30 Royalty-free Podcast Music Tracks On Podcastle

You decided to add music to your podcast? Great news! Music makes your shows more dynamic and fun, at the same time decreasing the chances of your listeners getting bored.

Now, your next question should be: what music should I choose for my podcasts?

When answering this question, keep in mind that it’s not just about which music will sound better in your shows, but also which music you can use.

You can’t overlook copyright issues, as many podcasting platforms can apply penalties to your podcasts for that. You can spend days and nights of creative work and end up with a blocked podcasting channel or a deleted podcast episode.

In short, we strongly recommend choosing only royalty-free music for podcasts. Moreover, we are going to direct you to the source where you can find it.

It might be a hassle to download music from one source, then edit it and put it on your already recorded podcasts.

That’s why it’s best to find all-in-one software where you can both record your podcasts and have free podcast music recommended to you.

What about the heavy equipment you think you need for recording your podcast? Leave it behind. Just get on your laptop, and let’s follow these steps.

Step 1: Register your account and sign in to Podcastle.ai

Podcastle is the software for podcast production which makes the editing process easy and the use of professional equipment totally optional.

It's built-in Recording, Audio Editing, Revoicing and Interviewing functions allow you to figure out everything within minutes. You can add music to your recordings right in your project dashboard, and that’s where we’re getting.

Register your account in Podcastle and sign in for further steps.

Create an account window

Step 2: Start a new project

To access the music tracks, you first need to start a project. Choose Create>Project, or click Edit on one of your existing projects.

Empty dashboard

Step 3: Choose royalty-free music for podcasts

On the upper left side of your project dashboard, there is an option to enter Open Library.

Music library _ lo-fi

On the upper left corner of your dashboard find and click on the music icon to access our royalty-free music tracks. There are tracks of different genres and length to fit any kind of project that you start on Podcastle.You can choose our tracks as intro and outro music for your podcast, or as background music for highlighting certain parts of your show.

What can happen if I use copyrighted music for my podcasts?

It’s illegal, and as such, brings along undesired consequences.

There is an automated copyright infringement detection system inside most of the platforms, where you are likely to post your podcast. Those systems will detect the plagiarized track even if you include a few seconds of it, in the hope it will stay unnoticed.

Your shows can be removed from the podcasting platform as a penalty, and you will have to start another channel from zero.

There’s no other way to go about it, other than buying the rights for using the music. Under the term “buy the rights” you can also assume conducting successful negotiations and getting the music owner’s permission to use his composition.

Podcasts are on-trend among the younger generation and some artists may be interested in promoting their music this way. TikTok is a great example of how a social platform plays a role in popularizing all kinds of music.

Keep in mind that your podcast is also an additional platform for promoting their music, so use that idea as a hook when negotiating for the permission.

Few more things to consider!

Separate parts of that music can be owned by different people. That is not always the case, but quite often you may need to obtain separate copyrights for the musical composition and the sound recording. That happens when the recording belongs to the recording company, and the musical composition belongs to the music publishing company.

To sum up, you’d better compose music for your podcasts yourself or choose one not protected with copyright. Unless using a specific copyrighted track is not of strategic importance for your podcasts, royalty-free music is the best option. And to drastically reduce your hassle of personalizing your podcast, here are  a few more sources for finding free music!

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