Chain was purchased by rival firm Brave Bison in February 2023 for £7.7million. This was controversial as Bartlett had claimed the firm was worth £300million. However it's claimed the sale related to one particular part of the larger business group.

Best Diary of a CEO Episodes

  1. Gary Neville
  2. Daniel Ek
  3. Molly Mae Hague
  4. Maisie Williams
  5. Simon Sinek
  6. Davina McCall
  7. Jordan Peterson
  8. Liam Payne
  9. Louis Theroux
  10. Lewis Capaldi
  11. Nick Cannon
  12. Billy McFarland
  13. Richard Branson
  14. Terry Crews
  15. Bear Grylls
  16. Romesh Ranganthan
  17. Tony Hawk
  18. Sadiq Khan
  19. Will Ahmed
  20. Neil deGrasse Tyson
  21. Anne Boden
  22. Scott Harrison
  23. John Eckbert
  24. Mary Portas
  25. Stephanie Romiszewski
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