Introducing Podcastle for Teams - The World’s First Real-time Podcast Collaboration Platform

We at Podcastle are pleased to announce the launch of our newest product Podcastle for Teams, a powerful solution that allows multiple contributors to work seamlessly together using our suite of AI-powered podcasting tools.

“Podcastle for Teams is another huge leap forward in our mission to democratize access to content creation with AI-powered tools. Teams of creators can now work on the same project at the same time without having to leave the platform, saving time and effort and unleashing the power of creative collaboration.” - Arto Yertisyan, CEO of Podcastle.

Users can create specific workspaces, invite multiple contributors and carefully manage permissions within the existing Podcastle platform. An unlimited number of ‘Viewers’ can leave comments on projects, while ‘Creators’ can edit files and host recording sessions. Admins and Owners can do all the above while also managing billing and workspaces.

Podcastle for Teams is now available for all Podcastle creators.

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