Podcastle bids farewell to original Chrome plug-in


We’re here to inform you that as of July 19, 2022 the Podcastle Chrome plug-in will no longer be supported. But don't worry – you can still use the free text-to-speech functionality within the Podcastle web platform and continue listening to articles or any other text-based content.

Our journey here at Podcastle started in 2020 when we launched our text-to-speech Chrome extension, enabling users to convert any web article into a podcast within seconds. The astounding growth that followed enabled us to take the next step in building the multimedia creation platform that Podcastle is today.

Now, we have decided to invest all our resources into growing this digital creation and enhancement studio. On the Podcastle platform, you can not only convert any text to audio, but also create your own podcast content from scratch and then seamlessly edit, enhance and distribute to your audience.

Our mission is to expand access to broadcast storytelling. This means that anyone, regardless of expertise in the space, should feel confident and empowered to make their voice heard. Our all-in-one platform enables beginners and professionals alike to seamlessly produce, edit, and distribute studio-quality audio & video content with the help of AI technology. We aim to be the absolute easiest way to get started in podcasting, from A to Z — no fancy equipment required.

Thanks for being with us from the start. It’s been an incredibly humbling and rewarding journey so far, and we’re just getting started!

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