Myths And Reality: Why Podcasts Are Becoming More Trending And Exciting, Especially Among Millennials & Digital-Native Gen Zers

It’s not a secret that the new generation loves podcasts. Most of the Gen Z-ers and Millennials not only listen to podcasts and quite often. The new generation has included listening to podcasts in their routine. This makes this new channel appealing to various businesses and advertisers.

However, there are a lot of myths revolving around the new generation and their podcast listening habits. In this post, we will untangle them one by one!

But before we jump into our myths, if you’re new to podcasts and wonder what you should do to get successful, we have a useful step-by-step guide that can come in handy when building your podcast.

Now back to our topic,

Myth 1: Gen Z-ers were the first to embrace podcasts

We have heard this many times. There is this common misconception that podcasts became well-known because of Gen Z-ers. This is not entirely true. In fact, if you think about it more, podcasts are not anything new to us. Before podcasts gained their wave of popularity, we had a radio with its devoted radio listeners. Podcast took a lot from the radio format and simply adjusted it to the more modern platforms.

That is why Gen Zers were not getting it at first. Millennials were the ones who fell in love with it at once because they were acquainted with radio before, and this was a very convenient alternative. For Gen Zers, on the opposite, YouTube was the main entertainment channel.

However, once podcasts started to shift their content from a radio-like one into a more youthful one, Gen Z-ers opted in too.

And this leads us to our next myth:

Myth 2: All types of content would work with Gen Z-ers and Millennials

Absolutely wrong. Some podcast hosts believe that if podcasts are trendy and popular among the youth, they will buy them no matter what content is inside. However, the practice has shown that the young generation is very picky about the podcasts they choose to listen to.

As we’ve mentioned above, if you keep your style and content similar to that of the radio, you can be sure that you’ll lose all of your Gen Zers at once, as they are not accustomed to it. Instead, try to make your content more fun and engaging.

Many surveys have shown that the youth prefers to listen to more humorous podcasts. Try to keep up with the trends and make your young listeners “feel at home.” This way, you will certainly win them over.

Myth 3: It does not matter where you publish your podcast

Finally, our last myth is about the platform. Not only should you pay attention to your content, but also to the channels you choose to publish it in. Try choosing media outlets that are popular among the Gen Z-ers and Millennials, such as Spotify. You can also convert your podcast into a video and post it on Youtube, a more popular media platform amongst youth.

Now that the myths are unraveled, you know how to target millennials and Gen Zers and make your podcast even more popular. Don’t forget to promote it and enlarge your audience if you want it to become the next trend!

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