Best AI (Artificial Intelligence) Podcasts of 2023

We live in a world of technologies, and it develops hourly. Artificial Intelligence, data science, and machine learning are the most skyrocketing fields, and we should stay updated on the latest trends and news in this evolving field. Podcasts, especially after the pandemic, became an ideal option to be aware of everything, just sitting at home, walking, or driving. So, AI podcasts are a perfect solution to keep up with changes, news, and insights about AI by listening to different industry experts and thought leaders. If you are in the tech field, AI podcasts will help you gain deep knowledge, from the AI basics to the future data science landscape. Whether you want to start learning about the most recent advancements in well-seasoned data or immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions, check out below the top AI podcasts Podcastle has picked up for you.

1. AI in Business

The AI in Business is a podcast for business leaders who are searching for AI opportunities to align with their business strategy and deliver ROI. The host Daniel Faggella, AI research CEO, interviews top AI and machine learning researchers, startups to executives to uncover the latest trends, best practices for AI adoption, and use-cases.

2. AI Today

AI Today podcast provides relevant information about the latest happenings of artificial intelligence today in the world. The hosts, Kathleen Walch & Ron Schmelzer, discuss pressing topics around artificial intelligence with interviewed guests, easy-to-digest content, and experts on various domains within AI. This AI podcast aims to cut through the hype to identify what's happening with the implementation and adoption of AI.

3. Eye On A.I.

Another beneficial AI podcast is Eye on AI. This is a biweekly podcast hosted by Craig S. Smith, a longtime New York Times correspondent. During each episode, Craig interviews different leaders making a difference in this space, putting progressive advances in machine intelligence, and developing technology into a broader context. AI intends to change our world, so pay attention.

4. Practical AI

This AI podcast is focused on making artificial intelligence productive, practical, and accessible to everyone. The hosts, Chris Benson and Daniel Whitenack, interview technology professionals, students, business people, enthusiasts, and expert guests engaging in lively discussions about Artificial Intelligence and related topics (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, etc.). It mainly focuses on effective implementations and real-world scenarios that are accessible to all. If you want to stay updated with the latest advances in AI and keep one foot in the real world, the Practical AI podcast is the show for you!

5. Data Skeptic

Another perfect option for the AI podcast is Data Skeptic. The host, Kyle Polich, held in-depth discussions and interviews related to data science, machine learning, statistics, and artificial intelligence. Listening to Data Skeptic, you will learn everything about the scientific method and critical thinking to evaluate the efficacy of approaches.

6. Linear Digressions

Linear Digression is an exciting podcast about data science and machine learning. Machine learning has been widely used recently to solve a ton of interesting problems and make it easy to achieve goals that you didn't imagine you could reach a few years ago. The hosts, Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe, explore data science and machine learning fundamentals through unusual and exciting applications.

7. Talking Machines

If you have decided to immerse yourself in the world of machine learning, Talking Machines is your right choice. The hosts, Katherine Gorman & Neil Lawrence, pass on interesting conversations with experts, hold in-depth discussions about the latest news, and answer all your questions. Talking Machines explore another will be your window to the digital world.

8. Brain Inspired

Artificial Intelligence and neuroscience work better together. Our brain celebrates and explores the ideas driving our progress to understand artificial intelligence. The host, Paul Middlebrooks, interviews experts from the interface of AI, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, cognitive science, and more. Listening to the Brain Inspired podcast, you will dive deep into supervised topics, computational machine neuroscience, reinforcement learning, neuromorphic, data science, general AI, and more. This podcast is for a particular audience that aims to learn more about AI and neuroscience.

9. Intel on AI

The Intel on AI podcast provides interviews with the world’s most professional AI experts, covering a vast range of topics, including applications, ethics, strategy, entertainment, policy, scientific research, and society’s future. The host Amir Khosrowshahi is the Vice President at Intel Corporation, the CTO, and the co-founder of Nervana Systems. Check out this exciting podcast to understand it better.

10. HumAIn

HumAIn is a great podcast that aims to bridge the gap between machines and humans, help to release new AI products, and learn about the latest news. The host David Yakobovitch explores the world of AI through fireside conversations with the industry thought leaders, AI advisors, and chief data scientists.

Bonus - Over the Air Podcast

Join Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very every Tuesday for sharp, unfiltered conversations with executives about their IoT journeys — the mistakes they made, the lessons they learned, and what they wish they’d known when they started. In each episode of Over the Air Podcast, our expert guests will make bold predictions reveal unpopular opinions, and share stories you won’t hear anywhere else.

Summing Up

Data science, AI, machine learning, and bots are the most discussed topics in tech today. So, spice up your commute by going deep into the hottest news and listening to the top AI podcasts listed above.

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