7 Of The Best Health Podcasts

Health podcasts are a super method to learn the healthcare issues you are interested in the most. Health podcasts are currently the most useful and popular podcasts, whether you are interested in medicine, a particular disease, vaccination for COVID-19, a doctor, or enlarge your knowledge in a specific sphere. During the coronavirus pandemic, most people were working from their homes to prevent its spreading. Listening to a health podcast was the best way to get support from professional doctors, listen to different stories and recovery methods from your preferred hosts staying at home. You can hear experts from other healthcare spheres without planning to visit them or wasting your time and money for consulting. Subscribing to your preferred health podcast, you will have the possibility of staying in the loop of all news and listening to the specific episodes you are interested in while being in transport on your way home or preparing dinner.

With all this in mind, here are 7 of the best health podcasts of 2021.

1. HIMSSCast

HIMSSCast is a popular health podcast produced by the HIMSS Media team regarding Healthcare IT News, Healthcare finance news, and MobiHealthnews. Jonah Comstock hosts it. All the episodes are joined by special guests from the health tech industry or editors of brands to discuss the latest trends and news. This health podcast aims to analyze and go deeper into the ongoing range of health tech, digital health, and financial. Also, they reveal live conversations about the hot topics of health tech. HIMSSCast is of the members of Health Podcast Network (www.healthpodcastnetwork.com).

2. Healthcare Weekly: At the forefront of healthcare innovations

The Healthcare Weekly is another popular health podcast that tries to show how to reshape the healthcare industry through innovative technologies. The Healthcare Weekly is delivered mainly in the US and is hosted by Cordin Asdene and Michael Reddy. Together with their guests, they discuss all kinds of innovations that could improve healthcare solutions and patient outcomes. Their talks are about artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, blockchains, etc.

3. TED Health

Another Apple health podcast is TED Health. Usually, in short, engaging, and valuable talks (around 18 minutes), TED aims to spread different ideas. They discuss such questions as to how your daily exercise affects your brain or how to cure depression, from all kinds of intelligent habits to healthcare breakthroughs—everything about how to live healthier.

In 1984 TED started as a conference that combined design, technology, and entertainment, and now it has a broad coverage of almost all topics- from science to global issues. It can be heard in more than 100 languages. In the meantime, it held independent TEDx events to share ideas in different communities worldwide. Being a global community, it welcomes people of every culture who is willing to understand the world deeper. They think of every possible way to spread great ideas, and for this reason, they have TED Talks, TED Translators, TED-Ed Lesson series, and more.

4. Bright Spots in Healthcare

You can check out one more Apple health podcast, Bright Spots in Healthcare, with Eric Glazer. In each episode, he invites innovators in the healthcare industry to talk about tactics, tools, and strategies to have positive and extraordinary outcomes. He highlights all these bright spots to help you use them in your daily life and feel better. Glazer focuses on success stories of industry leaders that can show a similar way to success. This health podcast is considered to be one of the most optimistic in the healthcare sphere.

5. Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy is a professional health podcast that includes interviews with health policy experts discussing contemporary topics. David Introcaso, Ph.D., who has graduated from George Washington University and the University of Chicago and had a long professional career, will help you dive into the policy side of health care issues.

Since healthcare policy staff are complex, it will provide you with a clear and non-emotional discussion.

This health podcast aims to address such fields like:

  • Application of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Policy issues concerning Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Healthcare investigation.
  • CMS and the FDA, besides the federal care health regulation inaccuracy.
  • Healthcare delivery reforms for the private sector, including quality, reimbursement, access, and coverage.
  • Public health affairs, including social issues.

6. Perspectives on Health and Tech

Perspectives on Health and Tech is a global company providing systematic improvements in health care delivery of communities. This health podcast is produced by Cerner and is devoted to delivering an advanced industry dialogue about the latest updates of health care delivery and its analyses. It shares the thoughts of third-party industry leaders and providers' best practices in an easy "5 questions" format that makes your listening pleasant and valuable. Cerner is a healthcare IT giant with around 26,000 employees in 26 countries. They have several contracts with different clinics and hospitals. With about 170 episodes, the weekly health podcast reveals the latest changes, starting from the Agile methodology of healthcare solutions to patient practices and improving outcomes.

7. Hidden Brain Hosted by Shankar Vedantam, an NPR social science editor, Hidden Brain is a weekly journey into human behavior. This Apple health podcast explores the human brain's unconscious pattern using science and sociology. The goal of Hidden Brain is to help people understand themselves and change their daily life, understand relationships, get rid of complexes and other psychological issues going deeper into the cause. Hidden Brain has been honored by Edward R. Morrow Award and accolades from different institutes for a unique approach to such topics as lying, influence, mass panic, infidelity, gang loyalty, etc.

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